How to pick your volleyball position? Decide now with our easy approach

Picking your volleyball position can be difficult as you have to stick to this for multiple years. In this article, we are going to help you to pick a position in volleyball. There are six main positions in volleyball: setter, outside hitter, opposite hitter, middle blocker, defensive specialist, and libero. The setter and outside hitter mainly focus on offense.

The opposite hitter needs to find a balance between offense and defense. The middle blocker, libero, and defensive specialist are mainly focussing on defense. Each team can have multiple players that have the same position, it is possible that they have to compete with each other to get a spot on the team. Each position requires unique strengths and skills. Let’s talk about how I let my players pick a position. Based on the following diagram, you can decide which position is right for you. 

What volleyball position should i play? (quiz)

Attack or defensive play?

A lot of players prefer attacking over defending as it can be more fun to score a point than to defend. A volleyball team needs both to function so both offense and defense are important. If you get a rush from scoring a point, you can already narrow down the positions as you might want to focus on attacking. If you like both attacking and defending, you can opt to become an opposite hitter as you need to do both in this position.

You will be able to score points as you can serve. You also have to be able to catch the ball. This is a very challenging position and not a lot of players want to do this. Therefore, it can be a good idea to look into it if you want to make the team consistent. This requires a lot of practice and you might feel overwhelmed from time to time. If you stick with it, you will be able to add a lot of value to any team. 

 Are you one of the taller players on the team? 

 Middle blockers are often the tallest players on the team as you need to be able to jump and get your hands over the net to block the ball. This requires a lot of timing and precision but it can be a lot of fun if you can block the ball. 

If you are smaller, you can consider becoming a defensive specialist or a libero. If you want to be a libero, you have to be an independent player as you have to wear another color of the shirt than the rest of the team and you have to follow certain rules. If you don’t want to do this, you can become a defensive specialist. These players have to be able to catch the ball. This involves a lot of diving and running. 

Let’s take a look at what a libero does:

Do you like to pass?

Passing is an art in itself. If you enjoy doing this, you should consider the setter function. You have to look at the defensive specialist that is catching the ball. When this person passes the ball to you, you have to be prepared and send the ball to the setter. This requires a lot of ball-handling and communicative skills. Passing is giving an assist and this can create a lot of pressure as you will have to anticipate how other players will act.

Let’s take a look at some great passes:

If you don’t like to pass but enjoy attacking, you should go for the outside hitter role. This means that you spike the ball and send it over the net. This can be done with a lot of force, precision and effect so that you can surprise the other team and send the ball in places that they didn’t expect. This role is very challenging as you have to be able to push the ball over the net and evade potential blocks. It is possible that you won’t get the ball where you want and then you have to use a lot of force to get the ball over the net. 

Still not sure? Try them all

Sometimes the coach will allow you to try all the positions so that you can see what you like the most. This can allow you to test what you like most. You also have to think about what your team needs. If you already have a lot of libero players, it might be a bad idea to become another libero as you will need to spend a lot of time on the bench.

You also have to look at what you are good at. Some players are naturally very good at controlling a ball or have a fast reaction speed. You can discuss this with your coach to see what is possible. 

You can also pick the position that your favorite player uses. For example, on the Olympic volleyball team of Team USA, Rachael Adams was a middle blocker. This means that she has to stop the ball at the net and make sure that the other team doesn’t score a point. This involves a complex method of jumping. You have to repeat these drills over and over again. If you are not in love with these drills, you will not be able to repeat them multiple times per week. 

To conclude, we have discussed several ways in which you can decide what position that you need on a volleyball field. This depends on personal preferences but you also need to check what is possible for your team. It is always possible to change later on so it is not a big issue if you don’t like the one you have picked. It is important to follow the rotation during the game so that the team doesn’t make an error. It is only after the serve has crossed the net and the rally has started that the players can move around and pick their position. This can lead to some chaos if you are not used to doing this.