How do you play 4-way volleyball? Explained for beginners.

From bossaball, to beach and snow volleyball. New variations to the classic volleyball game have been added in recent years. Now we start to see a very cool version pop up 4-way volleyball. This means that the court is cut into 4 instead of 2 parts and players have to play individually instead of with a team. It can be an exciting sport to play indoors and outdoors (grass, sand, and even water).  Let’s explore this further.

How to play four square volleyball: rules

In general, there is 1 player per square. It is possible to play it with more players though. The squares get numbered, from 1 to 4. The player that is in the fourth square can serve the ball. He or she has to do this to the square with the number 2. Only the player in the last (fourth) square can score points. When players drop the ball or allow someone to score, they have to go back to the first square. The rest of the players rotate clockwise after this. When they score, they can move to the next square. The goal is to stay in the fourth square as long as possible so that you can keep scoring points. If someone scores in your area, you have to start from square one again. Players are very motivated to avoid this as it takes a lot of time to get back in a scoring position. 

Let’s take a look at more details:

Other than this, the standard volleyball rules apply. You have to serve outside the court and respect the boundary rules. Given that there is only one player per court, you only get one touch per attack. You can block the ball to stop the attack of the other player. It is also not allowed to touch the net. You can spike so it is possible to add a lot of effect and speed to the ball. The courts are quite small so you have to be careful that you don’t push the ball outside of it. 

In some instances, the players can both try to push the ball at the same time. This can lead to hilarious moments and show what player is the strongest. The sport is very fastpaced so you don’t have a lot of time to laugh if players are determined to win. 

Professional players are getting interested in this sport so it is possible that we could see this in the Olympics or other tournaments in the future. It is mainly played outside but could be played indoors as well. You can make up your own rules as well if you prefer this. 

Equipment needed to play 4 way volleyball

The equipment that is needed is quite similar as beach volleyball players would need: 

Underwear, shorts, shirt. The following items are optional: arm sleeve (to dry off sweat), sunglasses, cap, and socks. You can play 4 way volleyball while it is raining outside so make sure to be prepared for this. Players typically don’t wear a lot of gear as this can interfere with their movements. You have to be very agile when you play this type of volleyball and wearing too many items can slow you down. 

Crossnet is the most popular net. They organize events to make the sport more popular and they try to promote it on beaches and festivals. The height of the net can be adjusted based on the skill level of the players. This allows everyone to join and give it a try. It is reinforced with cables in the ground so that the wind can’t get a hold of it. Cheaper nets are often less stable and can break faster. Crossnet uses a click system and this makes it easy to set up and break down when you go to the beach. It is also easy to carry and store. When you go to the beach, you don’t want to lug heavy equipment and this is what is great about the design of this product. If you want a permanent structure, you might have to look at other solutions but for casual games, this is the go-to net. 

A standard beach volleyball is used to play this. These balls are often waterproof and bigger than indoor volleyballs. It can take some practice for players that are used to playing in a sports arena as the ball is heavier as well. Given that the differences are quite small, it should be easy to get adjusted to it. 

At the moment this is mainly played on beaches but they have a special net for pools as well. You will need a pool volleyball for this as the ball needs to float and be waterproof. An indoor volleyball will not last long in that environment. It is possible to use this net in a lot of pools as the poles are floating so you don’t have to deal with weights and other things to install the net. It can be a fun family game to play during the summer. 

To conclude, we can say that 4 way volleyball is a new variation on volleyball. It is playing volleyball individually instead of in teams. This takes away some of the charms of the game but can make it more competitive. Since only one player can score, a rally can be very intense. New sports and trends come and go so we will have to see if people keep playing this for a long time or not. Given the versatility of the game (it can be played indoors and outdoor), it will probably stick around. Don’t be surprised when you see people play it on the beach when you go there.