How do you get faster in volleyball? (Answered)

Volleyball is very intense. The ball can go from one side to the other in an instant. Therefore speed is very important if you want to get good at it. In this article, we will discuss how you can speed up your volleyball game. If you can play faster than your opponents, it is often possible to surprise them and win a lot of points. We will talk about moving your feet faster, improving your reflexes, understanding the game better, and improving your endurance. Each of these will help you to increase the pace at which you play volleyball.

Improve your reflexes

Not a lot of coaches pay attention to reflexes. If you can react faster, you will be able to catch the ball more often or score more points. There are several exercises to train this but it is important that you measure your improvements as well. The Blazepod system connects with your phone. It is a series of lights that change in random order and you have to hit them. They register when you touch them so you can keep track of how long it took you to change direction. This system is great because it is very unpredictable and also pushes you to move fast. If your reaction times are increasing over time, it might mean that you might need to take a rest or that you need to train your reflexes more. 

Not a lot of people think about training this and it can give you an edge when you play volleyball at a higher level.

How do you move your feet faster in volleyball?

The type of shoes that you are wearing can affect how fast your feet are moving. Some shoes offer a bounce and help you to jump. Other shoes use materials that offer you a boost and this helps you to run faster. Some shoes combine both options. You can try several shoes and see what works for you. 

In the image above you can see an example of foam outsoles Source:

There are also several drills that can help you with moving your feet faster. You can use a running ladder where you have to walk one foot in each part of the ladder. You have to increase the speed by which you do this. You can also use cones as an alternative where you have to set your feet between two different cones and keep moving forward. You have to switch up the order in which you have to set your feet, for example, use two times the same foot after each other. This can be very challenging to start with but you will better at it over time. This can be done inside or outside. 

Stretching can also help to improve your speed and agility. Check with your coach to see what drills they recommend as everyone has their own opinion about this.

You can also do exercises during which you have to change directions often. This will make sure that your feet are able to move fast and you will get more agile. In volleyball, the ball can change directions in an instant and if you are able to do this as well, you can gain an advantage. 

You will also learn these skills when you play a lot of matches. You can invite your friends to play at home and just start a game. During summer you can give beach volleyball a chance as you will learn a lot from this as well. This is played on a soft underground, and this will train your feet and knees as well. 

Keep your weight forward on your toes. This makes it easier to launch yourself as your body is already leaning forwards. If you stand on your full feet, you have to move this whole part. Toes offer a lot of grip and agility. Therefore you have to use them as much as possible. See at what point you still have a good balance but more agility. It can take some time to find the best spot but this can make you faster in volleyball.

Read the game

If you study the games of other players, you will learn a lot about the patterns in volleyball. On Youtube, you can watch the games of professional volleyball players. After watching several matches, you will start to understand how players move. This will help you to anticipate how your team members and the opponent will play. If you know this, you can adjust your actions and make sure that you don’t waste time or energy on the wrong passes. You often see that new players are putting in a lot of effort whereas more experienced players don’t. This is just because experienced players can read the game and they already know what is going to happen. Therefore they can play calmer and faster. This makes them less tired and allows them to play for a longer period of time.

Knowing when to speed up the game is also important. You can’t play a full match at full speed. If you notice that your opponent is getting tired, you can increase the speed of the game by passing and attacking faster. This can surprise your opponent and you can score a lot of points in a short period of time as they are not able to provide an answer to your quick attacks. Your team has to be able to notice when they should speed up and when they should slow down to catch a breath. Your coach can assist you with this as well. 

Improve your endurance

Endurance is really important for a volleyball player as matches often last more than an hour. You will have to run and jump a lot during training if you want to get good at this. Especially at the beginning of the season, some teams are struggling with this as they didn’t have a lot of time to train. You go to war with the weapons that you have created during peacetime. Therefore it is important that you train well before the season starts. You can meet up with your friends and go for a run to build up your endurance again.

There is no magic trick or exercise that will help you to get better at this. It is only by putting in the work for several weeks or months that you finally will be able to improve this. You can discuss with your coach to see what drills would work for you and the team. 

To conclude, we can state that there are several ways to speed up your volleyball game. You can improve your reflexes so that you can move faster when the ball is changing its direction. You can also move your feet faster. Reading the game will make sure that you get better at anticipating what will happen next and will make sure that you don’t waste time making the wrong movements. You can also improve your endurance so that you can keep playing at a high speed while other players are getting tired already.