Is Haikyuu over? Surprising facts about this volleyball manga.

First the good news: Haikyuu is not over yet. Almost ten years after the launch of the first scenes, the fifth season will be launched. There are still 110 chapters of the manga left that have not been adapted for TV so we are only roughly halfway through the story. This new season is not 100% official yet but there are several indications that it is going to be launched in 2022. Four seasons have been released already and a fifth is coming out soon. There has been a big pause between the fourth and fifth season and this makes fans nervous as they are missing the adventures of their favorite heroes. Luckily you can still watch other manga movies that are listed below if you can’t wait any longer. Haikyuu is also great to rewatch as you always learn new things. Some episodes I have already watched three times and it still doesn’t bore me. We have written more about Haikyuu before here.

How many seasons are there of Haikyuu?

 This manga has four seasons and more than 85 episodes so you will be able to watch a lot of hours of this series. You see the characters evolve over time and become more mature as time goes on. Overall the manga shows realistic situations as they mimic a lot of things that happen in real matches as well. 

Some of the other volleyball-centered mangas didn’t age that well as the graphics are quite old and the story is slower. Haikyuu has aged very well so far and the first season still looks great. The fifth season will attract a lot of new fans so this is something to look forward to as we can share our passion for this manga with more players. It could even inspire some people to start playing volleyball.

The previous seasons had great reviews and since the same writers have worked on the fifth season, we expect that the quality will stay the same. In some series, the quality drops after a while as the writers leave and others have to start writing the stories. Luckily the popularity of the series has convinced the original writers to stay on board and add another season. The visual style should stay the same as well so we will get more of what we know and love.

In the fifth season, we are going to see what is going to happen next with our favorite characters. I am really curious if they will be able to keep playing together as a team and win a lot of tournaments. They were at a challenging point in the last season and it ended with a real cliffhanger. Let’s relive the highlights of the fourth season:

The TV adaptation is only about halfway the manga so we can expect to have a sixth season as well if they plan to tell the whole story. Given how popular the TV series is, it wouldn’t surprise me if we get a seventh season as well. This means that we can enjoy Haikyuu for years to come. A lot of people are analyzing the storylines so if something is unclear, you can always search on Youtube and get more input on what is going on. At some points a lot is going on and it is easy to miss some details.

It is a lot of fun to talk about this series with other volleyball players as you can recognize a lot of scenes from real life. A lot of players are quite unsure about their height and this manga can help them to leave this behind them and go for it. You also see the characters evolve over time and it can remind older players of their first games and tournaments and the feelings that they experienced then.

What I like about the TV series is that they show a lot about team dynamics. Volleyball is a team sport and you have to be able to deal with the emotions and egos of the players. From time to time there will be conflict in a team and you need to be able to deal with this. This TV series gives an idea of what can happen and how you can deal with it as elegantly as possible. You also see interactions with the coach and how the players react to this. Everyone has their own coaching style and for some players, it can be a challenge to deal with this.

They also show a lot about the feelings that you get when playing volleyball: from doubt about your own skills to euphory when you finally can perform this difficult drill. On TV we only see winning teams but a lot of years of hard work are behind this and everyone had to deal with his or her own problems to get there. This is what I love about Haikyuu as it shows the good and bad sides of playing volleyball. A lot of people have unrealistic expectations when they start playing volleyball and watching this series can provide them some perspective of what is needed to become a great volleyball player.

To conclude, we can state that Haikyuu!! will probably launch a few more TV seasons as they haven’t completed the manga story yet. It would be quite surprising to stop here given the popularity of the TV series and that the story in the mange is a lot longer. The writers often respect the original story and won’t completely change it out of nowhere. It is possible that some of the producers will leave and need to be replaced but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem as production houses have experience with this.