Is club volleyball year-round?  When does volleyball season begin and end? (answered)

No, volleyball clubs don’t play year-round. During the summer break, there is often no action. The volleyball season often follows the school year. It starts at the end of August or early September. Then there is a break around Christmas.  So between July and August, a lot of clubs don’t train as people are on holiday and traveling. Each team only has one coach so this person also deserves some off time. This is another reason why volleyball seasons don’t play year-round. Coaching a team takes a lot of effort and preparation and is quite intense to do. 

 The training resume at the end of August and you often have preseason games that allow the coach to see the strength and weaknesses of his or her team. The season often starts in September and lasts until June, depending on how many teams there are in the competition and how far teams have to travel. During school holidays some clubs don’t train but this depends on the structure that the club has chosen. Some clubs also don’t train during exams but this once again depends on the club. You can often find the schedule of the club online. At the beginning of the season, the date and location of each game is decided. Therefore you can schedule these in your calendar a lot of time in advance. 

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During the holidays there are often training camps for players that want to improve their skills. These often last for a full week where you play every day. You often learn other drills there as you have a lot of time so you can make a lot of progress during these training camps. You will also get to meet players from other teams so it can be a lot of fun.

You can also play with your friends during the offseason to make sure that you maintain your skills. It is easy to get worse at volleyball if you haven’t practiced for a while. Therefore it can be a good idea to organize a volleyball match every week, just to keep your skills on point. This can also be the moment to get better than your teammates and receive your spot on the field. Some players work with a private coach during this period of the year to make sure that their volleyball skills keep improving and don’t stagnate during these months. 

 When does volleyball season start in high school? When is the season over?

Indoor volleyball is mainly played between September and the end of May. In some instances, the matches last until June but this depends on how many teams there are in the competition. This follows the school year and holidays. It is easy for players that have to travel to go back home as the season ends when they have holidays. This makes sure that they don’t have to stay at school when their families are celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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During the summer some teams participate in tournaments. This is often optional for players. If they want to become professionals, it can be a great idea to join these as you can prove yourself and show the coach that you are a great player. You can also participate in beach volleyball tournaments or play with your friends so that your ball handling doesn’t get worse after a while. You can get an edge over other players if you keep playing during the summer holidays. You can lower the frequency but if you do some drills every day, you will get ahead of the others.

Professional players also might have matches during June or July if they participate in international competitions. The Olympics, for example, last from the end of July until early August. This can be challenging as a lot of players already had a long season before these tournaments start. Their holiday is shorter if they participate in these tournaments. Once they get kicked out of the tournament after they have lost, they can start their holiday. Volleyball players are often very motivated so they often don’t mind that their holiday is shorter. A lot of players have to deal with injuries at this stage of the season so it is possible that some of them are not able to play.

A lot of players are struggling to get back in the game after the holidays because they have not been thinking about volleyball and they have spent a lot of time enjoying local delicacies. It will be a lot easier to get back after the holidays if you spend some time practicing. You can perform a lot of drills on your own at home.

How long is the club volleyball season or tournament?

How long the competition lasts depends on what level the team plays. National teams often play well into June as they have to travel a lot. It also depends if they were able to qualify for certain tournaments or not. It is mainly college teams that play on this level as high school and junior teams play on a more local level. Teams that play on a state level often play until mid-May. Regional teams also finish around that period of the year. A big volleyball event for regional teams, Volleyball Festival takes place in June.

Level of the team in the USASeason duration
National teams (college level)September-June
State teams (college and high school level)September-May
Local teams (high school level and below)September-May
Professional players abroadAugust-June
Club volleyball season in the USA

The club volleyball season often lasts 6 to 8 months but this depends on how many clubs are part of the competition. Teams often train 9-10 months in total. The first months are spent on getting everyone up to speed with the rules and welcoming new players. You can have a lot of offseason games before the season starts. This allows you to practice and the coach can experiment with different offensive and defensive positions during these games. You can check with your club when the season starts and ends. This changes every year as holidays and other events affect how long the season lasts. It should last at least 6 months to make it a full-fledged competition. Everyone gets a home game and an away game. This makes it fair as everyone gets the home advantage (such as a lot of supporters, knowing the sports arena, being used to playing with the balls, and so on). 

Players are often tired at the end of the season as they had to spend a lot of hours training and practicing. This is also one of the reasons why there is often a break of a few weeks in the middle of the season. This allows everyone to rest and evaluate the results of the first part of the season. Some players quit playing volleyball at this point in time as they get other priorities. Some teams can make incredible comebacks during the second half of the season as they have finally found the team chemistry that was missing before.

Professional players might have to play in June and July if they participate in the Olympics or other summer tournaments. This reduces their holiday season. A lot of players don’t mind this too much as it is very prestigious to be able to play in this tournament. Not a lot of players are able to do this and it is a unique experience. Players might be tired at the end of the season but they are willing to give it all for the chance of getting a gold medal during this tournament.

To conclude we can state that the volleyball season often starts in September and lasts until May or June. During December there are a lot of big tournaments. How long the season lasts depends on whether teams qualify for this or not. National teams have to travel a lot and this prologues the season as well.