How do you hit a volleyball harder and make it go faster? (Do THIS!)

There are two things important when you hit a ball: aim and power. Aim means that you are sending the ball in the right direction. Power or force means that you can add a lot of speed to the ball. In this article, we discuss how you can add more power to the ball.

This is mainly done by using your whole body, improving your timing, hitting the ball with the right-hand position, and working out with weights. All of these things only come after practice and there is no magic trick or solution that will suddenly make you hit the ball harder. You will have to put in the work so that you get better at this. This is mainly important for offensive actions such as spiking and serving. Let’s discuss each of these elements in detail.

Using your whole body to hit the ball harder

Most people only use their arms to add force to the ball when they serve or spike. If you use the rest of your body, you can add a lot more power to it. You can use your own body as a lever to improve the force that you can exude.

This is done by jumping and using your legs to act as a counterweight. You can do this by bending them. Then your arm has to hit the ball at the moment that it is dropping. At this point in time you can add the maximum force to the ball as it is changing its trajectory. You can let your arms move to make sure that they can add more energy to the ball. 

Five phases of a volleyball serve. Note that some players jump as well to add even more force to the ball. Source:

Improving your timing to hit the volleyball harder

You will have to start jumping at the right point in time. A lot of players start too late because they don’t know where the ball will land or they are not paying enough attention. You can work on your reflexes to be better prepared. Make sure that you are in a stable position before jumping. You can jump a lot higher (and therefore add more energy to the ball) if you are having a lot of grips. If your reflexes are better, you have more time to prepare your jump and reach higher.

You will have to experiment with different timings as you have to consider the trajectory and the speed of the ball, how the opposing team is moving, and how far away from the net you are standing. All of these variables will affect what the end result of your spike or serve will be. You will have to try several things to see what timing works best for you. 

This is something that not a lot of players are thinking about but can have a big impact. Often it is better to wait a few nanoseconds longer before you jump as this gives you more time to see what is going on and where the ball is going. Most players react too fast as they are excited that they can touch the ball.

Be patient and position yourself well and study what is happening with the ball and the opposing team. Obviously, you don’t have to wait too long either but some patience can often help you to hit the ball harder. 

Hitting the ball with the right-hand position

You should hit the ball with the palm of your hand. A lot of players only hit the ball with the tips of their fingers. This doesn’t add a lot of power to the ball and you won’t see great outcomes from this. You have to wait until you can hit the ball at just the right time.

You are not going to get this right every time so don’t beat yourself up if you miss the ball but this is something that you have to try to achieve quite often. Even professional volleyball players are not always able to do this as you need to consider a lot of variables but hitting the ball with your whole hand offers the best chance of adding a lot of force to it. You are not allowed to use your fists to do this so try to avoid doing this at all costs. 

Let’s take a look at how a volleyball coach explains this:

Turning your hand and touching the ball at a certain angle can add an effect to the ball but will reduce the speed of the ball. You can try this and see what works. Sometimes a soft ball can surprise the opposing team as well so you might consider switching it up between powerful balls and balls with more effect. If you do the same thing over and over again, it is going to be too predictable.

Working out with weights

You can improve the strength of your arms by training with weights. The drawback of this is that your arms can get tired much faster during a match. Therefore you shouldn’t overdo it as you have to move your arms a lot when you play volleyball and your arms can get tired if they are bigger.

Therefore you have to find the sweet spot between strength and durability. It would be annoying if you have to sit on the bench after just one set because you are too tired to keep going. If you look at professional volleyball players, you will notice that they don’t have enormous arms and there is a reason for this. 

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

To conclude, we can state that it is important to aim a volleyball well when you hit it and how hard you hit the ball. During offensive actions in volleyball, these two elements can mean the difference between scoring a point and not scoring a point. This is mainly important for spiking and serving as these are the two main offensive skills.

In this article, we discussed how you can hit the ball harder when you perform these actions. It comes down to ball handling, using your body correctly, improving your reflexes and timing, and working out with weights. You will also have to practice a lot as it takes time before you get better at this. Don’t believe in magic tricks or one thing that will make you better. You need to improve multiple aspects and practice them over and over again until you get better at hitting the ball harder. Be patient, put in the work and you will get there.