Volleyball coach trainer gift ideas: gift basket, tumbler, and other ideas

A volleyball trainer spends a lot of time preparing drills, analyzing matches, and helping players out. At the end of the season, it can be a great idea to give a small give to show your appreciation. Sometimes coaches don’t get paid for their work and giving them a gift can be a way of showing that you value their efforts; Coaches often enjoy this and are happy with this attention. It can be hard to find an appropriate gift so we are going to discuss some options that can work.

1/ A beautiful tumbler

A lot of coaches care about the environment. A tumbler can be a great gift for them as it provides a durable alternative to plastic bottles. You can engrave the name of the coach or a personal message on the bottle. Make sure to get a bottle that is easy to clean. A lot of bottles can’t be cleaned in the washing machine and this makes it hard to maintain them. I would go for aluminum tumblers as these last longer than plastic ones. These are often beautifully packaged and this results in a nice presentation when you give the gift to the trainer. The gift is quite affordable if you split the cost between multiple players. It is possible that some players don’t want to participate or want to give another gift. This is can lead to conflict but remember the team spirit that is so essential in volleyball and find a solution so that everyone feels involved. If you had multiple coaches, you might consider getting all the same gift. 

2/ A special gift basket

There are several premade gift baskets that make it easy to offer a variety of things. For example, there are food-themed gift baskets, baskets with bath products, and so on. The great thing about these baskets is that they offer several small gifts. This makes it harder for the coach to guess how much you paid for it. Furthermore, it can give the trainer something to discover for several weeks on end as some of these baskets are quite big. Gift baskets are often beautifully packaged and can be easy to give as you won’t have to do any additional efforts.

3/ Gift card

Some coaches appreciate gift cards from their favorite store. This allows them to buy new volleyball gear so that they can start the new year with other gear. Coaches need quite a lot of items. From clipboards, shoes, pens, backpacks, to shorts and shirts. All of these things can add up and result in significant expenses. If you can alleviate this with a gift card, coaches can feel grateful. It is a hobby for a lot of them and making sure that their expenses are covered can motivate them to keep going. It is less personalized but some people don’t care too much about that. 

4/ Personalized plaque

A personalized gift is always something special. People will often keep this for several years as it has their name on it. On Etsy and Amazon, you can find great gifts that allow you to add the name of the coach and players. The trainer can install this in their office or next to their desk. It can have a cool drawing on it as well to make it look beautiful. Using wood can give the item a special look and feel. Stay away from cheaper materials such as plastic as this will make the gift feel cheap and shoddy.

5/ Team picture

You can get a nice frame and print a picture of the team. It is better to get a professional print as the end result will be nicer. This can be bought for about 50 USD in total. It is also possible to add some white space so that the players can write a short message next to it. This is a very personal gift and is something unique. Just mention your favorite memories or write a thankful message. Make sure that all the players are present in the picture as this can lead to discussions afterward. A collage of multiple pictures is possible as well but this can start to look chaotic quite fast. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t able to spend a lot of time on it. 

6/ Donate to a charity

A lot of coaches have everything that they want in life. They might care a great deal about a certain cause (for example dog shelters or education) and a donation to their favorite charity in their name would be a great present. Charities often provide certificates and you can give this to the coach. Certain people really appreciate this more than personal gifts. After working together for close to a year, you should know what your coach cares about. You can also check with the other coaches to make sure that you get the right gift for this person. 

7/ Give a travel cheque

Some coaches want to go abroad to check professional volleyball games in countries such as Brazil, Italy, or Japan. A travel cheque can help them to get there. You obviously won’t be able to cover the whole trip but it can be a great start to fund their dream of attending a professional match. This can lead to unique memories for this person and they will be very grateful that you give this present. 

To conclude, we have outlined some ideas to show appreciation to your volleyball coach. He or she had to work a lot to help the team grow. A lot of people will give a big present but this is not required. Often coaches don’t expect anything but they will appreciate the thoughtfulness. There are a lot of things that you have to take into account when you get a gift (for example who else is going to contribute, will you give the gift to other people that supported the team, and so on). This can lead to discussions. Make sure that you communicate with the other players on the team so that everyone feels involved and can share his or her opinion. If people don’t agree, it is possible that other players provide a second gift. Everyone has a unique opinion and you have to respect that.