What do you get for someone who loves volleyball? Best gifts for volleyball players

Volleyball players often have all the gear that they want already. This makes it difficult to get them a gift as you don’t know what you can buy that could make them happy. As a player myself, I can tell you what will make a volleyball lover happy. In this post, we are going to discuss some products that will make a volleyball player happy.

Volleyball gifts for guys

Volleyball players need special socks. These socks are longer than usual. Not every player uses these but they are quite common. If you know that the person that you are getting a gift for plays with long socks, this can be a great gift idea as these socks don’t last that long and need to be replaced quite often.

After a few washes, these tend to stretch too much, get smelly and discolored. This makes it necessary to replace them. I have to wear about 6 pairs of socks during each season so it can be a great gift for a volleyball player as you need these anyway.

Another object that you can buy for a volleyball player is a drinking bottle. You need to drink a lot during volleyball training and a drinking bottle can help you to stay hydrated. If they don’t want to use it during volleyball, they can still use it at work or school. If they don’t enjoy the drinking bottle, they can always give it to someone else.

The main disadvantage of buying a volleyball gift is that it might be hard to give it to someone else if they don’t like it as these things often have a specific size. A drinking bottle avoids this issue and they can always resell it or give it to someone else. A new backpack can also be a good idea but you have a lot of brands and styles in this. 

You can also get him a new backpack. Backpacks often have to deal with a lot of wear and tear and therefore they get damaged quite often. You can also check if there is other gear that needs to be replaced. Shoes can start to crack in several places and this is an indication that you have to look for a new pair. Similarly, arm sleeves and jerseys can start to discolor.

Players sweat a lot when they play volleyball and this can leave a foul smell on their equipment. Therefore it is important to replace everything from time to time. She will be very happy with a new pair of socks or a new shirt. Sometimes it is even possible to personalize these and add her name and club logo. 

You can consider buying a gift card for a volleyball shop. This allows the player to pick what they want. Sometimes you have just bought new gear and don’t need anything else at that point in time. A gift card is perfect at that moment as you can spend it when something breaks.

It can also be a great idea to ask their coach or team members to get an idea of what a volleyball player wants. Volleyball teams are often very close to other members of the team who probably know what gift their friend would enjoy. They probably also know the required size, making buying the gift a lot easier. 

Volleyball gifts for teenage girls: ideas for (Christmas) gifts

Buying a (Christmas) gift for a volleyball player can be a challenge. 

If your daughter enjoys playing volleyball at home, you can consider giving her a volleyball trainer. This improves her passing, serving, and digging skills. The ball comes back automatically so that she doesn’t have to run after it. She will save a lot of time with this and can practice her movements a lot more, leading to more progress.

This is something that your daughter can play with for several days. She will start to notice improvements quite fast as you can use this for multiple volleyball moves. A lot of coaches recommend this product as it can help players to practice movements that are difficult to improve during training as there are too many players to perform certain drills.

It is now trendy to play with arm sleeves so it is possible that your daughter is thinking about playing with these as well. Arm sleeves allow players to wipe off their sweat and should result in a faster recovery for the arms. These are quite affordable so they make for a great additional gift if you have some budget left over. These come in a lot of colors and shapes. You have to check what size would work best for her so this is a challenge. Once again, you can personalize these with several prints, showing your love and affection. 

Another fun gift is a small cup with her name on it. This shows that you really appreciate her efforts and that she is doing a great job performing the drills. Some girls crave appreciation from their parents and it can be a great way to show that you think that she is a great volleyball players. 

Sports underwear can be a great gift as well. This is designed to stay in place when you run and sweat. This can make it more comfortable to practice than regular underwear as this sometimes rides up. Sports underwear has special elastics so that it doesn’t move.

You can also consider giving her some volleyball-themed jewelry. Girls really enjoy wearing this. On Etsy, you can find some really cool designs that make her stand out. Her team members will love it. Be sure to buy something sturdy as some of the jewelry that is offered is not designed to wear for a long time.

Some girls play with a headband to keep their hair in shape. These can discolor after a while, giving them a grimy look. Therefore you can buy her a few headbands. These are really useful but not every player uses them. You will have to check what her preferences are.

To conclude, we can state that volleyball players don’t need a ton of equipment. However, there are still some gifts that they would really appreciate as it makes their lives easier. From a backpack to a drinking bottle to jewelry, there are several things that you can buy to please a volleyball player.

Some players want to stick with a certain brand. In other cases, they want to have items with matching colors. When in doubt, you can always ask the player to see what they want. You can also ask other players on their team to get an idea of what is popular at that point in time.