How much does it cost to build a volleyball court? (answered)

Building a volleyball court can be quite cheap. You just have to buy chalk, poles and a net. This can be done for less than 250 USD if you pick the cheapest products on the market. 

It is also possible to spend a lot more on this if you want to play often. Professional nets are stronger but cost more. They don’t come with poles and these have to be bought separately, increasing the costs by a lot. You can use 6×6 wood posts or metal poles and build these yourself. These can be quite expensive if you buy them from another company (up to 1200 USD for galvanized steel outdoor poles). You have to look at your needs and adjust your choices based on this. If you only plan to play once, you can get a cheap net and go from there.

 It might be necessary to install flooring and this can be more expensive. A volleyball court measures 59 feet on 29.5 feet so you will need a lot of material if you want to create the flooring yourself. It is possible to scale it down somewhat but the field shouldn’t be too small. The easiest way is to use grass. Concrete is not a lot of fun to play on as you will land hard and you can’t use all the volleyball moves. You can consider adding wood floors. Wood floors cost 6 to 8 USD per square meter. A volleyball court is 1740.5 square feet. In total a wooden floor will cost you about 7000-10000 USD, depending on the materials that you will use. It can be done cheaper if you do it yourself. You might consider adding some fencing around the field as well but this will rapidly increase the price. 

How much does a professional volleyball net cost? 

We have to distinguish between indoor and outdoor nets. 

  • Indoor volleyball is mostly played in a sports arena.

The indoor net costs about 100 USD.

The poles are sold separately and can cost about 2000 USD. You can consider making them yourself but you have to make sure that they can withstand enough force as players can hit the net or send the ball hard in it. The net shouldn’t break or fall over.  

You have three types of nets: roll-away nets, wall-to-wall nets, and built-in nets. You have to see if the net can be permanent or net if you decide to buy one of these. Roll-away nets have more moving parts and might not last that long but they are a lot cheaper than built-in net poles. You have to see what works for your terrain and what your needs are. All three options can work and should be considered. 

You can find indoor poles here:

  • Outdoor volleyball is played outside. This can be on different types of terrain, ranging from sand, mud, grass to concrete.

Outdoor nets cost roughly the same as indoor nets. You should make sure that the size matches the official requirements and that the eyelets are reinforced so that these don’t break after a while. These nets have to be able to deal with wind and rain. It is also important that they don’t discolor after a while.

For outdoor poles, you have different materials. Wood is a lot cheaper than galvanized steel poles. Aluminum is priced between these two The price range from 250 to 1500 USD. Make sure that you get galvanized steel as normal steel might not be durable enough if you plan to keep the poles for multiple years. It is also possible to start with wooden poles and then later upgrade to galvanized steel or Aluminium. 

You can find outdoor poles here:

To outline the field you can use fabric or chalk. You can get tools that help you with applying chalk or paint on the terrain. This doesn’t cost too much. You can also get carts that help you to apply the chalk but this is probably not needed as you won’t have to redo the chalk that often if you don’t play all the time. There are also fabrics lines that you can use but players might trip over them so chalk might be a better solution, especially if you plan to play intense matches. 

How much does a good volleyball cost?

To complete your setup, you will also need a volleyball. The best ones are made out of leather. Make sure that you have one that has the official size and weight as other dimensions might confuse volleyball players. It is possible to get the same ball that Olympic athletes use for their games. Good volleyballs are not that expensive, for about 50 USD you can get a great one already. You also have balls that are made out of foam. They are pretty good but most players prefer to play with leather balls as the look and feel of these is different than balls made out of foam. Newer players might prefer foam as these balls are softer. 

To conclude, we can state that setting up a volleyball court is not that expensive. For about 250 USD you can get all the gear. If you plan to play a lot of volleyball, you might invest more in poles and your setup can run up to a few thousand dollars. If you plan to add flooring, you will have to spend a lot more as volleyball terrains are quite big. You have to see how often you want to play volleyball and at what level before deciding what gear you will get. You can spend a lot on equipment that you won’t need or use if you are not careful.