Best brand for volleyball shoes 2022: Asics, Muzino vs Adidas volleyball shoes

The shoes of Asics, Nike, Mizuno, Under Armour, and Adidas are all excellent for volleyball players. A lot of players like these of Asics but overall they all work well and the choice often depends on personal preferences such as pricing and design. The female Olympic volleyball team of team USA has won the tournament in Mizuno shoes so this is a great brand as well but is still gaining recognition.

A lot of shoes offer unique features such as ankle support and foams that help you jump higher. Players often think that this will fix all their issues. These shoes can help somewhat but they will not make you magically jump a lot higher. You will have to train to jump higher. This is quite mundane as you have to repeat the same drills over and over again. A lot of people wish that there was a magical solution to all their problems but the answer is often good old-fashioned hard work. Professional volleyball players train more than 4 times per week for several hours and there is a good reason for this. 

Let’s compare some models below:

Adidas CrazyFlightXX
Nike Hyperace 2XX
Mizuno wave MomentumXXXX
Asics Sky Elite FFXXXX

Some players prefer that their shoes focus on one aspect (for example jumping or stability). Other players want all-around shoes that offer a lot of things but don’t excel at anything. 

Best volleyball shoes for vertical jump: best shoes for hitters or spikers in 2021

Hitters need to be able to jump high so that they can push the ball over the net. 

Adidas has great volleyball shoes. They know that jumping is important in this sport and can help blockers and setters to score more points. For this reason, they have developed the Novaflight shoes. They have used special foams in the midsole of this shoe that should help you to jump higher. They have good reviews but don’t expect miracles from them. Your technique also has a big impact on how high you can jump and this can only be improved by repeating it over and over again. Professional athletes can prepare their jump without having to think about it. This allows them to reach very high above the net. 

This video also provides some ideas about shoes that help you jump higher. Each model has its nuances and sometimes small differences can have a big impact on the playability. No shoes are perfect and you have to find a balance between what you need (for example jumping high) and other things that could be interesting (for example a lot of traction).  Recently Nike has also started to offer volleyball shoes and they are pretty good as well.

Best volleyball shoes for ankle support

Under Armour and Adidas both have shoes that come with an extended ankle collar. This design offers more support for the ankle of players. Some players consider playing with ankle braces but this is not recommended. It is often better to use drills to strengthen your ankles so that you don’t need this type of support. 

These shoes might be harder to put on and off so if you don’t have a lot of patience, these shoes might not be for you. You also have to check with your coach if these shoes are allowed in your competition as there might be some rules against this. Better to be sure and check it before you buy them.  

Overall these shoes can help and add some more ankle support during the game. They can’t control the whole impact but help to spread it out more evenly. A lot of volleyball players are having a hard time with their ankles. 

You also have to check if these shoes work well with the socks that you currently use. You might need to take a look at longer socks as they need to come above your shoes. 

The Nike Hyperace 2 shoes offer a lot of padding around the ankle and might work for players that need more support in that area. Despite the fact that Nike is quite new to the volleyball world, their shoes are quite good.  You want great lateral support without feeling too restricted and Nikes offers this with their shoes.

You can also look at shoes that have thin soles as these keep you closer to the floor. This can also be great for your ankles as you can move less. You can experiment with different thicknesses of soles and see what works for you. 

Most expensive volleyball shoes

Some brands are working on 3D-printed shoes to offer custommade solutions. The foot is scanned and then a 3D model is made. Based on this model, they can print the basic structure that really fits your foot well. At the moment this solution is still quite expensive as it is not possible to manufacture these on a big scale yet. Traditional shoes use the same design and molds (for shoe stability) over and over again, leading to efficiencies. This is not possible for 3D printed shoes at this point in time, making them more expensive. The price is coming down and in the coming years they might be as affordable as normal volleyball shoes. 

To conclude, we can state that a lot of brands offer great volleyball shoes. Each brand also offers unique models. There is a lot of overlap between these models but they use other foams and materials to make them stand out. For example, some foams can help you to jump higher and are great for blockers and servers. Don’t expect miracles from this but they can help to some extent. You can try several brands and models and see what works for you. Some brands offer narrower shoes than others and it is only by trying them on that you will see if they are comfortable or not. Everyone has different preferences so check what works for you. Often you can keep buying the same model for several years if you have found something that you enjoy playing with.