Best volleyball youtube channels: from entertainment to insights

If you are stuck at home but still want to improve your volleyball skills, watching Youtube can be a great idea. You can see some entertaining highlight reels that feature impressive volleyball skills or you can learn how to improve your own skills. Champions and experts show you how to improve your volleyball game.

Some videos might be quite difficult to understand but you can always rewatch them or even slow them down so that you get all the knowledge out of them. In the comments, you can even ask questions and often the creator of the video will answer them. This is a great resource that not enough players utilize. Everyone has a question at some point and being able to ask an Olympic athlete what they think is very cool. There is no guarantee that they will reply but you can give it a try.  

The Olympics

You can watch full volleyball games on this channel. They also offer unique interviews with players and even some videos that explain how to improve your volleyball skills. 

In the video below, for example, Rachael Adams explains how you can improve your volleyball attack. It is quite crazy that you can get this expert-level information for free. The videos are well-produced and entertaining to watch. 

Volleyball world

This channel gives access to a lot of (live) matches. It can be great to see professionals in action as this can give you insights into strategies and ball-handling techniques. They offer highlights and also full matches. Watching a full game can help you see how teams deal with fatigue. It is also interesting to notice how teams can come back after they have lost a set. 

NCAA Championships:

This channel is a view on the NCAA Championship competition. You can follow college players and teams and see how they perform. There are also interviews with the players so you can learn how they prepare for a game and how they experienced the matches. Coaches are being interviewed as well. This is the last step to a professional volleyball career so the players in this competition are very motivated. You can watch replays of games and see what players are doing right and wrong. You can learn a ton from this. They feature other sports as well so you might have to dig in the videos to see which ones are about volleyball.

Power Volleyball

This channel provides highlights of different matches. For example, they have highlight reels of spectacular spikes. This can be entertaining to watch as you get to see unusual situations that can surprise you. You can learn more about famous players and their careers. Some of the videos are more for entertainment than learning purposes but it can be fun to watch some of these videos.

Coach Mike Gee

Coach Mike Gee has a great channel. He discusses drills but also offers deep analysis on some volleyball strategies. Most players don’t pay attention to this as they only focus on the spectacular highlight reels. If you can learn from the strategies that professionals use to win the match, you can gain an edge.

Therefore his videos are great to watch as he uses humor from time to time as well. Not a lot of volleyball coaches have a Youtube channel as they don’t want to share their drills. Therefore it is great to see a channel of a coach that explains what he knows about the sport. His videos deserve more views as he provides great insights. 

Elevate Yourself

This is another channel by a volleyball coach. He offers a mix of drills, insights, and highlights. Some of the videos are focused on entertainment but overall he offers a lot of insights. From the best shoes to the best drills, you can learn a lot from this channel.

Victoria Garrick

This USC libero discusses several aspects of playing volleyball. She also talks about what is going on in her own life and this might be less useful for volleyball players so you have to check what videos are the most interesting for your situation. She mentions some drills in her videos that are well made. She also talks about other things that she does to prepare for a match.

Sarah Pavan

Sarah is a Canadian Olympian in beach volleyball. She offers a lot of insights into beach volleyball. She explains some basic volleyball techniques in great detail. It is obvious that she has a lot of experience playing volleyball and can discuss some nuances of the sport that not a lot of other people know about.

To conclude, we can state that there are a lot of great volleyball channels on Youtube. Experts and champions teach you techniques and strategies that you won’t find anywhere else. All of this is for free so you should dedicate some time to studying this. It can give you an advantage over other players as most of them don’t go further than watching some highlight reels. Put in the work and really study the nuances of volleyball. This will help you to understand how you can improve your game. A tip about jumping higher or improving your ball handling technique can take your volleyball game to the next level. Don’t underestimate this as you can save years of your learning curve just by watching the right video. Don’t waste too much time on videos that are just funny. Try to dig deeper and learn from the educational videos as well.