Most beautiful female beach volleyball players: top 5 revealed

Beach volleyball players have to train a lot. This results in beautiful and fit people. Let’s take a look at some of the female Olympic beach volleyball players. It is a quite recent sport and this can be a great way to get to know the players. The teams are quite small so it is easy to get an overview of who is playing against whom. This will let you figure who you should root for. Let’s dive in and get to know some of the beach volleyball players.

5/ Taylor Pischke

Taylor was born in 1993 in Winnipeg. This Canadian player has other famous volleyball players in her family. Canada is not exactly known for its exotic weather and she had to move to California to be able to train for beach volleyball. There she was able to get a Bachelor’s in microbiology. During the beach volleyball matches, she is able to use her shart mind to find unique ways to attack. She started out by playing indoor volleyball but eventually decided to start playing beach volleyball as this suited her playing style better. She won a lot of personal awards over the years. Taylor has played with multiple partners on the court and hopes to win more gold medals.

4/ Alix Klineman

She was a student at Stanford and is a professional beach volleyball player for team USA. She won the gold medal of the 2020 Olympics and was a former indoor volleyball player. During this tournament, she and her partner went on an unbelievable winning stream as they only lost one set in seven matches. She was born in 1989 and has gained a lot of experience playing beach volleyball over the years. She is great at defending and has won multiple awards as a blocker. If we look at her statistics, we can see that she is great at attacking as well. Therefore she is a well-balanced player and this is needed for beach volleyball as you need to be able to take up both offensive and defensive roles. Like a lot of volleyball players, she is quite tall with her 6ft 5 in. 

3/ Marta Menegatti:

This Italian player has a very sportive family. Marta was born in 1990 and is 5ft 11”, which is not that tall for a beach volleyball player. She started playing at a young age. At first, she was reluctant to play volleyball in the sand but eventually, she fell in love with it. She has won a lot of medals on the FIVB world tour. After her partner was suspended in 2016, she struggled to find someone that matched her defensive playing style. Eventually, she found someone that was able to do so and she came back to the top of the field. It can be challenging to find a new partner in beach volleyball and this is why a lot of teams stay together for a long period of time if things work out between them. Some players even keep playing together for their whole career. 

If a player is switching partners a lot, it can indicate that they still are developing their playing style and have to find someone that can work around this. It is a testament to her real-winner spirit that Marta came back after having to go through the process of finding a new partner. At the same time, she had multiple coaches as well so finding the right team around her has been a challenge. 

2/ Anouk Vergé-Dépré

This Swiss player was born in 1992 and has won a medal at the FIVB World Tour Finals. She has had to play with multiple partners as well as some of them retired after playing for a long time. She has a double name from being married, this is a common practice in Europe and pays tribute to the family heritage of both partners. She measures 6 feet 1 and can look back at two successful Olympic participations. She is able to speak three languages and this is quite impressive. Despite all her successes, she is humble and tries to spread her love for volleyball to newer players. Hopefully, she can find a long-term partner that matches her playing style and win more tournaments in the future.

1/ Ana Patrícia Ramos

This Brazilian beach volleyball player is relatively inexperienced as she was only born in 1997. Despite this,  she was able to win in straight sets from the Kenyan team in the Olympics. She measures 6ft 4 and has a lot of future potentials ahead. What I like about her is that she spends a lot of time helping newer players to get to know the sport. As such, she can be seen as an ambassador for volleyball in Brazil. Volleyball is a very popular sport in that country already and if Ana can win some tournaments, she might be able to attract even more players to this game. Brazilian teams have been very successful in indoor volleyball and beach volleyball and we can expect that this trend continues if talented people such as Ana keep playing.

If you want to get to know more players, you can check the video below:

To conclude, we can state that beach volleyball is quite new in the Olympics but it has been able to attract a lot of attention because it is a spectacular sport. Players get pushed to the edge to win a rally. It is played outside so rain or shine, players have to perform and give the best of themselves. Given that the teams are quite small and no substitutions are allowed, it is a challenge to play a full match. For these reasons, I think that beach volleyball will become more popular in the coming years. It can’t be played everywhere as you need a hot climate. This gives some locations an advantage over others as players can practice the whole year.