How to teach volleyball. Helpful tips for coaches and parents.

Volleyball is a sport that involves a lot of different skills. You need to be able to pass, serve (restart the game by throwing the ball over the net while you stand behind your court), spike, block, and set (giving an assist). In this post, we are going to discuss how you can teach these skills to others. This will help coaches or parents to explain how they can explain each of these skills to volleyball players. Small nuances can have a big impact on the result. This is why you have to explain these skills well. It might be necessary to show the steps a few times until players get the full picture. You can start out with a step-by-step overview and then let the players practice over and over again.  

 How to teach setting in volleyball

Setting is giving an assist. You have to be able to catch the ball and also pass it to another player. You can begin with making sure that a player can receive the ball well and control it. After this, you can train on passing the ball. You have to make sure that the ball goes high enough so that the player that receives the ball can attack with it. This can take some practice as you need to communicate with the player that sends you the ball. So next to executing the movements, you also have to be able to adjust yourself to the situation. This can only be practiced by repeating the drills over and over again. Let’s see how an Olympic athlete explains setting a volleyball: 

Finding the right balance is essential. If you are sliding when you receive the ball or send it, it is going to be difficult to send a good pass to your team members. Therefore it is essential that players make sure that they are standing still before they start touching the ball. They can bend their knees to double-check this. 

You can also work on your reaction speed. If you are able to see the ball faster, you can position your body faster and increase the chance that you will catch the ball. We discussed some ways to do this here. Not a lot of coaches are working on improving this and it can offer an advantage to players.

As you can see in the video above, the players are passing the ball to each other to train to serve. You can start with an easy exercise where you pass the ball close by the player. Later on, you can send more difficult passes so that the player has to adjust to this. As a setter, not every pass that you will receive will be perfect. The players have to be able to deal with this. This can only be done by practicing. 

Players can also pass to themselves to improve their ball-handling skills. This can help them understand how hard and high they have to pass to get the desired effect. If you throw the ball in the air and catch it again, you can practice this in rapid succession and learn quite fast. 

 How to teach passing in volleyball

You will have to teach an underhand and overhand pass. We have discussed the difference between these two types of passes here. 

It is necessary that you explain the difference between both and explain that underhand passes are mainly used to slow down the ball in defense. This is done by folding your hands so that your thumbs touch. You slow down the ball with your forearms. These are also used to give a direction to the ball. Overhand passes are mainly used to add a lot of speed and height to the ball and are mainly used in the offense. You use the palm of your hands to control the ball and make sure that it goes in the right direction. 

This can be taught by letting the player pass to themselves by pushing the ball in the air and catching it again. This allows the player to practice this quite fast. It is also possible to let two players pass to each other over and over again. To make it more challenging, one of the players can throw the ball to the other and make sure that it is a challenge to catch the ball. This will train the player to deal with unexpected situations that also occur during a match. 

 How to teach Jump serve in volleyball 

Serving is restarting the game after your team has scored a point. This is done by standing behind your court and you have to throw the ball over the net. This is a challenge as you can’t push the ball too far as it needs to land in the field of your opponent. If it goes outside this field, you are not going to score a point as it is out of bound. A jump serve is a type of serving whereby you add a lot of force to the ball. This is one of the most popular types of serving. 

Let’s take a look at how professional athletes explain a jump serve.

It is necessary to get a feel for the ball. This can be done by letting it bounce a few times. Then you have to throw the ball in the air. Seeing how high this has to happen takes a lot of practice. Throwing too high can make the ball drop faster. If you don’t throw the ball high enough you are not able to get it over the net. The next step is to jump and hit the ball. You have to make sure that you jump and hit the ball outside of the court. Players shouldn’t make mistakes at this. This can only be done by practicing it over and over again. 

A jump serve is already an advanced volleyball skill. I would only teach this after the player has mastered passing and setting as these basic skills teach the player hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills that are required to serve.

In this article, we shared how you can teach some basic volleyball skills. This is mainly done by showing step by step how it needs to be done. Then you give the players some drills so that they can practice over and over again. During the drills, you can provide input. It might be necessary to show how it needs to be done a few times before players start to understand what they need to do. Let them practice again after this. They need a lot of muscle memory to get it just right. Some players might find it boring to repeat the same drill over and over again but it is the only way to learn.