Volleyball knee pads for big legs, large legs, and thick tights

Volleyball knee pads are essential if you want to play volleyball. They ensure that your knees don’t get hurt if you hit the ground when you want to catch a ball. Professional volleyball players wear them as well as they play the sports at a high speed and it is possible that they have to dive to keep the ball in the air. Volleyball players are often quite tall. Some players need bigger or larger knee pads than others. They are often made out of a stretchy material but there are limits to how much they can flex. What knee pads should they get?

Volleyball knee pads for large legs and big legs

Knee pads come in different sizes (width and length). There is a sizing table that indicates two things: how long the item is and how big the knee circumference is. Based on these two measurements, you can determine which size you need.

-The length can be interesting to know for larger players as they need to see what part of their leg is covered and what part is not covered. You also have to look at the length of the protective part so that you can see if your kneecap is fully covered or not. Not every manufacturer mentions this on the packaging so you might need to try some to see which ones work for you. 

-The knee circumference is measured by measuring around your tight just above your knee. You take your kneecap and go an inch above the top of this. Then you take a flexible tape measure and wrap it around your tight. You use this measurement to check what size you need in the sizing chart. You might need to ask someone else to assist you with this as it can be difficult to measure. If you only have a standard tape measure, you can also take out a shirt and wrap this around your leg and put your finger where both sides meet. Afterward, you can use this to measure how big your knee circumference is. That way you don’t need a flexible tape measure. 

Each manufacturer has its own sizing table so you will have to see on the website of the brand what they offer. Below, you can see a typical sizing chart for knee pads: 

SizeKnee circumferenceLength
S14.5-18 inch16.93 inch
M 15.7-18 inch 18.11 inch
L 17-18.5 inch19.3 inch
XL18.5-22.4 inch 20.97 inch

Nike offers larger knee pads than Mizuno. The biggest ones we found on Amazon were made by a smaller brand. You might have to check if they fit. If not, you can always return them and get a refund. Once you have found a brand and model that you like wearing, you can keep buying the same model over and over again. Therefore it is a good idea to spend some time researching and trying some of the models on and see what works for you. You have to feel the materials and sizes before you can decide which one will work best for you. 

You can also check with the other players on your team what they wear or check with your coach what he or she recommends. Most players stick with the big brands as these offer great quality. Knee pads are not that expensive so there is not a lot of upsides when you buy a smaller brand. Some teams have a sponsor and they need to use that specific brand. 

Volleyball leggings with knee pads

Leggings can be great because they are warm to wear. This is comfortable when it is cold int he sports arena. It is easy to put these on and they move less around than volleyball pads do as it is part of a larger item. This are reasons why some volleyball players prefer to wear leggings with integrated knee pads. I haven’t tried them but the reviews look quite good overall. They have been made with Spandex and Polyester. You have to wash them by hand so they need quite a lot of maintenance if you plan to play with them regularly. Check if this is comfortable enough to wear for you before you buy them as they are quite big and might be hard to play with if you are not used to wearing it. You can wear this under your regular sporting gear so it shouldn’t look weird.

You can find them below:

To conclude we can state that it can be confusing to find the right knee pads for volleyball players. You have to look at sizing charts to determine the size that you need. The easiest way to go is just to try several sizes and models and see what fits. You have to think about it as shoe shopping instead of shopping for a shirt in that you can only know if they fit once you have tried them. Sometimes small nuances such as the type of materials that are being used can have a big impact on the look and feel of the product. Knee pads are worn for several hours every week. It is annoying if you have to wear knee pads that don’t fit very well. Therefore you have to invest some time in finding the ones that work best for you.