Best volleyball underwear and shorts. Improve your game instantly.

If you want to perform well in volleyball, you will need good equipment. From shoes, shirts, arm sleeves, socks to underwear and shorts. Not a lot of people discuss the best shorts and underwear for this sport. I have been playing volleyball for a few decades so I can share some thoughts about what works for me. 

What are some good volleyball shorts for men and women?

Often the match shorts are provided by the team. This is part of the outfit that they provide and this is in most instances also washed by the team. Most teams have two outfits. There is a second outfit that allows switching if the other team has similar team colors. This makes sure that each team has different colors. One player (the libero) on the team has another outfit.

You will probably have to provide your own outfit for training. Some teams have requirements for this (for example which brand, color, or size is required) so check with your team if this is the case. So what do you have to check when buying volleyball shorts?

  • Pockets are probably not needed as it is difficult to jump when you have items in a pocket
  • The type of material it is made out of. Synthetic materials such as polyester are cheaper but might be less comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. 
  • If it has materials that hold the sweat. Pants can get wet very quickly if there is no mesh or membrane to retain the sweat. This can make it uncomfortable to play with. Especially if you sweat a lot, this is something that you have to take into account.
  •  The fit and finish. Some pants are fitting quite tightly whereas others leave more room. This depends on personal preferences but make sure that you are comfortable in them as you will have to wear these pants for a long period of time.
  • The pants should also be machine washable. This will save you a lot of time as you have to wash your volleyball gear quite regularly. 
  • The elastic or cord to hold up the pants. Some people enjoy using a cord as it offers more control. Other people prefer an elastic as this is easier to use. Elastics might not last that long if you wash them often so this is something to take into account when you buy pants with an elastic.
  • The ability to cool you down. Some pants get quite hot after a while. It is great if they can dispel the heat and give you a cool feeling. 

The best volleyball shorts for women are made by Adidas. They stretch very well so this is great as you have to move a lot during volleyball training. Furthermore, they have moisture-absorbing features. Some people argue that the pants ride up but this is often the case with volleyball pants. You might consider buying a bigger size if this annoys you too much. They might be too big for beach volleyball, you will have to check with your team what is expected in that instance.

Mizuno is a big brand in volleyball. They make the best volleyball shorts for men. I wear their shorts and really enjoy doing so. They have a drawstring to hold up the pants and this is more comfortable for me than an elastic. They last a long time even if you slide a lot over the floor. What is important to me as well is that the colors are not too flashy as some brands tend to add this element to their pants. 

What length should volleyball shorts be? Well, this depends on your team and personal preferences. Some teams issue a minimum length (for example has to be knee-length) whereas others don’t. Check with your coach to see what they expect. Some people prefer to clear shorter volleyball shorts as these are more comfortable for them. Personally, I prefer longer shorts to play volleyball as these disperse the heat better in my opinion.

As long as you buy the shorts from a famous brand, you probably are not going to get shorts that are too long or too short. If you want to play it safe, this is an easy way to make sure that you won’t stand out as a lot of players on your team will also buy shorts from a bigger brand.

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Some volleyball players are quite big and they will need to buy bigger shorts than smaller players so check the sizing charts of the shorts that you want to buy and make sure that the size is correct for your height. It is also possible to try several sizes and see what works for you. Note that shorts can shrink when you wash them so make sure that you don’t buy them too tightly. I have had shorts that reduced a lot in size after just a few washes so make sure that you wash them correctly (as stated on the label on the shorts) if you want to maintain their original size.

Best volleyball underwear: what male and female players wear under their shorts

A lot of volleyball players just wear their normal underwear during games or training. I used to do this as well but since I sweat a lot, this gets uncomfortable quite fast. Therefore I started looking into underwear that was specifically designed for sport and this has helped to increase my comfort. These cost slightly more but I think that they are worth it because they add so much more comfort. It is just not fun to play a match when your underwear is wet. The sports editions of the underwear also last a long time so overall I am happy that I bought them. They are not made specifically for volleyball so you can wear them to perform other sports as well. 

  • Here you will want a lot of the same features as you will expect from volleyball pants:
    • It is quite obvious that these won’t have pockets. 
    • If it has materials that hold the sweat. Especially around your thighs, you should remain dry to increase your comfort.
    •  The fit and finish. Some brands use seamless designs. These seem to work quite well and make sure that the seam is not in your way. 
    • The pants should also be machine washable. This makes sure that you can wash all your volleyball geat together. 
    • The elastic or cord holds up the pants to make sure that the underwear stays in place, even when you move a lot.  
    • The ability to cool you down. Normal underwear can get quite hot. This is one of the main reasons to buy underwear that focuses on sports. 

The activewear of Reebok is great underwear for female volleyball players. They have a big elastic that makes sure that they stay in place. They are seamless and don’t come with a tag to make sure that they feel good. What is also important is that they are machine washable so it is easy to maintain them. Overall I like that they stay in place and offer good support, which is important if you have to run around a lot. 

These underpants by Adidas have been designed for sports competitions. They make sure that you remain calm and that the sweat is taken care of. These pants have special features that make sure that they stay in place. There is a big elastic at the top and specific construction that makes sure that you have no ride-up. They even have special stitches to make sure that these are soft and don’t annoy you. 

To conclude, we can say that it is worth investing in specific sports underwear and underpants. These hold better in place than standard shorts or underwear and are also able to retain the sweat a lot better. This makes sure that you are comfortable during the training or match and allow you to concentrate on this instead of having to deal with pants that are ripping up or very wet. They are not that expensive so you can try it and see if you enjoy wearing these or your traditional underwear and shorts.