Best volleyball match or game of all time: spectacular sets

Each sport has its spectacular moments. From the NBA with the Bulls that won the game with a tired MJ to NFL with a dramatic Superbowl (Giants vs undefeated Patriots). Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of volleyball. To some extent comes down to personal preferences, such as what team you like but we can feature some great matches. 

1/ 2012 Olympic Indoor Men’s final: Russia vs Brazil

 Russia is down two sets to Brazil. Brazil only needs to win one more set to win the tournament and be Olympic world champions.  The Russian coach makes a desperate attempt and switches a player from middle blocker to opposite. The rest is, as they say, history. Brazil was the team to beat at that point so the ending of the match is very spectacular to watch as they were very dominant at the beginning of the match. Brazil had the chance to win the match twice and was denied two times. The tournament would be decided in the fifth and final set…

The full match can be seen below and is a marvel in volleyball history

2/ 2020 Olympic indoor Women’s final: USA vs Brazil

This is the moment that team USA really showed its strength against favorite Brazil. The Brazilian female indoor team is legendary as they have won a lot of Olympic tournaments. This is surprising given that the USA doesn’t even have an official competition. Their professional players have to play abroad to make a career out of it. This could actually be their hidden strength as it pushes the players in different situations and they get to know a lot of playing styles. Team USA was the underdog before the match started. They had a great tournament but Brazil also was playing well together. The match starts out very exciting. Some strategic blocks by Raechel Adams lead to an advantage for team USA. The team starts to play together really well and you can notice that they play on a very high level. They use a lot of strategies to surprise the Brazilian team. What I mainly liked about this match is how fast-paced it is. 

3/ Men’s Beach volleyball Medal in Rio 2016: Italy vs Brazil

In front of the home crowd, the Brazilian team is struggling to get started. Until the magic man starts to do his thing. On Copacabana beach, it is raining and both teams are struggling with their ball control as they are not used to this type of weather. The sand is sticky and is holding the players back. It results in a long and hard-fought game. Italy can score a lot of spectacular points but some of their attacks get blocked. The home crowd is pushing their team forward and this results in spectacular rallies. The rain keeps gushing, making it harder and harder to play. In the end, both teams are pushing to win and this makes the match very exciting. The stakes are high as both teams want that gold medal after such a long tournament. This could be their only chance to get it. Beach volleyball is very intense as you only have two players on the court. For this reason, it can be a challenge to keep playing when you are really tired. 

You can watch the summary of the game below:

4/ World cup 2018: Poland vs Argentina

As discussed before, Brazil has had a lot of spectacular matches. Another volleyball nation is Poland. This team started out great but was struggling to find an answer to the great defense of Argentina. Evading their bocks was hard and Poland had to formulate an answer. It took a while and Argentina could win a few sets. What I really like about this match is that there was a tie break and both teams had to fight to win the set. This gets the spectators on the edge of their seats as a few points can change the direction of the match. Tiebreaks can be so exciting that some spectators even don’t dare to look as they feel that too much is going on and emotions can run high. This is the real beauty of volleyball as both teams are close to winning and can feel the victory but they have to fight the other team. The World Cup differs from the Olympics because it is organized by the FIVB the year before the Olympics. It can show which teams have the potential to win the Olympics. Only twelve teams get to partake. The goal of this tournament is to organize more international competitions like the Olympics only take place every four years.

To conclude, we can say that volleyball is a spectacular sport. Often it ends in one team dominating the match but in a lot of instances, matches can be really close. This can result in long rallies. Since the game is played in sets, you can have spectacular comebacks even if you didn’t score a lot of points in the first set. One team can be dominating the first few sets only to lose the match. You have to keep your offense and defense on point if you want to win a volleyball match. For me, this is the main reason why volleyball will become more popular in the coming decades. Especially if team USA keeps performing well and wins more Olympic medals, this sport can get more attention. The four matches that were discussed are a testament to how spectacular this sport can be and what emotions it can bring out from coaches, players, and the audience.