Basketball Shoes For Volleyball. Should You Use Them?

Volleyball is an intense sport that involves lots of dynamic movements. Whether it’s turning instantly or jumping up to hit the ball, as a volleyball player, you will be moving around a lot. To support all that pressure and speed, it is important to have the right kind of shoes for the game. These can not only help you maintain stability, but also promote your overall skill.

While volleyball shoes do exist with specific designs meant for volleyball, not everyone can buy shoes just for volleyball. Quite a lot of volleyball players use basketball shoes as they prefer these or they play basketball as well and don’t want to get two pairs of shoes. In sports, shoes are all about finding a tradeoff between support, agility, and stability. This is required for both volleyball and basketball shoes. Each shoe makes a compromise in this and you have to check for yourself what you value the most. That being said, to help you out, we will be covering the pros and cons of using basketball shoes for playing volleyball.

Jumping high is essential in volleyball and basketball:

There is more to these games than just jumping so let’s explore this further.

Do Basketball Shoes Work For Volleyball?

It may seem unusual but many volleyball players often use basketball shoes for their game. This is because both sports are played in similar venues and share many similarities. Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of using basketball shoes for volleyball.

Reasons why you can wear basketball shoes for volleyball

Similar Grip

As both sports are played in indoor gyms, the level of grip provided by basketball shoes is similar to that of volleyball shoes. This is an important aspect as volleyball involves quick movements which require a lot of traction on the ground. Even the slightest lack of grip can lead to a slip which can ruin a game. Players sweat a lot in both sports and this can result in slips and slides if they don’t wear decent shoes. Shoe manufacturers know this and use special soles for these shoes.

So, when it comes to grip, you can use basketball shoes and maintain most of the needed hold on the ground for volleyball as well.

Good Flexibility

Both basketball and volleyball are sports that require your foot to bend and flex continuously. Agility is essential in both sports In basketball, this is done to move around the court quickly, dribble around your opponents, and jump to score. Meanwhile, in volleyball, flexibility is needed for the quick turns and twists you make in a match.

Due to this, basketball shoes are very similar to volleyball shoes when it comes to flexibility. Although basketball shoes offer support in other areas than volleyball shoes, they shouldn’t restrain your movements during a volleyball match.

A lot of support

Now, this is an added benefit that volleyball shoes do not have. Basketball shoes are available in different cuts ranging from low ankle cut to high cut which comes up above the ankle. This is because different positions and players have different requirements according to their roles. For example, a shooter or aggressive player might opt for high-cut shoes to protect his feet. 

When it comes to volleyball, while physical contact is minimal, it still happens sometimes. These mistakes can often impact your lower foot as volleyball shoes don’t cover much. On the other hand, using a high-cut basketball shoe is much safer and reduces the chances of you getting hurt while playing.

Reasons why volleyball shoes are better

Extra Cushioning

Volleyball shoes tend to have a unique cushioning structure as compared to other footwear. This is because they are designed to regularly absorb the shock from landing, turning, and stopping suddenly throughout a game. These movements can often lead to increased strain which is why this cushioning is very important.

The problem with basketball shoes is that they are designed with a different purpose in mind. The cushioning is more spread out and it is less focused on hard landings and more on overall movement. While this still provides some relief, it might not be beneficial for your feet in the long run.

More Weight

Probably the main difference between basketball shoes and volleyball shoes is their weight. Volleyball shoes are much lighter as they have to offer less support. On the other hand, all the extra cushioning on basketball shoes along with the increased height tends to add to the weight quite a lot.

So, if you are using a basketball shoe to play volleyball, it will feel much more restrained to move in. The added weight will not only make jumps a bit harder, but you won’t be able to move as fluidly as you would with lighter shoes.

Sole Design

One of the most important parts of a volleyball shoe is its sole. The sole is often built out of gum rubber and aids in traction, stability, and control. This is very important if you are a volleyball player as it can make or break your game. For example, a few milliseconds can be the difference between reaching the ball in time or losing a point by an inch.

On the other hand, other shoes like basketball shoes tend to use other materials. Not only does this increase the bulk of the shoe, but it also reduces the overall traction and control you can get out of them. So, if you are looking for a basketball shoe, try to find one with a rubber sole.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

Well, the answer to this is yes. It honestly depends on your play style, budget, preference, etc. This is because there are both clear differences and similarities between basketball and volleyball shoes.

So, if you are someone who wants more support, basketball shoes might be a good option for you. While it will reduce your overall movement ability, you won’t have to worry about most issues. That being said, you will have one pair of shoes for two sports which will surely save you money.

On the other hand, if you are a competitive player and don’t care about the price, volleyball shoes are the way to go. Basketball shoes don’t get you that added level of grip and control over your movements. Also, the lighter weight will make it much easy to jump and move around.

So, there you have it. While you can use basketball shoes for volleyball, there are some downsides that you will have to deal with. So, at the end of the day, it’s up to you!