Does playing volleyball make you taller? Answered

Volleyball players are often quite tall and a lot of people wonder if playing volleyball can make people grow.

It is possible that playing volleyball can make a person taller. The reason why is simple: body weight-bearing exercises are known to help grow taller bones. The more weight you bear on your bones, the stronger they become and the more they grow. There are however not a lot of studies on this subject so further research is needed. Other factors such as food also impact the growth of a person. Further research is needed to study this impact though. People grow over several years and it is not a continuous process so it is difficult to study this. Furthermore, there are a lot of variables that affect growth so it is difficult to isolate jumping.

There are several attributes of volleyball that have a positive effect on a person’s height when playing volleyball.

Jumping positively affects a volleyball player’s height.

One of the most influential factors that make people tall is the amount of jumping that is required while playing volleyball. Jumping increases the height of the body by helping the conditioning of the muscles. Further, playing volleyball helps in strengthening the bones and retaining their density, which is instrumental towards those few inches.

Each time a player has to jump in a game of volleyball, the player’s entire body escapes from the Earth’s gravity forces. Owing to this, the bones in the spine are stretched and relaxed and the discs between the joints undergo maximum expansion. This has an excellent effect on cartilage tissues and bones, which leads to an increase in height.

Playing volleyball has a positive effect on a volleyball player’s posture.

Height is a natural advantage in the sport of volleyball, which makes players stand up straighter and use their height to get to the ball. This leads to an appearance of added height. Additionally, the activity and movement involved in volleyball help strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders, and abdomen, thereby making the body appear taller. Some studies point out that people are standing straighter when they work out.

Now it is established how playing volleyball makes a person taller. Additionally, it is important to know what positions in volleyball have the most positive effect on a player’s height.

1) The middle blocker position

The middle blocker position requires the player to jump multiple and many times. This is to block the ball when the opposite team’s hitter attempts to score. The player is expected to stretch to their maximum natural height. The additional requirement of flexibility and nimbleness causes increased movement of muscles and joints. All these factors can help in increasing the height of the player. Middle blockers are generally taller player already.

2) The outside hitter position

The outside hitter has a vital role to play in the attacking strategy of a team. A sure shot way to execute this is to remain in the air for as long as possible. This way, the player is able to easily reach the ball to pass or to score. Due to this, since the joints undergo maximum expansion, a player’s height may increase.

Therefore, if a player has particularly taken up volleyball to increase their height, the positions listed above may be more desirable to them. Now, it is important to understand at what age the sport provides the best results and the frequency of exercise required to have a susceptible effect on a player’s height.

Don’t expect miracles

There are not a lot of studies that have a big data set to prove significant increases in length. We have some indications that playing volleyball can increase the length of players but don’t expect miracles. People also can play for only a few hours per day so this reduces the impact.

A player should practice volleyball three to four days a week. Don’t train too often as this can push the body too much.

If someone has crossed their late twenties, then objectively, their height may not increase too much. But, volleyball can have a positive effect on posture, which will make the person look taller.

The game of volleyball can actually help a person grow taller by providing them with an intense workout and strengthening bones. You will not shrink if you stop playing volleyball.