Best volleyball scoreboard apps: online, android and iPhone

A digital scoreboard can provide additional information such as the names and logo or the team. You can also add colors for special situations such as tiebreaks or matchpoints. Tablets have gotten quite cheap so a lot of teams opt for this. It is also possible to connect a phone with a TV screen and broadcast the score in this way. Let’s take a look at the best options below. We discussed stats tracking apps here. 

Best android app

Volleyball score simple

This app is quite simple to use. You just enter the name of the teams and select beach volleyball or indoor volleyball. After this, you can pick a color for each team and select how many sets are needed to win. The end result is two clean boxes with numbers in. You can also see which team will serve. The score changes positions when the teams switch sides. 

An icon indicates who is going to serve next and you also get a notification when there is a timeout. This can help the audience understand what is going on. 

This app allows you to sync the scores between devices so you can go back in time and look at previous matches. The developers keep updating the app so new features are being added all the time.

The app is free to use and doesn’t have apps. It is supported with donations.

Volleyball Scoreboard

If you want to display the info in another way, you can use the volleyball scoreboard. This app allows you to use a simplified view that only shows the point or a more advanced overview that also indicates what team has already won a set and who is going to serve next. You can experiment with both options and see what works for your audience. There is a lot of overlap with the previous app that we discussed but offers some ways to display the information in another way.

 It is easy to share the end result on multiple social media. 

This app is free as well and is still being worked on. The logo has been really well designed and can make the app stand out on your phone or tablet. 

Volleyball referee

This app is more advanced and allows you to track the position of the players in the rotation, has a countdown timer for timeouts and you can track the cards. Afterward, it is even possible to share scoresheets.

What is really cool about this is app is that it is possible to share the info in real time. Supporters that are not able to make the game, can follow along with the action in this way. This can be great to keep everyone in the loop during a tournament in another state. 

The app might be too complicated for beginners as it has been developed for referees. The unique features might make it a good choice if you need them. 

There are some in-app purchases required if you want to unlock all the features. 

Best iPhone app:

Volleyball score simple

This free app can be used on your iPhone and iPad. It offers all the basic functions that you would expect from a digital scoreboard. You can assign colors to each team and let it switch sides when the teams go to the other side of the court. 

Adding a point is as simple as tapping. You can undo mistakes as well if needed. You can indicate who is serving, tiebreaks, and matchpoints. 

The app is still being worked on so new features might appear in the future.

Swipe scoreboard

This app can be used for multiple sports. What I really like about it is that you can add the logo of both teams. This makes the board look really nice and official. There are quite a lot of settings so it can take some getting used to but overall it is  a great app to track the score during a match.

Volleyball referee

This is an advanced scoreboard as you can track a lot of things. From the rotation, cards to substitutions. You have to be really dedicated if you want to track all these things during the game. To activate some of the features, you will have to pay. Overall it is a great scoring board that has unique options for people that want to go in-depth and track what is going on during the match. 

Best online scoreboard options.

Volleyball score simple 

We have discussed this app before but they also have a great web interface. This allows you to use the scoreboard without needing to install an app. This can be done in any browser so on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will lose some features but you can get started immediately. This can be a great way to get started with a digital volleyball scoreboard and see if it is something for you or not. 

Online Volleyball scoreboard:

What I like about this scoreboard is that you can use keyboard shortcuts. This makes it easy to update the score during a match as you just press the same buttons over and over. You can adjust the background and have white and black themes. The names of the teams can be added and timeouts can be shown. You just have to play around with the menu a few times and you will get the hang of it. Just be careful that you don’t reset the score during a game.  

To conclude, we can state that there are several great digital scoreboards out there. These allow you to track the volleyball matches quite easily. It can be shared in real-time with people that had to stay at home and can keep everyone involved. You can start out with a simple app and eventually move over to something that allows you to track more actions. Don’t overcomplicate things so that the audience can follow what is going on. It is easy to make a mistake during a match and this can lead to long discussions.