Can you build a volleyball court in your backyard? 7 things to consider

Yes, it is possible to build a volleyball court in your backyard. Volleyball is under normal circumstances played on a field of 59 feet on 29.5 feet. Your garden might be smaller but you can scale down the field so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. There is not a lot of gear required to build a volleyball terrain. You will need a net and something to mark the lines (chalk or fabric). It might also be necessary to strengthen the net by digging it in if there is a lot of wind. This makes sure that the net can stand during the whole year. In this article, we will discuss what else you need to take into account when you want to build a volleyball court in your backyard.

Let’s take a look at what you need to consider:

Check the terrain

You have to make sure that the terrain is clean (so no dirt or glass lying around). These things can fly around during a game and annoy the players. It is quite easy to wipe this off the field and put it in the trash. It should also be flat as it will be a challenge if one team has to run up a hill or if there are holes in the field. It doesn’t have to be completely smooth but you shouldn’t be able to fall over any piles of dirt. Filling in the holes is quite easy as you just have to get some dirt or earth and can use this to smooth things out. 

Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash

Playing on concrete is often less fun as you can’t defend as well. This is a hard surface and you could land very hard if you really dive to get the ball. Therefore it is often better to install the court on grass or sand. Grass can be more slippery and you have to maintain it but the experience of playing volleyball is a lot better as you can really dive to get the ball without having to worry about landing hard on your knees or arms. You can also consider buying sand and using this. Sand has a lot of advantages as it is soft and fun to play on. The main disadvantage is that it can fly around when it is windy, making it harder to see and play. Overall, the grass is often the best surface to play volleyball on if you plan to play volleyball in your backyard.

Be aware that playing outside brings its own challenges. You have the wind that can change the trajectory of the ball. There are also other distractions such as people or animals walking in your field and so on. This can make playing volleyball in your garden a challenge and you might want to consider adding a fence around the field and adding some tarp to it to avoid these issues.

You can just get premade nets and these are quite easy to set up:

Don’t forget about the net

There are several price ranges when you look at nets. The cheap ones often don’t last that long so if you plan to play volleyball in your garden, you might take a look at more expensive nets. These also offer more support so that it doesn’t fall over. If you only plan to play a few times, a cheaper net will do as they work just fine. If a net is too expensive, you can consider just using a cord and laying a tarp or blanket over it. This provides the same function if it is not too windy. 

How to outline the field.

There are several ways to outline the court. From using chalk to fabric. You just have to make sure that they don’t disappear during the match and that no one can trip over them when they are diving to get a ball. Therefore chalk is an interesting option as it is quite cheap and easy to apply. Some people don’t like it that much as it can stay on your grass for quite a long time and might be difficult to clean. Make sure that you have something to apply the chalk at hand so that the lines are fluent and don’t bend too much. Measurement tape can be used to see how large the field should be. 

At night: playing in the dark?

It is possible that you don’t have electricity in your garden. This could mean that you don’t have lights to brighten up the field. This is not a problem as you have glow-in-the-dark balls and nets that make it a lot of fun to play in the dark. It is another experience as you don’t see everything but it can be a lot of fun. Just make sure that the court outline is visible in the dark as well as you need to see if you scored a point or not. This is a unique experience that even people that don’t like volleyball that much might enjoy as it adds some mystique to the game. This is not for competitive games as players will complain that they are not able to see everything but can be great if you want to have some fun playing volleyball at night.  

Pool volleyball: an unexpected twist to the game

If you have a pool, you might look into installing a net and playing volleyball in your pool. This is a different experience as you have to swim instead of run and you can’t always jump. It can be a lot of fun as the water makes it quite challenging to keep the ball in the air. Your pool shouldn’t be too small as you still need to be able to get the ball over the net. You might consider lowering the net if your pool is not that big. Even experienced volleyball players can have a lot of fun with this as pool volleyball is quite challenging to play and you have to be able to play together with the other people in your team. This might be harder to play during winter in colder climates. Also, discuss what gear the players can wear as some people don’t like to have water shoes in their pool whereas others don’t mind that much. These shoes are not required to play pool volleyball but can give some grip to the player so some want to wear them. 

To conclude, we can state that it is possible to build a volleyball court in your garden. You have to consider the terrain that is being played on and make sure that there are no objects that could interrupt the game. Getting a great net and something to outline the field with is the main part of building a volleyball court in your garden. Other than this, it doesn’t involve that much more work. You just have to accept that wind and rain can affect when you will be able to play. If you don’t want this, you have to look at a fence with a tarp and you could look into adding a roof as well. You should only create this structure when you want to play a lot as most people only play volleyball in their garden a few times a year and a simple installation will do.