How do you start a high school volleyball team? A step-by-step explanation

There are several steps to starting your own high school volleyball team. Starting a team can leave a great legacy. This can take several months so be prepared to put in quite a lot of work if you really want to get this done. You will have to make a lot of decisions along the way and you will have to talk to a lot of people. Some might say that it can’t be done but don’t give up as others have shown that it is possible if you really want it. In this article, we will discuss the steps that are needed to start a high school volleyball team.

Step 1: find players to start the team

The first step is finding out if other players are interested in playing volleyball. This can be done by talking to other players. If you are lucky, you can find a lot of people that have played volleyball before. On Facebook, you can contact people that like volleyball and attend your high school. You can also create a recruitment video to entice players to join your team. If you have 10 to 15 people that have paid, you can move over to the next step. Don’t accept verbal commitments as these are worth nothing. Let people pay so that they have to show that they really want to join the team. You can offer a refundable deposit and refund the money if you don’t find enough players to start a team.

Be clear in your intentions: how often do you plan to train, what do you expect from the players, and so on. Some players might want to play a casual game of volleyball whereas others might want to join a competition. Make sure that the goals are aligned to avoid confusion later on. You can also organize a teambuilding activity to make sure that everyone gets along before the season starts. 

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Step 2: Ask for approval of the school

You can ask the school for approval of your plan to start a volleyball team. They might have several resources to help you with this. A lot of high schools support sports as they find it important that their students are active. They can also get funds for this so they are even more motivated to support new clubs. You can also check if there was a volleyball club before in your school and reach out to the person that managed the team before to get some tips and ideas. 

Step 3: Find a coach

Once you have found enough players, it is time to find a coach. This can be one of the players or you can ask someone who has experience with coaching a team. Don’t underestimate this role as it carries a lot of responsibilities. You have to prepare drills, give feedback to the players and keep everyone motivated. You will need someone that is really excited about the project and is willing to commit a lot of time and energy to it. If the coach is not good, your team might disintegrate as people feel that they are not learning anything. You also have to discuss compensation with this person to make sure that you are able to finance the club. 

It is often best to work with someone that has a lot of experience as you have to focus on other things when you want to start a team. 

Let’s take a look at how a great coach works:

Step 4: Find an arena

You will also need a court where you can train and play matches. If you are lucky, your high school can provide this for you. Make sure that the arena is not too far from your school and that it is clean and tidy. Having to train in a dark and cold arena is not a lot of fun so therefore you have to make sure that this is a nice play to practice. You also will need to find a location that has nets, balls, cones, and lines drawn on the floor. The place should be affordable and available every week. It should be maintained well and have showers. Don’t play on concrete floors as these make it harder to play volleyball. You might have to contact a lot of sports arenas before you find one that works for you. 

Step 5: Find a competition

If you want to join a competition, you will have to see what the starting dates and requirements are. USA volleyball and NCSA organize different competitions for schools and you can check with them what they offer in your state. You might want to start with one competition and one tournament and add more later on. Don’t overwhelm the team with too many matches from the beginning as this can require too much time from the players.

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Be realistic and don’t join competitions with very experienced players. It is not a lot of fun if you lose every single match for a whole season. This can really discourage players and could affect the future of your club. 

Step 6: Find sponsors

Running a volleyball club costs a lot of money. From buying the team outfit to paying for drinks and supporting gear, all of these things need to be paid. You can contact local businesses and ask if they want to sponsor your team. It is a tax write-off so a lot of companies are willing to do so if you mention that you will feature them on your outfit and on your website. You might have to contact a lot of companies but don’t get discouraged as there are definitely companies out there that want to support high school sports teams. You might have to explain that you are really excited about starting a new club and that the goal is to make it a long-term project. It is often better to visit companies in person than to call them as you can then show your plans and let them see that you are really committed to this.

In this article, we discussed the steps that are needed to start your own high school volleyball team. It can be a lot of work to do this and it can take months. It is possible to do it but you have to be really committed to getting it going. A lot of people will help you along the road if you ask nicely and show that you are really serious about starting a team. Volleyball is not that well known to everyone so you might have to explain the basics before they get it. You can refer to the Olympic team so that people understand what the sport is about.