How to photograph volleyball games. Easy tricks to improve your pictures

It can be a great keepsake to have some volleyball pictures. Other players want to use pictures for social media. It is important that these are good pictures and this can be difficult to take since volleyball players move a lot and you have to be prepared when you want to take pictures.

In this post, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks that can help you with this. Small details can have a big impact on the outcome.

We have discussed how to film a match before so that the players on the team can improve their performance. Let’s discuss what you have to think about when taking pictures of a volleyball team.

Volleyball photoshoot ideas 

Volleyball is full of action and this can make it very difficult to get a good picture. The players are moving around all the time and the other team is standing on the court as well. Therefore the easiest way to take a picture of a volleyball team is to ask them to stand in front of the net before the match starts.

This way the coach and the players on the bench can join in as well. You can retake the picture over and over again until you have a great one. You can also take a picture in front of the scoring board if the team won the match.

The challenge with taking pictures of a volleyball match is that there is a lot of movement. To solve this, you can make short video clips and select a still from them. A lot of cameras also have the option to take a number of pictures in quick succession with just one click.

This allows you to pick the best picture out of a series. It can be the moment just before the player hits the ball or just after it. A small smile or hand movement can make a big difference in the final outcome and having a lot of pictures to choose from is great. Therefore it doesn’t hurt to take a lot of pictures. You can always make a selection later on. 

If you want to take pictures of individual players, you can take them outside to get better light for your pictures. Let them wear their gear and bring a ball. Nature can add a cool effect to the picture as a sports arena can be quite empty. You can photograph the player in action and from different angles. This can create a cool effect. A player that is just standing there is often a boring picture.

Professional photographers have advanced equipment and lenses to take pictures of a lot of movements. Afterward, they are able to photoshop the pictures and make them look nice. While taking pictures with a smartphone is possible, you have to be realistic about what you will get if players move a lot.


It is important to think about how far away you want to take the picture as this affects the final outcome.  you don’t want to take it from too far away as the player will be unrecognizable.  on the other hand, close-ups might miss some details such as the ball or net. 

Most of the time you will have to stay in the tribune. Be sure that you don’t walk on the field or you will disturb the game. You have to know in advance what you want. Do you want one player? Or the player with his/her friend? 

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

A group picture after the match can also be a great idea as a lot of volleyball teams are quite close. This one is easier to take as there is less action. You might have to give instructions on where everyone has to sit but once this is done, it is quite easy to take some pictures.

You can share this picture amongst the players if they agree with this. This is a great keepsake that can be valuable for years and even decades to come. What is more fun than showing childhood memories to your grandchildren?


The cameras in smartphones have evolved a lot over the years and can rival even expensive DSLR cameras. Therefore a standard smartphone will often do, just take a lot of pictures and select the best ones.

If you want to print the image on bigger surfaces such as posters or wallpaper, you might have to take out your DSLR. Each brand has its own lenses but this can get expensive quite fast. You might want to hire a professional photographer if you need really high-quality images as these people have special equipment to take this kind of picture. 

If you want to experiment with the setting, you can check the pro mode on your phone in the photography app. This will allow you to increase the shutter speed, which is great for rapidly moving action scenes as the camera will react quicker and be able to take pictures while the players are still moving.

You will also be able to overlay a digital grid that will make it easier to center the picture. This can help you when the player is jumping or changing directions quite fast.

The movement makes it difficult to use a camera stand. You will need an expensive one that can be moved around if you want to use one. This can offer more stability and a clearer image but takes some training if you want to be able to work with it. 


You can’t control the lights in a sports arena. This makes it quite challenging if you want to make great pictures. You can ask the manager to make sure that there is enough light but that is about it. Stadium lights are often not that great if you want to take a picture.

You might have to experiment with different angles to make sure that you don’t have lens flares or other things that interfere with the final picture.

Be sure to disable the flash if you want to take pictures. This could distract and even blind players. It might disrupt the game and lead to a lot of discussions. Therefore you have to check and be sure that the flash won’t activate when you take a picture of a volleyball match. You might get kicked out of the sports arena if you start taking pictures with a flash because it disturbs the game too much. 


Some colors work better on a picture than others. Be sure to check with the player that they are wearing colors that fit together and match their style. Small details such as a colorful arm sleeve can make a picture a lot cooler. Therefore you can discuss this before the match starts. A great color combination can really make a picture a lot better. This is something that you have to think about before taking the picture. 

It can give a cool visual effect to add the opposing team to your pictures as these wear other colors. Be sure to ask permission before you include other players in the picture.


If you plan to take a lot of pictures, it can be a great idea to bring a battery pack. This makes sure that you don’t get the dreaded warning that you are low on battery. It would be a shame to miss great pictures just because your battery died and you didn’t have a backup plan.

Battery packs have become a lot cheaper over the years and are a great investment as you can often travel with these as well (check that they are TSA compliant before buying one though).

Also, make sure that you have enough memory on your phone. You can do this by removing pictures from before or syncing them with a cloud service so that you have more memory available on your phone. This is especially important if you plan to take a lot of pictures. Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with memory issues while you want to take a picture of your son or daughter. 

 To conclude we can state that there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration when you want to take pictures during a volleyball game.  For example, you have to be sure that the room is not too dark. it is often a good idea to take multiple pictures so that you can select the best ones.  there are a lot of movements in volleyball so this can interfere with your results.  it can take quite a lot of tries before you get it right. 

Just be patient and try several things and see what works.  Eventually, you will get great results.  if you want really high-quality pictures you might have to consider hiring a professional photographer. 

We have discussed how to record a volleyball match here. Taking pictures is not easy and there are a lot of things that you have to take into account. We have outlined most of these in this post.