All haikyuu teams: Do you know them all?

There are a lot of teams in Haikyuu!! Let’s take a look at them and see who you remember. The teams evolve over time in the story so some improve a lot during the series. 

  1. Itachiyama Institute

Itachiyama is the best high school team, this is because they have the best Outside and Libero of all high school teams. They have won a lot of matches and also beat Inarizaki with 3 sets to 1.

  1. Inarizaki

This team doesn’t have weak starters and this says a lot about them. As long as these can play, they are one of the better teams in the series. They are great at attacking and their spikes are feared by the defenders on other teams.  

  1. Fukurōdani

Fukurōdani is showing that volleyball is really a team sport. The players work together to form a strong block and this allows them to win a lot of matches. The players are able to set their egos aside and work together to score points.

  1. Kamomedai

Kamomedai is great at blocking and serving. This allows them to score a lot of points and make sure that the other team has a hard time getting the ball over the net. In fact, their defense can frustrate other teams as it can be hard to take the serving initiatives from them. 

  1. Mujinazaka

 Usuri is a setter with a very special serving strategy that makes it hard for liberos to defend against. They also have good blockers and setters. Overall this team is pretty balanced but they could use a great libero to defend against serves.

  1. Karasuno

This team is pretty good and has some star players. Asahi and Kageyama score a lot of points by delivering great serves. They find a great balance between offense and defense. What I really like about this team is that they can surprise the defense with creative attacks. They also have some players on the bench that can add value to the team. 

  1. Shiratorizawa

Shiratorizawa has a long history of great performance. They have a great spiker that can evade blocks. On the other hand, they are able to block a lot of attacks themselves. This is their superpower and a lot of teams struggle to provide an answer for this.

  1. Inubushi East

This team is pretty consistent as well. They get in the semifinals after beating Itachiyama. Their stats look pretty decent as well but they definitely have some weak points in their defense. If they would get a star libero on the team, they might win more matches.

  1. Nekoma

This team is great at defending and has their positional game down. The libero and back row players are very agile and this allows them to dig a lot of balls. Their offense is less strong but they can pass well and this leads to creative attacks. A great hitter would take this team to the next level.

  1. Tsubakihara

This team depends on two main players: Ace, Motoki Teradomari, and their server, Aoi Himekawa. The other players on their team are just not good enough and can’t add enough value to the team for them to be a significant contender in the national competition.

  1. Aoba Johsai

This team also depends too much on one player. In their case, it is Torū Oikawa. Luckily their jump serves are pretty decent and this allows the team to win from time to time.

  1. Morikawa

We don’t know a lot about this team but they are able to perform under stress as they sometimes lose sets with just a few points. If their defense would be slightly better, they might win more matches.

  1. Nohebi

This team has a great ace but unfortunately, he is struggling with his thumb. This makes him unable to play in a lot of games and this is costing this team dearly. We, therefore, didn’t see their full potential so far.

  1. Sarukawa

This team tries to manage their energy and exhaust the other team while still retaining enough power for the last sets. This is a great strategy as a lot of teams use too much energy during the first few sets and are losing the last ones because they are running slower and are too tired to keep going.

  1. Date Tech

This team is great at roofing. This means that they can block (often two players together in their instance) and send the ball back to the ace immediately. The ball even doesn’t go over the net and the blockers are pushing the ball back on the floor. This is scoring directly after the other team has spiked.

  1. Kiyokawa

This team has a pretty good offense but needs to get better at managing their energy. Other teams can score quite easily at the end of the game as everyone is tired after a while.

  1. Eiwa

This team is pretty competitive. They need to keep their head cool under pressure as they are often losing sets by just a few points. If they can do this, it would be possible to win more matches. 

  1. Ubugawa

All we see of this team is Gōra’s serve. That is a pity as the team looks pretty competitive overall. Hopefully, they will show more of this team in future episodes.

  1. Shinzen

They got second place at the Spring High-Saitama Representative Playoffs. We also saw them in Training Camp. Overall it is a decent team but not good enough to win the nationals. 

  1. Wakunan

Takeru Nakashima is the best player on this team. The other players are OK but lack a special skill. If they would practice more on their specialty, this team could be a winner in the long term.

  1. Johzenji

Johzenji is a fun team to watch as their offense is very unpredictable and they use unusual moves. This is exciting to watch but they could be more efficient and focus less on showing off.

  1. Hakusuikan

This team is quite unknown but Junji Kuroishi is a libero that we saw in action during a training camp. He is performing quite well and is able to dig a lot of balls. 

  1. Kakugawa

This team is totally dependent on a mediocre player. This shows the importance of having a great team in volleyball. There is no individual player that can carry a whole team. The players have to put in the work and improve their skills if they want to form a strong team.

  1. Ohgiminami

This team is still trying to find the best way to play together. The players need to improve their ball handling to make sure that they can score more points.  

  1. Ogi Nishi

This team didn’t win a lot of matches and their defense is not that well developed. They could use a great coach that pushes the players to improve their volleyball skills.

  1. Tokonami

In the whole series, this team didn’t win a single game. They still have a lot of work to do if they want to win competitions. 

How many teams did you recognize?