Volleyball decoration for school, parties, and at home.

Volleyball players often want to share their love for the sport with other players. Decoration can really spice up a party or room. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful decors for volleyball players. This doesn’t have to be expensive as a simple sticker already can have a big effect on the look of a room. Let’s dive in.

For school: locker decor

Lockers are often quite small and you need to store other items in it as well. The best way to decorate it is by using a sticker. Make sure that this is allowed by your school. If not, you can add a piece of cardboard first and then apply the stickers on this. You can also print a picture of your team and ask the players to sign it or to write a fun message on the picture. This will make your locker stand out and remind you of your favorite hobby. Big decorations can break and take up too much space. It is often best to keep things simple when it comes to locker decor. 

You can get buy storage folders with a volleyball print on them. This is also a great way to decorate your locker and books. These folders are quite cheap to get as well. This leaves more money for your volleyball gear. 

If you have won a medal during a tournament, you can display it in your locker to remember this win. It is also a great conversation starter as other students can see what you have accomplished already. Often medals are stowed away but if you display them in your locker, you will remember this good time. 

For themed parties:  balloons, cupcake topper, cookies, and table decorations

A cool way to decorate the room is to just use volleyball instead of balloons. Balloons don’t last that long and for the same price, you can get a few volleyballs that can be used again later on. You can use some glue or a stand to keep the balls in the air. Volleyballs come in a lot of cool colors and designs and this is a great way to decorate a volleyball-themed party.  

There are also kits with table decorations that make it easy to get a lot of gear at once. If you buy this, you just need some table decor and you can get started. We have already compiled a great music list to get the attendees pumped up as well. 

Decorating the cake is essential. The following decorations are great because they can be used in cakes and also in cupcakes. If people have allergies and need something different,  you can use the same decoration so that people feel involved. It makes a cool reference to the game with a bump, set, spike and volleyball print. A lot of things have to happen last minute when you are organizing a party and this decoration is easy to use and still beautiful. 

Buying mini volleyballs can be a lot of fun as people can throw them at each other during the party. These balls are made out of foam so are quite soft. Volleyball players often enjoy teasing each other and this can be a fun intermezzo during the party. 

Decorations don’t have to be expensive. Creative ideas can lead to fun decorations that make the party exciting. For example, you can just print some drawings on a piece of paper and this is a great way to introduce the theme of the party. You can also ask the guests to wear their volleyball attire to bring everyone in the mood. Let’s get some more inspiration below:

On Etsy, you can find a lot of great designs as well. Be sure to check the size before you get them as pictures can be misleading. You can make a reference to the position of the player on the court. For example, some decorations mention liberos or blockers. This can be a nod to what the player is doing on the court as well and they will appreciate this reference. Don’t use too much decoration as this can make it harder to move around and people might feel that they could break things by walking in the room. 

For home: room and wall decor for bedroom 

 A great way to decorate a bedroom for a volleyball player is using a sticker on the wall. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. We all have too much junk laying around already and a sticker is a great and fun way to decorate the room without adding more. You can even personalize it by adding the name of the player. This can be a really fun gift as well as it will last a long time. Applying it is quite easy as you just have to tear off some paper and start sticking it on the wall. 

You can also get a poster of a famous volleyball player. Team USA won the gold medal during the Olympics. Players such as Rachael Adams are very popular as they inspire new players to give the game a try. She is also a very likable person so a great role model for other volleyball players. Posters are in general quite cheap so you can get multiple of them. 

Framing the picture of your team is also a great way to decorate a room. Everyone can write a nice message next to this to make it even more special. Be sure to use a picture with a lot of pixels if you want to enlarge it. This will make everything look crisp and fresh. 

If you have won a tournament or competition, it is also possible to display the cup and medals. There are special stands that make this stand out in a room. It is a great way to be proud of your accomplishments and can be a motivation to train harder for future achievements. 

To conclude, we can say that there are a lot of volleyball-themed items that can spice up a party or room. This doesn’t have to be expensive and some creativity can go a long way.  For example, you can ask the guests to wear their volleyball attire when they come to the party. This can get everyone excited about the theme. Don’t overcomplicate things and it will be a great party in the end. The same can be said about decorating a room with a volleyball sticker or poster.