How to practice volleyball in your room? 6 easy tips to improve your skills

Sometimes it is raining outside and you can’t practice. It is still possible to improve your volleyball skills in this instance. This can be even done from your own room at home. These tips can help you to improve your volleyball skills quite a lot. Let’s discuss some ways how you can do this.

Playing volleyball inside your house: is it a good idea?

Playing with a ball inside is something that we wouldn’t recommend as you might break things. It is better to go to a local park or play in your garden. The good news however is that you can still improve your volleyball skills inside your house. 

You can work on your footwork. This is an essential part of attacking in volleyball and players don’t spend enough time on it. Let’s take a look at the following video that discusses this in more detail:

You can train your fingers by holding a ball in your hand and letting the ball spin in your hands. This will make your fingers move and let them get a feeling for the ball. Make sure that you don’t drop the ball or you might have to run around the house to catch him again.

If you are allowed, you can run up and down the stairs to improve your agility. This can help you during a long training session or during a match as well as you have to run a lot as well. Be sure that you don’t trip.

You can also work on your reflexes by installing apps on your phone such as Reaction training. This app will help you to react faster. This is really important in volleyball as a few seconds can make the difference between catching the ball or not. If you go through the exercises, you will be able to reduce the time you need to see what is going on. This takes time but can really improve your game a lot and not a lot of coaches are thinking about this.

You can also work on your jumping technique. This can be done by learning how you can jump higher and implementing this. This requires a lot of repetition and focus. You can ask your coach to recommend some drills for this.

Volleyball is a team sport and you can think about how you can communicate with the other players better. In most instances, it is a great idea to tell what happened and how this made you feel. This creates a baseline for the situation and can form the basis for the conversation. The problem is that players often start with insulting each other instead of explaining what happened and start from there. It can take a lot of practice to have these constructive conversations when things go wrong. Studying communication styles can add a lot of value to the team and can get you promoted to captain of the team if you get great at it.

Now we come to my favorite way of improving your volleyball while you are inside your house.

How to improve my volleyball game sense when I’m not playing?

You can also look at professional volleyball players and learn from them. They often use tactics that you can apply yourself. How do they run? How do they pass? What do they do after they have scored a point? These are all questions that you can ask yourself while watching a game and you can learn from this. Youtube has a lot of volleyball games and you can watch a few games in succession if it rains outside. 

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

It is possible to review footage of your own games. You can look back at videos of how you played before and see where you make mistakes. If you don’t have a video, you can ask your coach or friends to make short clips of your next game. This will help you to see how you move and what you can improve. It can be quite shocking to see yourself in action at first but you will get used to it. Sometimes small improvements can have a big impact on the outcome. I can spend hours looking at how I move and how my team members react to this. You will learn so many things about yourself and your team while you review video clips. It can also help to learn more about your opponent. How do they react under pressure? What points are easy to make? Who is one of their weaker players?

You can also visualize what you need to do. A lot of great athletes repeat the same movements over and over again in their heads. They close their eyes and think about how it needs to be done. This allows them to execute them flawlessly. It is a trick that a lot of professional athletes use to understand all the nuances of a certain type of attack or defense. You just think about every step that needs to happen and do it in your head. For example, if you want to improve your serve, you can think about how you take that ball. After this, you can imagine how you dribble it. Once this is done, you think about how you will throw the ball in the air. You can notice the difference between topspin and float serve. Then you can think about how you will touch the ball in the perfect way so that it has enough spin and speed. At first, it can take some practice to stay focused but after a while, you will get used to it.

This is explained in more detail below:

To conclude, we can state that there are several ways to improve your volleyball skills when you are at home. Even if you don’t have a ball, you can look at other games and learn from this. You can also visualize your movements to study every detail of it and get more confident about what you have to do.