Most beautiful volleyball jewelry: earrings, keychain, bracelets and necklace

Jewelry has something magical. It can make someone shine brighter. There are several beautiful volleyball-themed jewelry pieces available online. These can be an outstanding gift for a volleyball player. Let’s take a look at some options. The most popular things are earrings and necklaces as these are visible but not too obtrusive. It is also to take these off when you are practicing as jewelry is not allowed to be worn during training sessions or volleyball matches as it could hurt other players.

Volleyball earrings in sterling silver and leather

The following earrings measure 1.09 on 0.45 inches. This makes them quite light and easy to wear. They are made out of sterling silver, which makes them last longer. The design is quite basic but a lot of people will like this. Earrings are quite small so it is difficult to add a lot of details to them. You have to take a look at the clips that are being used as some people might prefer the traditional system with a pin as this makes the earrings easier to remove. This comes down to personal preferences but it is good to know before you get them. It is possible to return them if they are nothing for you or you have seen another design that you like more. Jewelry often has to be seen in person before you can fully appreciate how it looks. There is nothing wrong with sending it back if you feel that it doesn’t fit with your style.  

Leather earrings are all the rage now. The following can be found on Etsy. They are often made out of vegan materials and not out of animals. The cool thing about this material is that you can print several things on it. This makes it stand out from other earrings. For example, on the earrings below the number of the player is printed. This is imitation leather and should last a long time. This material is quite cheap as well. These earrings are bigger but don’t weigh that much as leather is a lightweight material. 

It can be a cool idea to buy these earrings for the whole team. This can give a nice look as everyone is wearing their own jersey number. 

The earrings are made in Texas, USA so they don’t have to be sent over long distances. It is always nice to support local artists and this is a great way to do it. The item has great reviews. Keep in mind that it is quite cheap so don’t expect miracles from it but the earrings will look quite nice. You might have to pay if you want to send them back given that they are quite unique. 

 Volleyball necklace with number or name  

The following product is assembled in the USA and the number of the player is added. This is a really cool and personalized gift. It is made out of lead, nickel, and cadmium. It allows you to stand out and people will immediately know your hobby. It is a great conversation starter and you can meet other people that are playing volleyball in this way. 

The necklace can’t be adjusted in size and it won’t last a very long time but can be a great set to get started. Just make sure that you pick the right shirt number when you order. 

To get more handmade and personalized necklaces, we will have to check on Etsy. Let’s check it here. This site is very popular and offers items that are made by artists. These items are more expensive as they are often one of a kind. The following item allows you to engrave the name of the player. This results in a unique keepsake. You can choose the material (sterling silver or gold) and the length of the necklace. Keep in mind that it can take some time to arrive as it has to be manufactured on demand. You won’t get it the next day so it is not a good last-minute gift. 

You can only use 10 characters so this won’t be suited for players with a long name or to write down a long message. You can add the position of the player (for example Libero) instead of the name if you prefer that. Jewelry shouldn’t be too big as it can be annoying to wear otherwise. This item has the perfect size in my opinion. Keep in mind that returns are not allowed given that this is a personalized item. Therefore you have to think before you get it. The reviews are quite positive so the quality of the material should be quite high. 

Volleyball keychain

Hanging an item on your keychain can be more practical as you might have to practice a lot. It can be a huge hassle if you have to take your jewelry off every time. Keychains can also be bigger so it is possible to personalize them or to add a specific quote on it. Given that this is very cheap, it also makes for a great gift. Keychains often last several years so they can be a great item to get. It is also something useful as it can help you to keep track of your keys.

Overall, a volleyball keychain is one of my favorite gifts to a volleyball player that already has everything. It is cheap and the chance that they have the exact same one is quite small. They also don’t break that easily, contrary to other jewelry that might be more fickle.

Volleyball bracelets

Volleyball bracelets are also very popular. They are easy to take off before practice and you can quickly get them back on. They might not last that long but should retain their shape for several months. It is possible to buy this together with other players on your team to show your dedication to the team and friendship. These bracelets often contain words or short sentences. Often it is also possible to personalize them with unique colors or letters.

Bracelets are quite cheap and can be the first jewelry that a player buys as it is easy to wear. You can get a collection and switch things up based on the clothes that you are wearing. This can be a great conversation starter as the bracelets are quite visible.

Bracelets are often made out of rope or soft fabric so they are very comfortable to wear. This makes it enjoyable to wear them year-round. It is also quite easy to make this yourself with some rope and fabric. It can be a great activity for volleyball players that have some spare time on their hands.

To conclude, we can state that there is some beautiful jewelry that can be used to display your love for this sport. It is not always possible to wear it while practicing but you can wear it while you are doing other social activities. It is a great way to meet new people and start conversations. Personalized earrings or necklaces can be a special gift that people will keep for several years. Some materials will last longer than others. The jewelry that we discussed was entry-level so don’t expect that it will last for decades. You will have to look at more expensive materials if you want to do this. They can be a great way to start and understand what you want. You can dive into more expensive options later on.