What are some things to keep in mind before playing volleyball? Win with these tips

Volleyball might seem easy from afar but there are several things that you have to take into consideration if you want to play the game. Volleyball is a team sport so you have to think about the team dynamics. You also will need to have the right equipment (shoes and knee pads) if you want to perform well during a game of volleyball. You will have to use the right amount of force if you want to defend or attack effectively. You will also need to think about the five basic moves in volleyball and the types of passes. If you know these things, you will be miles ahead of other players that have never considered these things before playing volleyball. 

Volleyball is a team sport

If you have never played volleyball, it is really important to consider that it is a team sport. You are not going to win if you don’t play together with the rest of your team. You can’t defend the whole field on your own so you will have to make sure that you have clear agreements on who is going to defend what part of the field. In volleyball, you have multiple players on the field so normally you are going to separate it equally amongst the players. During the game, you have to rotate so that everyone has been on the whole field. This can lead to confusion so you have to make sure that you keep communicating during the course of the game. In terms of offense, you have to work together as well. One person will probably give an assist so that it is easy for another player to attack. 

Communication is everything in volleyball and there are some drills to improve this:

Shoes, shoes, hoes

You also have to run and jump quite a lot during volleyball so be sure to have shoes that are strong enough to deal with this. If your shoes break while you are playing volleyball, you might have to leave the game if you didn’t bring spares. Also, make sure that your shoes provide enough grip. If you play outdoors, you have to make sure that you have the right pair of shoes for the terrain that you are going to play on. For indoor shoes, you might take a look at bringing a towel to wipe them off from time to time as people sweat all over the terrain and this can make it slippery. Arm sleeves can be brought with the same purpose and can keep your shoes dry during the game. 

Knee pads can make all the difference

If you plan to play volleyball, you also might have a look at knee pads. These help you when you land on your knees. This is often during defensive movements when you dive (or dig) to get the ball. Knee pads can make sure that you have a softer landing and don’t hit the floor hard. A lot of players wear knee pads and even the pros do so. They are made out of gel or foam and you might have to try several to see which ones are the most comfortable for you. In volleyball, you always have to avoid that the ball is touching the floor on your part of the field. Knee pads will allow you to dive with more intensity without having to fear that you will hit the ground with tremendous force. 

Sometimes your team member doesn’t give a good pass and you have to dive to get the ball as well but this shouldn’t happen too often as volleyball players can often pass quite well. 

Use the right amount of force

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

You have to make sure that the ball goes over the net. At the same time, you also need to get the ball inside the court of the opponent. This requires the right amount of force because if you throw too hard, you will push the ball outside of the court of your opponents and lose the point. Finding the right balance can be a challenge. A lot of people try to use too much force and this reduces their aim. You don’t need to use a lot of force to score a point. Sometimes it can be surprising to drop the ball just behind the net as the other team didn’t expect that this would happen. Therefore you have to experiment with different amounts of force and see what works for you. Depending on the ball and the size of the court, you will have more or less success with a powerful move or a more directed ball that hits the field in just the right location. 

You can always pass the ball to another team member if you are feeling that you don’t hit the ball with the right amount of energy. 

The 5 basic skills in volleyball

You have digging, setting, serving, blocking, and spiking. Digging is diving to get the ball when the opponent is throwing the ball in your field. Setting is giving an assist to a team member. Serving is starting the game again while you are standing between the end line of your own field. You can score points when the ball hits the ground immediately after this so this is an important skill to have. Blocking is where you jump behind the net to immediately block the ball of the opponent. This makes sure that your team members don’t have to dig as the ball is going back to the opposite side of the field already. 

Passing is sending the ball to your team members. You are only allowed to have 3 ball touches during each time the ball is on your side. Typically, the first touch is to defend and get the ball under control. Often this sends the ball from the back row to the front row (which is standing closer to the net). The second touch is often done by someone on the front row and is a pass to someone else on the team. The final touch is a spike or smash. This is sending the ball with quite a lot of force to the other side of the field. 

It is possible to send the ball to your opponents without giving it three touches but then you probably won’t have a lot of ball control and can’t add the right amount of force to the ball. Furthermore, you will make the attack more predictable and easier to defend. 

To conclude, we can state that volleyball is quite simple to play. If you understand some of the basics, you will be able to be ahead of your opponents. You will also need the right equipment and team. Volleyball is a team sport and you are not going to get far if you don’t play together and communicate well. A lot of people are not used to this and they want to do everything themselves. This makes the game too predictable and you will not be able to defend effectively. Therefore it is not a good idea to try this. Be sure to involve the other members of your team in your offense and defense.  We have discussed how you can become a better volleyball player here.