Venum impact boxing gloves review: Any good? ANSWERED

You might be looking for new boxing gloves and wonder if the Impact series of Venum is any good.

These gloves are entry-level Venum gloves and can be found for a cheaper price. Let’s discuss the pros and cons below.

An overview of the Venum Impact boxing gloves.

They use PU foam inside the gloves. This allows you to use them 3-4 times per week without any problem.

As with most boxing gloves, the thumbs are attached to the rest of the hand.

Venum has been around for more than 10 years so they know how to make great products. These gloves can be used for boxing and kickboxing.

Pros of the Venum Impact boxing gloves

The gloves are very comfortable to wear. Especially the thumb part feels very thick and strong. There is quite a lot of padding in the other parts of the gloves as well.

The strap is great. Even if you punch very hard, the velcro will stay in place. If you plan to spar or use more force, it is good to know that you won’t have to fiddle with the velcro strap.

The velcro strap is quite big on these Venum impact boxing gloves

The build quality and stitching are outstanding. A lot of products have weak stitches or loose threads. This is not the case with these gloves. The attention to detail and the finish are very nicely done.

These gloves come in different colors so you can pick a style that fits the rest of your outfit.

These gloves come in different oz and based on your weight you have to pick the right one. Check the sizing chart before you get them!

So far I have only used them for a few weeks but the leather seems to keep up. I don’t see any tears or broken parts.

The gloves don’t smell too hard and this is a big pro as the smell of some other gloves can be quite overwhelming.

sVentilation holes in the Venum glove

There are also ventilation holes to make sure that you don’t overheat while you are practicing with these boxing gloves. This can also reduce the smell. As we all know, boxing gloves can start to smell after a few months!

Cons of the Venum Impact boxing gloves

I ordered these gloves from the website of Venum. They didn’t arrive in nice packaging. The gloves that I got from Everlast came in a handy carrying case. Venum just used some plastic wrap that can’t be reused.

If you want to protect your boxing gloves, you can consider getting a separate bag to protect them from the other items in your backpack. I don’t want to get my sweaty t-shirt or wet towel wrapped around my gloves.

Overview of the Venum glove. There is no carry case included.

The branding of Venum is all over the glove. If you prefer more low-key gloves, you might have to go for another design.

It can be quite difficult to close the gloves with one hand. This is part of how the straps work though and you can ask someone to help you or use your other glove to get it closed.

More expensive gloves contain more padding and can be more comfortable. If you plan to hit boxing bags with a lot of power, you might consider upgrading to gloves with more padding. For me, the Venum impact boxing gloves work just fine.

I hit the bags quite hard but given that I am a lightweight boxer, I can’t produce the same power that other people can.

Conclusion: are the Venum Impact boxing gloves worth it?

Given that they are quite affordable, these gloves are a good choice. The build quality is great and the strap is well done.

If you don’t like the branding, you can opt for other gloves.

Overall the Venum Impact boxing gloves work pretty well and I would recommend them. So far I have only used them for a few weeks. I will update this review if I notice that they start to break down early.

Venum notices on their website that you can train with these gloves multiple times a week. Let’s see how they hold up.

I bought these gloves during a sale and paid 35 USD. Other models cost more as they are heavier (higher oz).

Venum makes a lot of other gear such as knee protectors, t-shirts, or shorts. This allows you to wear this brand for your complete outfit. All the colors will match if you opt for this approach.

Venum is a smaller brand but the design looks and feels great. Their products are well built and offered for a good price.

I didn’t reach out to customer support so I don’t know if it is any good. I assume it is but can’t tell so far. On their American store, they note that you can contact them within 2 weeks of receiving the gloves if you are not happy with the quality. This is a rather short window so make sure to inspect the gloves.

Especially if it is a gift, you can quickly check that everything looks fine.

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