Can u wear glasses or contacts for volleyball? Answered

A lot of players wear glasses to improve their vision. In volleyball, you have to see the whole court and also how the other players are moving. It can help players to wear glasses so they don’t miss anything of the action.

Can you wear glasses to play volleyball?

Yes, you can wear glasses in volleyball. It has to be noted that you should wear sporting glasses instead of the glasses that you wear every day. Sporting glasses are made out of plastic and don’t break when they get hit by a ball. The glass in normal glasses can break or the frame can get deformed.

This keeps your eyes safe and makes sure that you can keep playing, even when your glasses get hit. Glasses can be quite expensive and it would be a shame if they break. Furthermore, it can make it difficult to go to school or work if you have issues with your glasses. It can take a while before you get an appointment to get new glasses so it is better to avoid this whole ordeal. 

Sporting glasses are custom-made and adjusted to what you need. Often a checkup is needed to make sure that you get the right strength. This doesn’t take too much time and is actually quite fun to do. They are generally made in clear plastic but some manufacturers have started to add cool prints to them. This can make it easy to see which glasses are yours. They are very strong and won’t break if they get hit.

These glasses also keep the swear out of your eyes while you are playing so they have some added advantages. It is essential that you clean them after every training session or match. This is quite straightforward and similar to what you would do for normal glasses. You can use wet wipes or a special liquid to keep them clean. 

You might bring a spare pair so that you can play even if there is an issue with your glasses. It can be very disappointing to have to sit out a match because there is a problem with your glasses. I have been there and it is no fun. 

It is important that you pack your glasses well. A lot of backpacks have special compartments to store items in. Sporting glasses can get scratched so you should store them in a case and then also in this special compartment. This makes sure that the glasses stay clean and won’t break.

Another advantage of wearing sporting glasses is that they can have a special coating. This can make it easier to see in brightly lit sporting areas. Sometimes the lights can be too bright. These coatings reduce the brightness and offer an optimal viewing experience. This allows you to focus on the match and tune out bright lights.

There are also other coatings that keep the glasses clean for a longer period of time. These coatings are quite expensive so you have to consider if this is worth it to you. There are no rules that forbid using these coatings. I think that they can offer an edge over other players but given that it is not forbidden, you can use it. 

 An example of a famous volleyball player that is wearing glasses while she plays is Rachael Adams. She won an Olympic medal with Team USA and is an outstanding player. The fact that even professional volleyball players wear glasses to play volleyball, indicates that this is allowed and possible. This doesn’t hinder your playing abilities at all. Some coaches even ask that players get their eyes checked to make sure that they can perform at their highest level.

A lot of players don’t know that glasses would improve their actions on the court. It is easy and quick to get this checked so it is a good idea. You should get a new check every year to make sure that the evolution is being tracked and new glasses are ordered if needed. 

Can you wear contacts in volleyball?

Yes, you can wear contacts in volleyball but you should wear plastic glasses over them. This makes sure that you are protected when the ball hits you. Check with your coach and the shop where you get them. Some brands claim that they are break-resistant, even when you are being hit by a ball. They often even make lenses that have been specifically designed for sports.

A lot of players prefer to wear sporting glasses over lenses though as they feel that this is easier. If the lens moves during the match, you will need to be substituted and this can end your game. This is why most professional players opt for sporting glasses as these have been specifically designed with this in mind.

Beach volleyball players often wear glasses to protect their eyes from the sun. Furthermore, these glasses keep the sand out of their eyes. Despite the fact that they use special sand for beach volleyball, wind can blow up the sand. This can get in your eyes as well so this is another use for glasses in beach volleyball. This is one of the main reasons why beach volleyball players prefer glasses over contacts.

Given all these advantages, beach volleyball players often wear glasses. These players often add a string to their glasses so that they don’t lose them when they have to make sudden movements. There is just not a lot of time to pick up glasses during a beach volleyball match so it can be hard to retrieve them when they have been dropped during a rally. 

To conclude, we can state that you can wear glasses and contacts to play volleyball. You just need to make sure that you get the right pair. Sporting glasses are quite durable and should last several seasons. Therefore it is better to invest in a decent pair so that you can keep using them. Nothing is more annoying than having to stop playing because your glasses broke during a match.