Best volleyball backpack with shoe compartment? (AVOID This one!)

When you play volleyball, you need a lot of equipment. This ranges from shoes, arms sleeves, knee pads, socks to water and tape for your fingers. The bag also has to deal with a lot of wear and tear as you will use it a lot. Nothing is more annoying than a backpack that is not able to accommodate all your needs. Let’s discuss what volleyball backpacks are the best for you.

What do you have to look for? The backpack has to be waterproof, easy to carry, washable, room for all your needs, have different compartments so that you can store things orderly, have parts that are designed to prevent moisture, and need to use qualitative materials. 

Let’s discuss the best backpacks based on the needs of different players.

Backpacks for new volleyball players

A backpack doesn’t have to be bulky or expensive. The traditional drawstring backpack is often enough for a beginning volleyball player. This doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is easy to transport. 

The main drawback is that things are not stored orderly and that there is no real handle that you can use. It is mainly for new volleyball players that don’t have a lot of gear. The prints are often designed for a younger audience in mind as well. It also doesn’t provide a lot of protection against the rain so your equipment might get wet. These backpacks also don’t last a long time as they are made with weaker stitching and cheaper materials. 

The advantage is that the clothes are able to breathe so your sweat might evaporate on the way home and it might be less of an issue if you forget to wash your clothes for a few days.

Overall this is a cheap option for newer players that want to see if volleyball is something for them. It is not the most durable option but can be a great and cheap way to start out. 

You also have simple mesh bags that allow you to store a ball. This can be handy when you go to a friend to play a short game outside. These bags are very inexpensive and make it easier to carry the ball and travel with it. It is also great to store your bag at home as it can’t roll around. It can also be attached to a normal backpack so that you can use your existing backpack but still carry the ball. The D ring makes sure that you can attach it to multiple other items. It can be even used to go through TSA according to some reviewers (check with your local department to make sure before you travel with it). 

For the player that brings all his or her equipment: volleyball backpacks with shoe compartment

If you want to bring a lot of equipment (including a ball), it is necessary to look at bigger and sturdier backpacks. These are still affordable and make sure that you always have enough space for your equipment. You never know if you want to try some new arm sleeves or knee pads. Therefore it is better to have some space in excess. 

What I really like about these backpacks is that there are several components. This allows you to store your equipment in the same place and this can be easy if you have to find something quickly. During a game, I often need some tape for my fingers. Since I know in what part of my backpack this is stored, I can easily take it out without losing a lot of time. If I had to search for this, I might not be able to take this out during the game itself or had to wait until I had to sit on the bench. This would affect my game and it would annoy me. Therefore I think that this is a great feature of these backpacks. 

There is a version of this backpack that has ventilated shoe compartments. This can be very helpful if you sweat a lot during a game as some of the odor can be dispersed and you don’t have issues with moisture that can affect your shoes. This same version of the backpack also is waterproof and this once again avoids issues with moisture from sweat or rain. Your equipment will last a lot longer if it is able to dry properly. You can even bring your tablet to review some game footage if needed.  

It is possible to wear this on your back or use the handle to carry it in your hand. This is easy as you can switch between these two options if you carry a heavy bag. If you bring water or other liquids, the weight of this bag can start to increase quite fast. 

Sports bags have to deal with a lot of wear and tear and the Stadium backpacks by Adidas are designed to withstand this as they use stronger materials and better stitching. My backpack has lasted for several years already and it had to deal with a lot of travel as I use it multiple times a week. 

They might be too big for younger players as they run quite big so you have to check if this is the case or not. 

Some bags are slightly cheaper but these often use lower quality zippers or have worse stitching. It is often worth it to pay just that little more to get a higher quality backpack. I try to stick to brands that I know. These provide a good guarantee and should use good parts as well. Most of these bags are not specifically designed for volleyball players but there is a big overlap in the needs of players of different sports so this is not really an issue at all.

For the player that wants to keep it lean

We all know players on our team that doesn’t have a lot of equipment. They never use arm sleeves or tape. For them, I would recommend a smaller backpack that is easier to travel with. This allows you to take your volleyball gear with you while you can also bring other stuff. This makes it easy if you play volleyball after school or work. 

 I like the Hustle backpack by Under Armour as it is very sleek and lightweight but still is quite strong. You can wash it in the washing machine, which is a big plus as some sports arenas can be quite dusty. I have had it happen multiple times where my bag gets dirty after going to a sports arena that hasn’t been properly cleaned. Over the years this dirt builds up and you can damage your backpack if you don’t wash it afterward. It is also water-resistant so you can use it in the rain. 

Best bag for volleyball for people that don’t like backpacks.

Duffle Bags are also a great option for volleyball players as they are cheap and easy to carry. These bags can carry a lot of gear. The main drawback is that there are often not a lot of components in them so you have to make do with the parts you have.

In my experience duffle bags don’t last as long as backpacks but this depends on how you use them and what you store in them. Therefore you might want to spend some more on a duffle bag with better stitching if you really plan to use it as your go-to bag. 

These are often easier to (hand)wash and maintain than backpacks as they have fewer components. In the end, a lot also depends on the style that you like. Some players don’t like to carry things on their back as they might sweat a lot if they do so. Other people prefer a backpack as it gives them more control than a duffle bag. You can try both options and see what works for you. A lot of volleyball players like to use these and some teams even specify that you have to use a duffle bag instead of a backpack. 

To conclude, we can state that backpacks come in several types, sizes, and colors. You have to think about your needs and preferences before you buy one. Some players need to bring a lot of equipment whereas others prefer to travel light. These backpacks are not that expensive so it is better to invest a few dollars more to get one with decent zippers and stitching. If you get a good one, it might last several years before you need a new one.