The best volleyball scoreboards: top 5 boards

Scoreboards are essential in a volleyball match. It makes clear who is winning and also avoids discussions. A lot of players are very competitive and if the score is not displayed, they can start to argue about who is winning and so on. A scoreboard avoids these issues and makes sure that everyone agrees on the score. More advanced scoreboards can also display other information such as the number of the set. Recently more options have emerged so it is necessary to think about what you should get. We discussed apps that can track the score before here.

Entry scoreboard: easy to get started

Scoreboards don’t have to be expensive. This board just tracks the points and can give an idea of what team is winning the set. Just flip the numbers over and it is done. It is made out of special paper and comes in blue and red colors. It is not possible to adjust this based on the team colors. 

It can be used indoors and outdoors and mounted to multiple objects. The quality is not outstanding but it can be a great way to get started. The board is quite small and the numbers can only be read from one side so there are some disadvantages to this board but the price can’t be beaten. 

Portable scoreboard: easy to carry around

This scoreboard comes with a handle so it is easy to carry around. You can fold it flat as well so it is possible to take it with you when you plan to play beach volleyball. The quality is great overall but during windy days it can get flipped over so you might need to affix it to something. I like the feel of the material that they have used as it is very soft. The material can also withstand the sun and water and this makes it more durable than other scoreboards. 

The numbers are easy to read but printed on one side only. 

This scoreboard can be used for other sports as well as it goes up to 99.

You can indicate what set is being played. This is not possible with all scoreboards and is valuable information for the audience. Tandem makes a lot of volleyball products and they have a great reputation so this product is also well made and takes the needs of volleyball teams into account. 

There are a lot of scoreboards that look quite similar but I like this one because it doesn’t have sharp edges that could hurt players. Furthermore, the materials are durable and the board should last several seasons. It is slightly more expensive than other options but the upgraded materials make it worth it. Especially if you take it outside, the scoreboard has to deal with a lot of wear and tear and this can make it hard to find a decent one. 

Entry electronic scoreboard: beautiful display of the score

Someone has to stand next to analog scoreboards to update them. Digital scoreboards have remotes and this makes it easier to update them. These scoreboards can be used for multiple sports and are quite easy to use. The remote for the product below is quite user-friendly. You can mount them on the wall. The main challenge is finding a way to supply electricity to them. It can’t be used outdoors for beach volleyball for this reason. 

It is possible to update the brightness of this game board. This is really useful as there are some sports arenas that use bright lights. Some electronic scoreboards might be harder to read in these situations. 

This scoreboard is easy to use and doesn’t offer too many features. It can be annoying when people are struggling with the scoreboard during the match as it distracts the coach, players, and referee. This can lead to arguments and discussions as people don’t agree on the score anymore. A simple system often works the best.

Advanced electronic scoreboard: show a lot of variables

Sports arenas that support multiple sports can consider the scoreboard of Champions sports. There is a big remote included so it is quite easy to switch between sports. Volleyball is supported and you can keep track of the score per set. You can also keep track of the duration of timeouts and use the included buzzer to give signals to the coaches and teams. It is quite expensive and you might consider using an app and TV screen instead. This offers additional options such as the ability to adjust the team colors and the option to add the logos to the scoring board. You just need an enclosure so that the TV doesn’t get damaged by a ball. 

To conclude we can say that there are a lot of volleyball scoreboards out there. These make it easy to keep track of what team is winning and avoid discussions. Some of the things that you have to consider when you get one are: 

  • The price
  • Do you want to use it indoors or outdoors
  • The size
  • Durability (paper will decay quite soon)
  • Portability
  • What info needs to be displayed (only the score or also the number of sets).
  • Usability: some systems are very complex to update
  • Do you need a remote?

These criteria can help you to find the right scoreboard for your situation and budget. A lot of people are starting to use apps and TV screens to make a cheap digital scoreboard that allows the supporters to see what is going on. You can even live stream this information to people that had to stay home so that they can stay in the loop during the match.