What anime has volleyball? The 3 best volleyball anime series of all time.

Volleyball is a great sport that can be very spectacular to watch. Anime is a type of Japanese cartoon that has a strong story and can therefore interest adults as well. They are incredibly popular in Japan and are gaining popularity in the USA as well.

They contain a lot of life lessons and can help you to understand volleyball and team dynamics on a deeper level. Anime cartoons are very nicely drawn and colored and this makes the story come alive. They often have several seasons and last a long time. Since they are often made in Japan, you will need to read subtitles or find a dubbed version as they are Japanese spoken. Let’s see what anime is using volleyball in their storyline.

1/ Haikyuu!!: is haikyuu good?

Yes, Haikyuu is a great TV series and anime comic. This is the most famous anime that has a storyline that involves volleyball. It is about a boy that wants to become a great volleyball player despite being small. He sees a volleyball game and falls in love with it. He starts his own team to compete in a tournament. You see how he is able to overcome his weaknesses and find his strengths so that he is able to add a lot of value to his team.

It is a coming-of-age story during which he has to deal with a lot of opposition and has to get to know himself better to see what is possible. His team has to come back after some crushing defeats to show the world what they are made of. The characters are really well developed and you start to root for them after a while.

This manga has gotten really popular lately. While traditionally, these cartoons are popular in Japan, Haikyuu was able to attract a worldwide audience because of its great storyline. It is the typical from zero to hero story that people really like as they can recognize themselves in the characters.

Everyone wants to become the champion and seeing that other people have to spend a lot of effort to get there can inspire people to work harder and put their best foot forward. The cartoon is really accessible and even if you miss a few episodes, you will still be able to follow along as the characters don’t make radical changes.

In the video below they compare real matches with what happens in Haikyuu. 

Below you can see a reaction video of an Olympic athlete in which she discusses what happens and if it is realistic or not. In this manga, a lot of matches are being played and you see the interaction between the players and their coach. This can be a great way to learn more about new volleyball as she explains a lot of volleyball terms and rules. It is clear that she loves the series and knows a lot about it. Some small nuances that you might have missed while watching Haikyuu will be discussed. This is what I love about Haikyuu as you are entertained while you are learning more about volleyball. Often small nuances can make a big difference and you can study new strategies. It is a lot of fun if other players on your team also watch it as you can discuss it together and mimic some of the scenes during your training session. For these reasons I would Haikyuu to any volleyball player as the storyline is really good and you will have a lot of fun seeing it. A lot of situations (for example discussions with team members) are quite recognizable from real life.

You can find Haikyuu!! On the streaming service Crunchyroll. All the seasons are available there. On Netflix, only some seasons are available at the moment but it can be a great place to get started with the series. At the moment there are four seasons so you can spend a lot of time watching the story unfold. We expect that seasons five and six will launch soon. If you can’t wait for the TV adaptation, you can get the original manga and read what is going to happen next.

People love Haikyuu so much that there are even birthday decorations based on this. Furthermore, you can also get stickers and teddy bears based on the series. This can be a great gift for fans of the series. It is become more popular to cosplay characters from the series as well so you might see them at comic conventions. As more people get to know this series, we can expect to see more gadgets appear.

2/ New Attacker You!

In this manga series, they use special effects and cool music to make the volleyball scenes look cooler. The original Attacker you is from the eighties. They have made a sequel to it in 2008 so the graphics are quite new. “You” is a young volleyball player that has big ambitions. She wants to make it to the Olympics with the volleyball team.

We see how she evolves over the years and works towards this dream. There is a love story and she also has to deal with some players that she doesn’t like. This leads to a lot of drama and suspense. There are a lot of episodes and it can be a great manga for volleyball players that have already seen Haikyuu and want to see more manga.  

The story is less accessible than Haikyuu as there is a lot of things going on at the same time. If you have finished Haikyuu and can’t wait for the new season, you might take a dive into this series but I wouldn’t start with it. Haikyuu is more fun to watch and the characters are better developed overall. Not a lot of people know New Attacker You so you won’t be able to discuss it with a lot of other fans at conventions.

3/ Seiin High School Boys’ Volleyball Club

This new manga was inspired by Haikyuu!! You are following two players that go to a new school and join a team. The captain of the team is quite mean from time to time so the players have to deal with this. The team has lost a lot of players and is not as good as before. This really pushes the players to give their best to go back to the good old glory days. There are intriguing opponents that they have to deal with when they want to win the competition. The story has a lot of turns and twists and this makes it very entertaining to watch. There are a lot of emotions in this film.

You can watch this in one day as it is a film instead of a series. This can make it more accessible for newer viewers and can be a way to get started with Haikyuu!! later on. 

Bonus:  Harukana Recieve 

This manga discusses beach volleyball. The teams are a lot smaller in beach volleyball so it is essential that you find a player that matches your playing style. In this manga, it is shown how you can find this person and how important it is. A lot of beach volleyball players don’t spend enough time thinking about whom they will play with.

This leads to suboptimal teams as players might not work together as well as they could have if they found someone that matched better with their playing style. You follow a female protagonist and see how she is learning more about beach volleyball and is able to compete in several matches. She has to think about what is more important: winning or friendship.

There are also several other struggles discussed (such as being short) that volleyball players have to deal with.  In the end, she learns some valuable lessons about life. This manga is quite new so the drawings are really nice. There are not that many episodes so it should be possible to watch the whole series in about a week. 

She has to deal with defeat and a lot of emotions while she is trying to find a great team member. They are playing with Mikasa balls and use normal volleyball movements, making it look quite realistic. 

You can check the trailer below to see if it is something for you.

To conclude we can state that there are several great mangas that use volleyball as a key element in the story. Haikyuu!! is incredibly popular and is able to attract a lot of new volleyball players. The storylines are realistic so you can learn a thing or two about playing volleyball as well when you watch these manga movies. What I like about them is that you see the characters evolve over time and see how they deal with their struggles. This can teach you a lot of life lessons along the way as well.