How To Wash Your Underwear: Easy Steps

Your underwear is one of your most personal items. It’s the one thing that you wear every day and it helps keep you fresh and dry, but it also has the power to make you feel good and confident. Knowing how to wash your underwear properly will help them last longer and keep them as fresh as possible. For a number of reasons, including comfort, or simply wanting to maintain a clean pair of underwear, knowing how to wash your underwear can be essential. Follow these simple steps to wash your underwear like a pro.

What You Need

There are 2 main ways to wash your underwear.

1/ Using a washing machine. Underwear is often washed separately from other items. Therefore you start by grouping your underwear together. If you have colored underwear, remove them before washing and wash them separately so that they don’t bleed into other items. The washing instructions that are sewn in the back of the underwear often describe the requirements. The manufacturers know what materials they have used and can explain how you need to maintain them. Often a blend of different materials is used so it is hard to   You can read the manual of the washing machine to see what program that they suggest. Don’t use harsh soaps for underwear as this is sensitive material. 

2/ Hand wash your underwear. This can be done in a sink or bucket. Just add some soap to tepid water and add the underwear. Let it rest for a few hours and don’t wring it. Some underwear has delicate materials or details that require that you hand wash it. 

Underwear has to be washed at high temperatures to clean it. It does not shrink when you wash it at the temperatures that are outlined in the washing instructions. They don’t use materials that shrink easily in underwear (such as spandex) as manufacturers know that warmer temperatures are needed to wash them. There is no need to worry about your undergarments shrinking or falling apart when you follow these steps. 

Dry Your Underwear

Drying your underwear is just as important as washing them. To dry your underwear, start by laying them out on a flat surface and then place a towel over the top of them. Then, take another towel and squeeze it tightly over the first one. This will create an even layer for your underwear to be dried through. Leave this for about 20 minutes or until your underwear is completely dry.

You can also let it air dry in the sun. A drying machine can work but don’t use the warmest options as your underwear might shrink. Check the settings of your machine and the washing instructions.

Avoiding common mistakes

A common mistake people make when washing their underwear is using too much soap. This can lead to a build-up of soap which can give your underwear an uncomfortable feeling. To avoid this problem, use a mild powder detergent instead of soap.

Another mistake people make is not rinsing their underwear before putting them in the dryer. After you’ve washed your underwear, rinse them with cold water to help keep the detergent residue out before putting them in the dryer.

Dry low or medium settings on your dryer so items don’t get too hot or they could shrink and lose their shape.

The best soap for your underwear is one that doesn’t have any type of fragrance or dye. This will prevent creating a more comfortable wearing experience. Additionally, choosing a soap without scent can help you or anyone you interact with within your daily life.

For underwear that needs more cleaning power, use a laundry detergent designed for heavily soiled clothes (like Tide) rather than washing your underwear with a normal laundry detergent.

How often should you wash your underwear

Underwear should be washed every day. Especially if you have played sports in them or sweated a lot, they should be washed. Volleyball and basketball players do this after every training or match.

In general, hand-washing is recommended because it prevents the build-up of grime in your underwear. With that said, washing in the washing machine can also be an option if you have no other means available.

How to wash sporting underwear

Sport underwear is an undergarment meant to be worn while working out. It’s typically made of a moisture-wicking material that helps regulate body temperature, making it perfect for sweaty workouts.

When wearing athletic underwear, it can be tricky to know how to wash them. They are made from different materials and fabrics, so knowing how to wash sporting underwear is essential in keeping them fresh and clean. Generally, you will have to hand wash them as they contain materials that can shrink if you heat them up too much. These materials are stretchy and great when you sport but harder to maintain.

To wash your sporting underwear, you’ll need the following:

-Cold water (check the washing instructions for the exact temperatures)

-A mild detergent

-A mesh laundry bag

-A soft sponge or cloth

Start by filling a sink or large bowl with cold water. Submerge the mesh laundry bag in the water and add your sports underwear. Let the undies soak for 15 minutes before rinsing them out with cold water. Next, add a small amount of mild detergent to the soaking wet underwear and mix it around with your hands until they feel soft and slippery. If you have an athletic supporter like a spandex or nylon undergarment, remove it from the bag and rinse it too. After adding the detergent and mixing it around, it’s time to rinse again! Add cool water to rinse out any leftover soap residue before letting your undies drip dry on a towel or drying rack.

To conclude, we can state that washing underwear can be a chore. Especially if you wear underwear that uses sensitive materials, it can take quite some time to hand wash everything. It is the best way to maintain them though. You can consider buying more underwear if you sport a lot so that you don’t have to wash them all the time.