Volleyball clipboards for coaches: the 4 best choices

Volleyball coaches have to be excellent communicators. Especially during timeouts, they don’t have a lot of time to explain things to their players. Volleyball clipboards can be a great tool for volleyball coaches as they allow them to draw the players and their position. Players are often distracted during a timeout as they are tired and want to have a drink. A visual representation can make a lot of strategies come alive. In a dressing room, you have a big whiteboard but during the match, you need something that can be carried around. Let’s take a look at the best volleyball clipboards: 

1/ Wodon volleyball coaching: 13.8*7.9 inch

Rotations can get complicated, especially for newer players. This clipboard uses magnets that can be shuffled across the board and this makes it very clear where the players have to move. If you have to write this down, it can be very chaotic after a while. The magnets make it easy to see where the players have to stand. Some coaches might get annoyed as it is quite easy to lose a magnet and this makes the whole system useless. Therefore you have to think if it is something for you or not. The pen and dry erase are included. 

What is great about this board is that it has two sides. You can apply the magnets on one side and then quickly flip the board to show something else. A timeout is very short and if you need to show multiple things, it can be great to have everything prepared. It will also attract the attention of the players when you turn the board around. You can also add papers with the included clip. This can make it easy to write down statistics during the match. 

2/ Dexas clearview clipcase: 13.75 x 9.5 x 1.88 inches

This is great for coaches that bring a lot of paper and pens. You can add paper behind the clear plastic. The plastic is dry erase and you can replace the paper quite easily. This makes sure that you can add several backgrounds in a fluent manner in this way. You are not restricted to one background as is the case with a lot of other clipboards. 

It has plastic pieces so you have to be careful when you open and close it so that it doesn’t break. Coaches that often throw with their gear when they get frustrated might not be able to use this clipboard given these breakable pieces. Overall, the build quality is quite good and it should last a long time if you take care of it.  

This clipboard offers a lot of flexibility and you can store a lot of goods in it. It is made in the USA (Texas) and the manufacturer offers a great guarantee of the quality of the product. 

You can use this product for beach, snow, water, and sitting volleyball as well because you can add your own paper. Just print out the outline of the court and you can get started. This makes it useful in a  lot of situations. It can also be used during a training session to explain new concepts. 

3/ BSN sports: 16.5 x 0.25 x 13 inches; 1.05 Pounds

This product is bigger and is great for coaches that want to write a lot on the board. It features a volleyball court as a background and offers a lot of flexibility. Since I always lose my pen, I really like that there is a dedicated clip for this. In this way, I can keep it in place and never forget where it was. For me, this is missing in a lot of clipboards and I really love this feature as it works with the most popular pens such as Expo markers. It is often better to invest in decent markers as these are easier to wipe off and don’t stain. A lot of cheaper markers leave stains after a while and this can be really annoying. 

The product is quite expensive given that it is a basic clipboard with a print on it. The quality is good though so it should last a long time. I have used mine for several seasons without an issue. There are plastic parts and you have to be careful. It might not fit in your bag so check if it is not too big for you. I just hold it in my hands while walking around while making sure that the other team doesn’t see my strategy. 

4/ Tandem sport Deluxe volleyball clipboard: 14 x 9 x 2 inches; 11.2 Ounces

This clipboard offers advanced features such as a rotation tracker, substitution, and score tracker. Given the low price, it can be a great alternative for beginning coaches as it can provide some structure. It has a big clip in the middle so you can add your own papers as well. 

Coaches that have more experience might not need this information on the clipboard. Overall it is a nice product but the print is quite small and other clipboards are nicer looking in my opinion. It is quite cheap so the price can make it worth a buy if you want to glance at this info during a match.  

To conclude we can state that there are several great volleyball clipboards out there. You have to think about the following aspects when deciding which one you will get:

  • Storage room for pens
  • Print on the clipboard
  • Included items such as magnets or pens
  • Double-sided or not
  • Size: some boards are harder to transport and store in a bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability (plastic parts can break)
  • Clip for additional papers
  • Price

All of these things can affect your purchasing decision. We discussed some great options in this post.