Does Everlast make good boxing gloves: ANSWERED

Everlast is a well-known brand. They produce boxing gloves from 30 USD all the way to 150 USD. You might be wondering if they are worth your money. I have trained with them for 1.5 years so can tell you more about these gloves.

Everlast boxing gloves after 9 months of use

Yes, the gloves of Everlast are worth it. They are durable and well made. They won’t last forever but mine lasted for more than 9 months (training once a week). As discussed below, there are some drawbacks though. For this reason, I prefer my new Venum gloves over the Everlast gloves.

The gloves that I got are pro-style training gloves. This article is based on these Everlast gloves.

Pros of Everlast gloves

The gloves came with a nice carrying bag. This makes it easy to store and transport the gloves. You don’t want them to get wet or dirty! This carrying bag makes it easy to store the gloves in your bag.

The gloves also have special fabric to cool your hands down.

Overall, the gloves feel quite comfortable and can be used for sparring, mitt work, and even heavy bag training. When you use them on a heavy bag, they might start to break down faster.

Carrying bag that were included with the Everlast Pro Style training gloves

The price is quite affordable for these gloves. They also often run promotions so you can get them on sale during certain periods of the year.

Boxing gloves of Everlast don’t have too much branding. The name is mentioned but it is not over the top.

These gloves also come in different colors and designs. This allows you to pick something that fits the rest of your outfit.

Side view of the carrying bag

The built quality and stitching are outstanding. There are no loose threads.

As with most boxing gloves, the thumb is attached to the palm of the hand. This system works really well and I didn’t have any problems with this while I sparred a lot.

It is quite easy to open and close the gloves. This allows you to grab a drink between excercises. Other gloves can be harder to close.

Cons of Everlast gloves

The main drawback of these gloves is the velcro. After about 6 months, it started to deteriorate. The gloves opened up from time to time and this is annoying. These are entry-level gloves and more expensive Everlast gloves have longer strips of velcro.

The velcro of these gloves is a weak point.

Still, the Venum gloves that were in the same price range had a better velcro closing strap. It is quite annoying if you have to close the velcro several times in a row.

After 9 months, the gloves are starting to wear down. The foam inside the gloves is starting to break apart. This results in a lot of pieces of foam on your hand after you have boxed.

The coating is also starting to rip. The stitching is still holding up.

It would be possible to keep using them but the foam is breaking apart, which makes it quite annoying to train with. To be fair, I should have bought gloves that had a higher oz level. If I had the right oz level, the foam might have lasted longer.

Weight or sizeoz
180 lb or 6′16 oz
160 lb or 5’8″14 oz
140 lb or 5’5″12 oz
Sizing chart Everlast Pro style training gloves

Another reason why I have replaced these gloves is that they are starting to smell after 9 months of usage. I could clean them but given that they are starting to break, I just bought new gloves.

Personally, I don’t like the design of the other items of the Everlast brand. This is why I didn’t get their pants or shirts. This comes down to personal preference though.

Where are Everlast gloves made?

The gloves that I got were made in China. There is a label attached inside the gloves that indicate that they are produced in this location.

The headquarter of Everlast is in Moberly, Missouri in the United States of America.

The brand was founded in 1910 in The Bronx in New York (USA) so it has a long history. In 2007 this company has been bought by Frasers Group.

Next to boxing gloves, they also make pants, shirts, straps, and boxing accessories. This allows you to stick with this brand for all your boxing gear.

Their main competitors are Venum, Ringside, Warrior Sports, and Harrow sports.

Next to boxing, they also offer fitness gear and mixed martial arts gear. A lot of people start with boxing before they go to MMA.


Yes, Everlast boxing gloves work quite well. They won’t last forever but you should be able to use them for more than 6 months.

The included carrying bag can be useful if you have to carry a lot of gear. Check to make sure that one is included with the gloves that you are getting.

The Everlast Pro Style gloves are great for beginners. They are affordable and last quite a long time. The main drawback is that the velcro strap breaks down after a while. You can opt for more expensive Everlast gloves if you want to avoid this problem. If you want to train on a heavy bag, you might want to opt for more expensive Everlast gloves.

I paid 25 USD for these gloves. It was a bundle of 2 gloves so I got it for a reduced price. Given that I was able to use them for 9 months, it was a great deal.

Most boxing gloves made by the bigger brands are well made. The main difference is price and design.

Everlast is a respected brand in the boxing world so you won’t stand out if you wear them.