Best Sand volleyball socks and shoes for cold weather. Top 4 options

Typically beach volleyball players don’t wear shoes or socks. However, during cold weather, it can be useful to wear sand socks to keep your feet warm while playing. The problem is that a lot of normal socks are annoying to play with as they let sand in. Other socks don’t breathe enough and they are hard to wear as the sweat is piling.

The best sand volleyball socks

Therefore we have to find socks that breathe but also don’t let sand in. Let’s see what the best options are below. We will evaluate the socks on several criteria that are important: if they have anti-slip soles (they shouldn’t be slippery), if the sock stays in place when you play with them,  if they are durable, how thick they are (they shouldn’t be too thick or thin) and the type of material that is being used. This can give you an idea of how comfortable the socks are. 

4/ ShocSox

These socks have been designed for sand activities. The design of these socks is really nice and unique. The customer service is great so if there is an issue, you can always contact the team. They use a combination of insulating neoprene and breathable spandex to keep your feet dry and keep sand out.

They might be less suitable for damp sand and on rocky surfaces as the soles are quite thin. You can hand wash them and hang them in the sun to dry. Overall these socks are quite comfortable and work quite well in the warm and cold sand. In wet sand, they might perform less well. They are one of the best sand socks on the market but not extremely durable. 

Anti Slip soles:neoprene soles provide traction
Stays in placefastener strap
DurabilitySimilar to normal socks, they will break after a few uses. 
MaterialLycra spandex fabric with neoprene

These socks can also be worn if the sand is really hot to cool your feet down so during hot summers you can wear them to play beach volleyball as well.

3/ Xuker water socks

These socks are thicker than the ones we have discussed before and can be used for water sports as well. This makes them more durable. They also have strengthened tips so that these don’t break as easily. Some players might find this more uncomfortable. These socks are not completely waterproof as they have to drain your sweat as well. They come in two styles: short cut and long cut. Some people like the longer ones as these stay in place better. Others find the shorter ones more comfortable. 

The neoprene material has a special smell as it is a type of rubber. You can leave the socks outside for a few days to get that out of the product. The socks can be quite slippery when wet but this is not an issue for beach volleyball as the sand provides enough traction to keep you on your feet. 

Anti-slip solesneoprene soles provide traction
Stays in placefastener strap
Durabilitystrengthened toes
Materialneoprene fabric

2/  CAPAS neoprene socks

These socks are only 2 mm whereas other socks of BPS and Xuker are 3mm. They have unique materials on the soles to offer more traction, quite similar to tires on SUVs. These socks don’t use a strap but a type of elastic material that creates a seal. This should keep water out. Some players might find this uncomfortable but this depends on personal preferences. Overall, these are high-quality socks.

Anti-slip soleskevlar grip pattern provides more grip
Stays in placeelastic
Durabilityglued and stitched
Materialneoprene fabric and nylon

1/BPS Storm neoprene socks

These are 3mm thick neoprene socks as well so they offer a lot of warmth and protection. This is the same material that is used in wetsuits. It can be difficult to get them off if they get wet but overall this material is quite durable and comfortable. What I like about these socks is that they use a rubber pattern to provide more grip. They also combine gluing and stitching to make them more durable. Xuker also used thicker materials on the toes but BPS doesn’t do this. 

You have to think of this as socks instead of shoes in terms of durability. This is true for all of the discussed products. Given that they have to be flexible, they can’t use materials that are very strong as these would make it less comfortable to play. Therefore it is possible that you have to replace them after a few matches or training sessions. You will have to wash them regularly as well. This can be done by hand washing them and letting them dry in the sun.  

I have played with these myself for a long period of time and really enjoy them as they are quite comfortable. 

Anti-slip solesrubber grip pattern provide more grip
Stays in placeadjustable ankle strap
Durabilityglued and stitched
Materialneoprene fabric

During colder weather, it can be quite cold to play beach volleyball. Sand volleyball socks can help as these are designed to keep you warm and they also hold the sand outside. Don’t expect miracles from them as they can get annoying to play with when they get wet. Therefore it is a good idea to have multiple at hand so that you can switch if needed.

Given that they are quite affordable, it shouldn’t be a problem to get multiple socks. Often it is a good idea to buy one of each brand and see what works best for you. Each brand has a unique design and you often have to experience this and see which one you like the most. If you don’t like them at all, you can always return them later on. You can use them during hot weather as well as they can cool your feet down when the sand is really hot.