Volleyball hairstyle: the best hairdos to train and play matches

Volleyball players have to run and jump a lot. If they have long hair and it is not tied down, they will have a hard time. There is simply no time to rearrange your hair during a match so you have to find a system that keeps it in place. It is possible that you have to use different approaches and see what works. Let’s discuss the best options. 

Volleyball elastic hair ties: cute and easy way to control your hair

After washing and brushing your hair, you can use volleyball hair ties. Don’t use small elastic bands as these can break quite easily. The following scrunchies work really well as they stretch quite wide. They also have a cool volleyball print. Given that you get 20 of them for a reasonable price, you should be set for a few months. This results in a nice ponytail, a style that never goes out of fashion. This results in the legendary volleyball look that a lot of professional athletes have. 

This is the easiest way to keep your hair in style. It won’t move during the match and you don’t have to adjust anything. It has been proven over time that this is a great system. Don’t use elastics without 

You can start with this simple style and go for more advanced styles later on. You can add some conditioner or gel but this is not required. A lot of players want to overcomplicate things and this gets them in trouble during the match. It is really annoying if the coach has to substitute you because you are having a hard time keeping your hair in check. 

Volleyball hair accessories

A hairband can be worn by volleyball players to absorb the sweat. The court can get slippery when you sweat on the floor and this hairband helps to stop this. This makes sure that the hair stays in place as well. What I really like about this is that you can personalize it with your name. This gives it a modern and unique look. It comes in different colors. Light-colored ones can get dirty quite quickly so try to find a color that is easy to maintain. You will have to wash this every week so it is better to get multiple hairbands. 

Beach volleyball players often wear a cap so that they can protect their eyes from the sun. This can also keep their hair in place. It gives a very cool look with the branding of the sponsors in a clear view. This is not worn by indoor volleyball players though. 

A bandana is also commonly worn by beach volleyball players as this gives them a cool look and wicks the sweat from their heads. 

Some players use sunglasses to keep their hair in check but this is not a great idea as these can slide around. Therefore it is not recommended to do this. 

Other than this not a lot of accessories are worn as you can lose these during a rally or could hurt a team member with it. It would be a shame to break a hair clip or something else. A lot of competitions also don’t allow you to wear certain accessories. Check with your coach before you buy something. 

Volleyball hairstyles for short hair

A hairband is always great for players. People that have shorter hair may have sweat streaming over their body and this can be annoying. Wearing an arm sleeve is also an option if you feel that the sweat is flowing over your face all the time. A bandana is also a very cool fashion accessory but is mainly worn by beach volleyball players. Indoor players often don’t wear that many items. You have to make sure that the things that you wear don’t fall on the ground as other players can trip over it. Therefore volleyball players often wear as few items as possible. Only things that have a very clear function are worn by players. 

Curly hairstyle for volleyball players

A hairband is great for curly hair. This type of hair can be harder to bring together in a ponytail. You don’t need to straighten the hair as curls are beautiful as well. A hairband works really well for people with curls. It is easy as that and is very nice. You might need a bigger headband if your hair is longer so that it doesn’t get in your eyes. This will drain the sweat at the same time so it is a great style. You can add an elastic if you feel that your hair is getting in your way during the match. 

Some hairs might get in the way from time to time but this is not an issue as long as it doesn’t interfere with your game. The following video demonstrates some really nice hair styles for people with curly hair. 

Braids hairstyle for volleyball

Braids are beautiful and there are great ways to keep them in place while you play. Using a hair conditioner can be a great idea. Then you bring all your hair together. You will need to use both hands for this. You can also ask someone to help you with this as you need to make sure that you get all the hair behind you. Then you finish this look by using a rubber band. You might have to turn it a few times to really tighten it. This can take some trial and error and you might have to redo it a few times. If you feel that the band is in the right position, you can jump up and down a few times to see if hair comes loose or not. If it doesn’t, you are good to go. Don’t touch the band during the match as it can make everything come loose.  

If you don’t like to have your hair behind your back, it is also possible to bring everything over your head. This is explained in more detail in the following video. This is style is harder to create and therefore I would recommend that you start out with the ponytail or hair behind your back before you try to bring it above your head. All of these styles are beautiful, some are just harder to execute. You don’t want to redo your hair during the match as the coach might substitute you. 

To conclude, we can state that we discussed several hairstyles for volleyball players. You can experiment with different approaches and see what you like the best. Sweat and grime can get in your hair and you have to find a way to keep everything in check. It is best to do this during a training session as you don’t have time to adjust this during a match. Scrunchies and hairbands are commonly used by volleyball players and work very well. You can always ask players on your team for help if you are struggling with applying these on your own. Make sure that you bring enough bands so that you have a spare when things break.