Is snooker a sport? The best answer

Snooker is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s played across over 140 countries, and it’s usually considered to be an after-dinner game. But is it actually a sport?

This question has been raised by people who don’t know how to classify snooker. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) defines sports as “competitive physical activities which, through casual or organized participation, aim at bringing players together in order to enjoy each other’s company while practicing their bodies.”

Does snooker fit this definition? Well…kind of. Snooker does involve competition against other players, and it’s generally played for fun, rather than purely for competition. Therefore snooker can be considered a sport.

The definition of a sport

The definition of a sport is a competitive activity involving physical exertion and skill. With this in mind, it’s hard to classify snooker as a sport because there is no physical exertion involved, and the skill level varies from player to player.

It’s often considered to be a game rather than a sport. Snooker players don’t need fitness levels or strength training, and the equipment they use doesn’t have any impact on their movement. Players will usually sit down for the duration of their match. This is quite subjective but players have to move around a lot and it still involves a level of physical movement.

On the other hand, it does involve competition against other players. It’s also generally played for fun rather than purely for competition. So, according to the IOC’s definition, snooker could be classified as a sport.

Is snooker in the Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) considered including it in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Eventually, it was not included. It might be done so in the coming years as the IOC always keeps adding sports to the Olympics. Given the popularity of snooker worldwide, they might give it serious consideration soon.

What is snooker?

It is a table game that is played with balls and sticks. The objective of the game is to pot balls on a table with reds and colors alternating on each side. The amount of points that you get depends on the color of the ball. Players try to get them close enough to the cushions (the area around the edges of the table) so they can be stuck into pockets at the other end of the table by means of a long, thin stick known as a cue. The goal is to beat the opponent by scoring more points. Players can make spectacular combinations to score multiple points at once. This requires a lot of technique and insight in the game. There are some variations on this game as well such as having obstacles next to the goals to make it harder.

Snooker is different from billiards. They are played on a similar table but in snooker, you have more balls than in billiards. Furthermore, the balls are numbered in billiards while they only have a color in snooker.

history of snooker

In 1875, British Army officer Thomas Harding invented a new billiards game he called “snooker” after the snooker hall in which he played. In 1884, British businessman Sir Neville Chamberlain found out about the game and became a patron of the sport. In 1927, the Billiard Association and Control Council standardized the rules of snooker. The sport’s popularity grew in World War II when soldiers from both England and Australia served in Asia and Africa, spreading knowledge about the game to their comrades.

In 1926, it was announced that snooker would be a part of the first-ever World Billiards Championship, but they were later replaced by pool when it was discovered that there was not enough time for sufficient practice before the tournament began. It took another 12 years for them to return to this championship. In 1968, they were finally integrated into world competitions with a separate competition held for them each year since 1969.

snooker drills

Snooker drills are the best way to improve your game. But what are they exactly?

A snooker drill is a technique for improving your game by practicing it against an opponent. For example, you could play a match of 10 frames with the goal of only playing the black ball and not moving any other balls on the table. You can also practice specific shots like potting the red ball into the left-hand pocket. Players spend a lot of time perfecting their technique. 

There is also a lot of strategies involved in snooker. Players come up with unique combinations to win. They don’t have a lot of time to study the balls during a game. They have to think quickly and anticipate what their opponent is going to do. 

Snooker tournaments

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association is the governing body for professional snooker events. The WPBSA has a list of tournaments that are organized each year, which includes ranking tournaments, invitational tournaments, and qualifying tournaments.

There are also other notable snooker competitions like the UK Championship, China Open, and Hong Kong Masters.

So is snooker a sport? Yes! It’s competitive, it involves physical activity (competing against other players), and it’s usually played for fun rather than solely for competition.

These tournaments can last over an hour per game. During the past few years, it has gained more popularity as it can be played by anyone. Spectacular combinations and exciting matches have increates the interest in this sport. 


Snooker is a sport. Although it’s not recognized by the IOC, it’s still considered to be a sport by many people. Snooker players do compete against each other, and they’ll often play for fun rather than purely for competition. There is some level of physical activity in this sport. You could argue that these physical movements are not that intense compared to other sports but this is quite subjective. There is some physical exercise needed to score in snooker. Let’s not forget that matches can last a long time and players have to move their billiard cue stick a lot during the game. These sticks are not that heavy but you need to use them very precisely. This is very intense and demands precise movements. This makes snooker an official sport in my opinion!