Free places to practice volleyball near me

To get great at volleyball, you will need to practice a lot.  

You will need a big court and a net if you want to play a volleyball match. If you want to practice on your own, you just need a ball and a small space. You can use the garden of a friend and make a makeshift net.

It is also possible to go to a park or the beach. In some instances, you are also allowed to use the sports arena in your neighborhood. You can call the manager of the arena and see if they allow you to play there.

Where to play volleyball

It is also an option to go to the pool and practice there. Pool volleyball is gaining more popularity and you could try it and improve your skills there. 

Volleyball nets can be found in a lot of parks and public places.

Don’t overcomplicate things and just find a location that offers a clean and calm spot. This can be an empty lot (if this is allowed in your location) or an empty square. Always check that there are no objects (such as dog poop) in the way before you start playing.

There shouldn’t be any windows or other breakable objects in the neighborhood. Playing volleyball indoors is not a good idea but you can improve your volleyball skills in other ways when you are stuck at home. 

Here are some drills that you can perform in a small area:

  • Pass the ball to yourself. You switch between underhanded (lay the back of one hand in the palm of the other and fold your hands by bringing your thumbs together) and overhanded passes (push the ball in the air by holding your hands under it).
  • Pass the ball against the wall. Be sure that you are allowed to do this and that there are no breakable objects closeby. This will allow you to keep the ball in the air and can be a challenge.
  • Throw the ball in front of you and use an underhanded pass to control the ball and keep it in the air. You can start by throwing it closeby and always increasing the distance. This is quite easy to start but gets harder and harder as the ball goes further away.
  • Jumping up and down while using the right technique can help you to jump higher. This is needed to block and spike and can improve your offense and defense. 
  • You can sprint and start and stop running to improve your agility. You can set cones that you have to run between or around so that you can turn faster. This extreme agility is essential when you defend in volleyball.

If you want to play volleyball often, it might be a good idea to join an open club. These are not free but also not that expensive. Especially during winter in cold climates, it can be interesting to be able to play indoors. If you can find some sponsors, it could be free to join. A lot of schools also offer their sports facilities for free for alumni students. You can contact your school and see what they can do. 

Volleyball training for beginners near me

You can join a volleyball club or go to open volleyball teams. The latter don’t participate in a competition and allow everyone to join. Just enter the following in Google: Volleyball club “your location”. You replace “your location” with the name of your city. You will find a list of clubs. Check the reviews and talk to players that are currently a member of the club to see what it is like to play there.

Open volleyball teams allow players of all ages and skill levels to join so you will find a training system that works for you. The advantage of open clubs is that you can join at any point in time. If you go to a club, you might need to wait until the season starts to join as they want to keep the same players together.

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

You have to determine for yourself if you want to play volleyball for fun or if you want to compete. If you want to compete, you will have to spend a lot of time each week practicing. If it is just for fun, you can play volleyball once a week and be done with it.

If you live close to a beach, you can take a look at beach volleyball as well. This is mainly played in summer but can be a great way to get introduced to the sport. It is less structured but often people will help you to get started. In most instances, you are free to join a game. Just ask the players on the court if you can join and in most instances, this will be allowed. 

Beach volleyball is very spectacular:

You can also just ask a friend to teach you the basic skills. This can help a lot as some teams have been playing together for a long time and they expect a certain skill level before you can join them. If you already know some of the basics, they will be more eager to let you join. It can be quite frustrating if you are never allowed to play during a match so make sure that your skill level matches that of the rest of the team if you want to play in the competition. 

If you really want to improve a lot in a short period of time, you can always hire a private coach. This player can really help you to improve your technique and see where you are struggling. If they identify your weak points and improve these, your volleyball skills can improve rapidly. 

To conclude we can say that you sometimes need to get creative when it comes to finding a place to play volleyball. It doesn’t have to be a full-court with all the amenities that professional players have. Often you can just play with a friend or on your own in a garden or an empty field. You can work on your basic ball handling skills and hand-eye coordination. You can also watch Youtube videos of other games to learn more about the strategies that are being used in volleyball games.