The best volleyball stickers for water bottles and cars

Volleyball stickers are a cheap way to show your love for the sport. This also comes in handy to mark your equipment, which is necessary your whole team has the same water bottle or other items in common. In most instances, it is quite easy to remove them or you can add another sticker over it when you want a chance. You can get personalized stickers, stickers for your water bottle, car stickers, and volleyball mom stickers. Let’s take a look at the best ones.

Water bottle vinyl stickers

Most stickers will also stick on your water bottle. Just make sure that the sticker isn’t too big so that you can see the whole image at once. It is also annoying if you have to cut a sticker because it is too big. The following sticker pack has a lot of options, from USA-themed stickers, situations in the match (bump, set, spike) to references on the court (such as spiker, libero). Given that the pack has so many stickers, it is possible to give away some of them to your friends and share the fun. They should last several years if you take care of them and given the great price are a good buy. You can decorate a lot of items with 100 pieces. 

This can be applied to anything from a wall, studying books to your locker in school. It is a great conversation starter as not a lot of people know about this sport. I was able to introduce a lot of people to volleyball because they asked me something about a sticker that I had on my gear. 

Applying a sticker is quite easy. Just clean the object that you want to hang the sticker on with soap. Once this is done you dry the item with a towel and hang the sticker. Dust or dirt can affect the glue so should be removed before you apply the sticker. 

Personalized volleyball stickers

A really cool way to decorate a room is to use a personalized wall decal. You have to mention your name to the manufacturer and they print it for you. Once it arrives at your doorstep, you can install it quite easily. Just follow the instructions and peel off the paper. This can provide a very cool birthday gift for a player as well. It can be installed above a bed or desk and remind the person of their favorite hobby. Before you order, double-check that the name of the player is spelled correctly as it can lead to embarrassing situations if you get it wrong.

Often there are several fonts available and you can pick the one that you like the most. Just make sure that it is easy to read the name of the player as some fonts can be unclear. 

Volleyball car stickers

Volleyball is still not that popular in the USA and adding a sticker to your car can be a great way to introduce the sport to more people. 

Stickers that can be used outdoors often use special materials so that they can withstand the wind and rain. If you get one for a car, it is often best to get a big sticker so that people can see it while driving around. Don’t get low-quality stickers as these can be harder to remove from the car and leave marks on the paint. 

The drawing has to be clear as people often pass by at high speeds. Therefore I like the following sticker as it combines a nice drawing and also text. People might be unfamiliar with volleyball and when they read the name of the sport, they might get curious. An image alone might not ring a bell with a lot of people. 

Volleyball mom decal

Moms often dedicate a lot of time to the hobby of their children. From washing the gear to driving around and cheering. This takes a lot of time and effort and they might appreciate it if you give them a gift to recognize their input. The following decal is really cool as it has nice colors and attracts attention. Black and white stickers are often less noticeable and are therefore less interesting in my opinion. 

Volleyball wouldn’t be the same without moms and it can be a great mother’s day gift as it shows that you like what she is doing for you. 

Volleyball patch for clothes

In some instances, a sticker is not the best option and you can take a look at a patch. This is a small piece of fabric that has a print on it. This can be sewed in a piece of clothing or added to your backpack. I had the same backpack as another player in my team and the patch made it easy to see which one was mine. Patches are quite cheap as well. 

Some patches are easy to apply as you just have to iron them on. This can be done in under a minute. It can be harder to remove them without damaging the piece of clothing so you have to think about it before you apply the patch. 

To conclude, we can state that stickers are a cool and cheap way to make your items unique. Marking your items can make them look cool but also make it easier to recognize them. Often multiple players in the team have the same water bottle or backpack. A sticker or patch can help you to see to whom it belongs. Stickers can last several years. It is also possible to give some of them to your friends because the price is so low. You can replace stickers regularly to keep things fresh. It are also great conversation starters and can introduce people to the sport.