Karasuno team in Haikyuu: did you know this?

Haikyuu is a TV series that is based on manga. Volleyball is the central theme in it. Given that volleyball is a team sport, several teams are mentioned in Haikyuu!! Karasuno is a team that has been struggling to maintain its status as a natanimional power. Despite this, they have a lot of potential and talent which they’re steadily developing over the course of the series.

In order to win nationals, they’ll need to work together as a team and learn from their opponents. In the meantime, I’ve compiled some interesting facts about each member of the Karasuno volleyball club for you!

Here’s what you wanted to know about the Karasuno team from Haikyuu!

The captain, Daichi Sawamura

The Karasuno team was founded in the year of 1998.

The captain and setter, Daichi Sawamura, is one of the most popular members of the team. He is a reliable player who has been dedicated to Karasuno ever since he was a child. He used to wear glasses, but he doesn’t need them anymore because he got contacts when he was little.

Daichi has played for most of his life and likes to build his blocks slowly and deliberately with strong fundamentals and steady hands. His ability to read the opponent’s play allows him to put together excellent plays that catch them off guard! He is known for his guess blocks instead of read blocks. This means that he can block faster. Not a lot of players are able to do this as this requires a lot of volleyball intuition. Therefore most players go for a read block (where you look at the other team before picking where you are going to block) instead of a guess block (where you run towards the net and guess where you should block).

His birthday is on November 17th.

He’s voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama in Japanese and by J. Michael Tatum in English.

Daichi’s favorite food is udon noodles topped with lots of grated cheese, while his least favorite food is raw meat!


The setter, Asahi Azumane

Asahi is a second-year player who also serves as a setter.

He is one of the most reliable players on the team and always does his best to cheer up his teammates when they’re feeling down. He’s often praised by his fellow teammates for being a steadfast pillar of support for them, but he also has some bizarre habits.

He offers great assists so that the spikers can attack and score points.


The libero, Hinata Shouyou

Hinata is the starting libero for Karasuno. He’s an exceptional player who was born with natural talent and makes every save look easy. His most notable skill is his ability to read the ball’s spin, which is unparalleled among his peers.

Defense can make all the difference in volleyball and Hinata often uses spectacular digs to keep the ball in the air.


The setter, Kiyoko Shimizu

Most teams have 2 setters in volleyball. Kiyoko is the designated setter for the team. SHe has a tendency to space out and think about things unrelated to volleyball, which she does before every game.

She isn’t the type of person who would give up easily and will fight until the very end. Given that she is already in her third year in this school, she has more experience than some of the players on the team.


The middle blocker, Yu Nishinoya

As can be expected from a middle blocker, Yu is one of the tallest members on the team. He’s able to reach over the net without too many issues. Although he doesn’t have a lot of physical strength, he’s able to use his jumping power and speed to jump over any attacker.

He has a tendency to yell when he gets into intense rallies. This is clearly not a great trait as volleyball players have to remain calm and focus on the ball and their team. If you get nervous, the other players will also feel this emotion and they can start to make mistakes. Therefore Yu has to learn how to control his intensity.


The spiker, Kei Tsukishima

Kei is a spiker for Karasuno and he’s also known as “The Little Giant.” He’s super short for a high school volleyball player, but that doesn’t stop him from overcoming his height disadvantage.

Despite being small, Kei is really strong and has a lot of stamina. He’s not afraid to use his body to block spikes or takedown opponents. That’s why he usually plays the middle blocker position which is right in front of the net.

In order to set up the perfect spike, he needs to be able to make quick decisions on the fly. However, because he’s shorter than most people, it takes longer for things to come into focus for him, so he has trouble reading quick moves from opponents and anticipates slower than usual.

He attended Shiratorizawa Academy after graduating from Fukurōdani Middle School due to its outstanding volleyball team and was scouted by Coach Ukai who saw him play against Karasuno during their first match at nationals.

Does karasuno win the nationals?

The following is a spoiler so don’t read it if you still have to watch the series.

In most series, the main team wins everything. This is not the case in Haikyuu!!

Despite their best efforts, the strand in the quarterfinals. They lose against Kamomedai High after a challenging match. Eventually, they are third in the nationals. This is not the happy ending that we wanted for the team but remember that they can always try again next year. The team can still make progress and they can learn how to work together better in the future.

A lot of teams need to play together for a long time before they start winning tournaments. A third place in the Nationals is already a great achievement and given the progress that the team has made, they can be proud of themselves.

Daichi Sawamura had to deal with bitter defeats before so he and the team will be able to bounce back. It can sound disappointing that they didn’t win the nationals but given that they won so many matches and learned so many things, it still feels like a victory. If you play volleyball yourself, you know that you can’t win every match and this is just part of life.


Karasuno High School is a high school in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It is the main setting for the Haikyuu series.

Their volleyball team is the protagonist of the series.

The Karasuno team is currently ranked as the #1 high school volleyball team in Miyagi Prefecture.

They are also currently on a quest to go to the nationals.

Karasuno’s volleyball team’s captain is Daichi Sawamura and it is great to follow their adventures.

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