What are the best volleyball shorts? (answered)

A volleyball outfit wouldn’t be complete without shorts. You will wear these a lot and therefore it is important that they are comfortable. You will often get these from your team when you participate in a competition. This ensures that everyone is wearing the same colors so that it is obvious that you are a team. You will need to get your own shorts for the training session. Let’s take a look at which ones are the best and which ones you should avoid at all costs. 

What shorts are good for volleyball?

Some people enjoy wearing short shorts. Especially if it is hot, these can be quite comfortable. In general, volleyball is played in sports arenas that are cooled and heated. Therefore you don’t need short or long shorts and can just use standard-sized ones. Your shoes also shouldn’t cover your knee pads as this can tug on your pants when you are sliding over the floor. 

You have shorts that use elastics and also shorts that have a pull string. You will have to see for yourself what you like the most. Elastics offer less flexibility and might be less durable but they are easier to take on and off and you don’t have to tie a knot in a cord. In some instances you might lose the cord, leading to a lot of work to get it back. In general, I play with pants that have a drawstring as I can tighten them as much as I want. It takes some getting used to dealing with the cord and you might be fumbling with it but after a while, you should get used to it as well. 

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You want to avoid that shorts ride up. This can be annoying and distracting. This makes the shape of the pants very important. Some use elastics to make sure that every part of the shorts stays in place, increasing the comfort. Shorts might feel great at first but can start to deform once they get sweaty. This makes it hard to select shorts based on how they initially feel as their shape might evolve during a game. Check that the manufacturer used special materials or designs to avoid that the shorts ride up. This is one of the reasons why you might look into shorts that have been designed for volleyball instead of generic sports shorts. 

Volleyball shorts range in size from extra small to extra large. Some players enjoy having tight pants, others prefer to have loser ones. Tight ones can help you when you slide over the floor as you create less friction. Shorts can shrink if you have washed them a few times so be sure that you don’t have to throw them away if this happens. Men often wear longer shorts than women in volleyball but in general, everyone can wear what he or she likes. 

Shorts also come in different colors. You might want to avoid shorts that art too bright as these can distract other players and it can be annoying to watch after a while. 

Best volleyball shorts men

Shorts come in different materials. Some use cotton, which is great at draining sweat but is more expensive. Others use synthetic materials, which are cheaper but might not be that great with sweat. Check what materials feel good for you. Some of these synthetic materials have a special smell that you might not enjoy. 

Some shorts have pockets as well but these are quite useless during a training session as you shouldn’t have anything in them as you can land on it and thereby break the object. I wouldn’t consider volleyball shorts with pockets as they don’t add a lot of value. You can always have your backpack with you if you need to store items.

The main thing that you should focus on is comfort. This is not always easy to determine as you still need to be comfortable at the end of the training when you are sweaty. Some shorts can feel great when you put them on but get baggy when they start to get wet. Fortunately, shorts are not that expensive and a lot of brands let you return them if you don’t like wearing them. A lot of players have shorts that they wear during winter (with leggings) and other shorts that they wear during summer as some sporting arenas tend to get warmer during that part of the year. I personally like the shorts below:

What are some good volleyball shorts?

There are other factors that you have to take into account when selecting shorts.

You also might take a look at the stitching of the pants. This ensures that they are more durable and stronger. If the stitching is not done well, it can indicate that the shorts won’t last too long. Some newer designs also include seamless designs to make them more comfortable. At first, the quality of these was not that good but now they are improving and these seamless designs are getting more durable as well. 

Sweat draining layers are also sometimes part of shorts. This increases the price but can increase the comfort a lot. You have to check for yourself if you sweat a lot during a volleyball game or not. If so, you might consider looking at shorts that offer an additional layer that is meant to drain the sweat. This can help out players that are really sweating a lot. You don’t want to have sweat on the floor as this can make it slippery to play. 

As with everything, it is a personal choice if you like something or not. Good shorts should keep you comfortable, even when you sweat. They shouldn’t be too tight or baggy. You have to wash them often so they have to be durable. The stitching has to be great as you will move a lot in them. The material has to be soft as well. In terms of budget, most shorts are quite affordable, and paying more doesn’t change the final product that you get too much. Some players find the brand important as well but generic shorts often work just as well.

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What’s the best length for volleyball shorts? Long volleyball shorts

Volleyball shorts shouldn’t be too long or they will cover your knee pads. This can damage your shorts if you are sliding over the floor. Therefore it is a great idea to check the length from your tights to your knee pads and deduct a few centimeters. This determines the maximum length of your shorts. In terms of minimum length, this depends on your team and personal preferences. You have to look decent so the undergarments need to be covered completely. This determines the minimum size of the volleyball shorts.

There are sizing charts to determine the width of the shorts. Each brand is different so be sure to check before you buy. Below is a typical sizing chart for volleyball shorts.

SizeWaist (inches)
S31 1/2
L34 1/2
XXL37 1/2

Players often have a summer and a winter outfit. The summer shorts are often slightly shorter and thinner to make sure that you don’t overheat. Winter shorts might be longer as some players wear leggings under them.

The shorts of beach volleyball players are often shorter to ensure that the sand doesn’t go in their shorts.

To conclude, we can state that volleyball shorts are very important if you want to be comfortable during training. There are several sizes, materials, shapes, and ways to close them. All of these affect how well they feel. You can try several brands and see what works for you. This might sound time-intensive to do but once you have found volleyball shorts that you like, you can buy them over and over again. Shorts often last quite long but you might buy several of them to make sure that you always have a spare one. You also have to wash them after every training and if they are not dry, you have a problem. Therefore having some spare shorts at hand always comes in handy. You also never know when one might break during a training session. This is why I have five pairs of volleyball shorts. There is always a spare one in my backpack. The other one is worn by me during training and I have three spares left that can be used if one is being washed. I also had to give my shorts to other players because theirs broke during a dig. Helping out your team members always feel good and they really appreciated that I was willing to lend out a short.