What clothing is typically worn for playing volleyball? (answered)

Volleyball players typically wear a sporting outfit. This contains shoes, socks, shorts, and a t-shirt. They also wear volleyball-specific items such as knee pads and arm sleeves. Players with longer hair often wear rubber bands so that their hair doesn’t get in the way while they are playing the game. Some players wear sports glasses so that they are able to play the game without breaking their normal glasses. Let’s take a look at this outfit and discuss the unique features of volleyball clothing. 

What clothes do volleyball players wear

Socks: Socks make sure that your feet stay dry and they also provide more grip in your shoes. Sporting socks use other materials than normal socks. This material is thicker keeps your feet dry so that you have a good feeling while running around.

 Shoes: Volleyball shoes have stronger stitching than normal shoes. They also contain gels and foams that make it easier to jump a lot. These materials slow you down when you touch the ground, making the landing softer. They cost slightly more than normal shoes due to this. -Volleyball shoes are quite similar to indoor running shoes or other sporting shoes as they also have to combine stability with agility. It is easy to create big shoes that provide a lot of stability but then it is hard to move with them as they are heavy and big. Therefore it is critical to find the right balance between speed and support. These shoes should last about 6 months before you have to replace them.

Underwear: Bad underwear can really ruin your volleyball match as it can be very annoying to play with if it doesn’t stay in place. If you have to constantly adjust your underwear, you will lose focus and waste a lot of energy on changing its position. Therefore it is best to wear sporting underwear that uses rubber bands so that the underwear stays in place.

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 –Shorts and t-shirts: this is often provided by the club when you play in a competition. This makes sure that everyone is wearing the same colors (with the exception of the libero). The club often also maintains these and washes and dries them after every match. Teams typically have 2 colors so that they can switch if the other team has similar colors. This avoids confusion as players have to know where their team members are and what the location is of the opponent.

For training, you often have to provide your own t-shirt and shorts. You have shorts that use an elastic band and also shorts that use a drawstring to keep the pants up. You can test both to see what you are most comfortable with. I like using a short with a drawstring as these provide more control over how tight the band is.  A normal t-shirt can work just fine when you want to play volleyball. Make sure that you take a shirt that is made out of cotton as synthetic materials are often not able to deal with sweat and your back will get wet really fast. Tshirts that were designed for sports might have features that absorb the sweat better and can keep you dry during the whole training. 

What else do volleyball players wear:

Hairband: A hairband can really help you out when you play volleyball. You have to run and jump around and if your hair goes everywhere, you won’t be able to see where the ball is going. You have different ways to keep your hair in shape. Ponytails are quite popular amongst volleyball players as they are easy to make and keep their shape quite well.

Knee pads: A lot of volleyball players wear knee pads to reduce the impact when they land on their knees. You have short and long knee pads. Shorter ones might be more comfortable but at the same time, they don’t stay in place as well as longer ones. Longer ones might make you more rigid on the field but stay in place better so you never have to adjust the position of these.

Arm sleeves: Arm sleeves are not that common. They are mainly used to remove sweat. Some players argue that it helps them recover faster. It is also a cool fashion statement as you can have several prints on them.

Arm pads: This is mainly worn by newer players that still have to learn how to deal with contact with the ground. These pads contain gels or foams that are quite similar to knee pads and have a similar function. Instead of for the knees, it is worn to protect the arms. 

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Sports glasses: some players are worried that their glasses might break when they play volleyball. If you get hit by a ball, they can deform the glasses. Therefore some players have plastic sports glasses so that they are able to see during matches without having to worry about breaking their glasses. 

What do volleyball players wear under their shorts?

Most volleyball players wear sports underwear under their shorts. This differs from normal underwear as they use a design that prevents rip-ups. When you run and jump a lot, your underwear tends to go up or stick to your body. Sports underwear is able to avoid these issues by adding elastics and using specific materials. It is also important that sports underwear are able to deal with sweat as it can be annoying to have sweat around the lower part of your body. If your underwear is wet, it can be very unpleasant to play with. Some players replace their underwear during the break so that they can remain dry. 

In beach volleyball, the shorts that the players wear are often smaller. Therefore it is necessary to get adjusted undergarments so that they don’t stick out. These often have to be quite tight so that they don’t move around too much when you make sudden movements. 

Volleyball shorts are often dark so that you don’t see what is worn under them. As volleyball players sweat a lot, lighter colors could become transparent and this could expose some body parts. Some volleyball games are televised so this is something that players want to avoid at all costs. Therefore most players wear dark underwear as well. This is most often black or dark grey. 

A new generation of underwear has been developed that doesn’t have a seam. The seam is a part that holds different parts of the underwear together. If you sweat a lot, this can get slippery and annoy you. Therefore they have developed underwear without a seam. This has become very popular amongst volleyball players as they tend to sweat a lot. 

You also have special sports underwear that can be worn during a period. This makes sure that no liquids are spread around on the field and that everything is kept clean. 

Some players prefer to wear nothing under their shorts as they think that it is more comfortable. Be sure to check if this is accepted by your club as some of the gear is provided by them and in some instances, they will not be pleased if you don’t wear underpants as this might be less hygienic if other players have to use the same equipment later on. There are several styles of underwear (from boxers to briefs) and volleyball players are probably wearing all the shapes that you can imagine. The goal is to remain comfortable and the preferences of players are different. 

To conclude, we can state that volleyball players don’t wear special equipment except for knee pads. The other items can be found in other sports as well. This means that volleyball is not an expensive hobby and should be affordable for everyone.