Top 7 hottest cheerleaders in the world of 2022

Cheerleaders can spice up a game and makes it more fun to watch. They are often very athletic and can perform amazing dances. Cheerleaders are mainly active in the NBA and NFL but are coming more popular in other sports such as boxing and volleyball as well. Let’s take look at the hottest cheerleaders of this season. Cheerleaders often stay active for a few years only so let’s get to know some of them. Some teams don’t share the full name of dancers. Other cheerleaders are building a brand online and you can follow them on social media. This is becoming more common as cheerleaders realize that they can reach a broad audience in this way. Fans can interact with them and ask questions in this way.

Jenna of the NJets

Jenna has been a cheerleader for the NJets for more than 5 years. Given her experience, she is one of the leaders in the squad. She was born in New Jersey and has stayed there during her career. Her dancing technique is really advanced and it shows that she masters a lot of dancing styles. She has to coordinate the moves of the squad and is doing so with a big smile. Her warm personality makes sure that all the dancers feel at home. She still has a lot of passion for cheerleading so she is going nowhere. In the coming years, she might open her dancing studio as well to teach other people how to cheer.

She is also featured in the video below:

Augustina of the Miami Dolphins

This Latina cheerleader has been active for 4 years already for the Dolphins. She was born and raised in Argentina. There she discovered her passion for dancing early on. During school, she was already active in a lot of dancing communities. This has thought her the rhythm of dancing that she displays every week during the matches of the Dolphins. In her free time, she enjoys spreading her passion for dancing and sports to others. She loves American football and hopes that it will become more popular in Argentina as well. Helping charities is near and dear to her heart. She has appeared in a number of calendars.

Next to that, she also stars in some music videos. She is a great person to follow on social media as she promotes an active lifestyle and shares some tricks and tips. You can see what drills she uses to remain in shape. Cheerleading is very intense and ladies have to practice at least three times per week to deliver a great performance. 

She is also featured in the video below:

Isabella Tropicana patriots

This smart lady has a degree in Psychology and knows quite a lot about statistics and experiments. She was already a dancer from a young age and this is clearly her passion in life. She already has a lot of experience with cheerleading and sometimes helps newer members of the squad to find their way.  The Patriots have been a successful NFL team in the past few years so Isabella has seen a lot of great matches while she was cheerleading. She has a great fashion sense and shares her knowledge on this subject online. She was able to thrive in a challenging environment from an early stage in life as she was still studying when she joined the squad. This is not easy to combine and it speaks about her drive that she was able to do so. 

You can learn more about her below:

Rachel S. of the Jaguars

This savvy lady is a legal assistant and has studied at the University of North Florida. She has been active for over 5 years in the squad and has a lot of experience. The Jaguars have special uniforms for their cheerleaders. Some people don’t like this jaguar print but it fits with the team. Her hometown is Florida and she enjoys going to the beach there. She is known for her dancing technique and style.

Let’s take a look at her dancing skills below:

Hailey of the Seahawks

You don’t need hawk eyes to spot this lady when she is dancing. Hailey graduated from the University of Washington and is already 6 years part of the squad. This lady has a very cheery and fun style and she is often very positive. Cheerleaders have to be, well, cheery and this is something that Hailey excels at. She has a bright smile that fits her dancing style perfectly. It is possible that she might retire in a few years so now is a great moment if you want to see her in action. 

Vanessa of the Eagles

Vanessa has only been part of the squad for 3 years but already knows her way around. As a fashion model and advertising student, she understands human behavior. This allows her to know what the fans like and what they don’t. Cheerleading is all about entertainment and bringing a smile to the face of people. Vanessa is great at doing this and for this reason, she made our list. She has a long and interesting career ahead of her so she is someone to keep an eye on. 

These are just some of the great cheerleaders that we will see in action in this season. Keep your eye out for more talented dancers. They are adding more advanced moves to their arsenal so it can be very exciting to see them in action. There are also cheerleading competitions that are great to watch as dancers display their talent. Let’s take an example at a club cheerleading match below. Teams can score points by performing advanced drills. These dancers are extremely talented and have to practice a lot to perform all the jumps and dives. These sports competitions are quite new but rapidly becoming more popular. These dances require a lot of practice and focus. Club cheerleading is very spectacular and we can expect that sideline cheerleading will catch up and will also become more advanced in the coming years.