What sunglasses are best for beach volleyball? The best options for 2022

Beach volleyball is played outside. This means that you have to deal with interferences such as wind and sun. If you can’t see where the ball is going or have to hold your hand before your eyes the whole time, it is going to be difficult to follow the game. A lot of volleyball players wear sunglasses to play beach volleyball so that they can see what is going on. Even Olympic athletes opt to do this as it helps them to see what is going on. These need to be comfortable, protect you and also stay in place when you jump and run. It is also important that they look stylish. Let’s see what sunglasses meet all these criteria and are best for beach volleyball. They can help you take your beach volleyball game to the next level. 

What sunglasses do volleyball players wear?

Beach volleyball is a lot of fun but you need to make sure that the sun is not blocking your vision or it will be difficult to catch the ball when it is coming your way. A lot of volleyball players wear sunglasses to do this. These sport sunglasses have some special features that make them stand out from standard sunglasses.

To make sure that they don’t slide away when you are sweating, the sunglasses that beach volleyball players wear have rubber on the nose bridge. This keeps the glasses in place when you are jumping or running. They are also waterproof. This makes sure that you can keep playing when sweat is splashing around or when the ball got in contact with seawater. The glasses should also be able to withstand an impact as the ball can land on your face or you can run in a teammate. A lot of these sunglasses allow you to use multiple glasses. This allows you to adjust to the time of the day. If the sun is higher, you need darker glasses. When the sun is going down, brighter lenses might do. The lenses also shouldn’t get cloudy when you sweat while wearing them. The frame is made out of a special material that allows it to bend so that it doesn’t break when you move around. You also get a special case to store the glasses in so that it doesn’t break in your backpack. 

Despite all these features, sports sunglasses are still quite affordable. This makes it worth buying glasses that have been designed for outdoor volleyball. I always bring a spare set of glasses so that I can switch if one pair breaks. Volleyball is quite intense and it is always possible that they get a push and break. You can also pay more to get lenses that are better at protecting against the sun or correcting your vision. 

It is important that the glasses don’t reflect the sun as this might distract the other team. Check this when you are buying these sunglasses. You might have to stop wearing them if it is reflecting the sun as the other team might complain about this. 

Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash

The design of these glasses is often unisex. Not everyone likes their style so you might have other designs. You can check with your team members to see what they are wearing.

You also have to look at the protection level that the glasses offer. Some are more helpful in areas with a lot of sun than others. You will have to see what is needed for your area. 

It is often cool if the color of your glasses matches your outfit. This makes the whole team look the same. You shouldn’t be wearing colors of the opposite team so be aware of this when you buy the sunglasses.

Another thing that you have to check is the weight of the glasses. You have to wear them for a long stretch of time and if they are heavy, they will annoying to play with. Especially if you jump around a lot, a heavy frame can be uncomfortable. This is why a lot of these glasses are made out of rubber as these are quite light but still strong enough. Titanium can work as well but this material is more expensive. It could be an upgrade if you are willing to spend more on your sports glasses. 

You have to look at the field of vision that sunglasses provide. Some of the glasses are bent and this gives a bigger viewing angle. This makes sure that you don’t have to bend your neck that often and can improve your visibility. Therefore sunglasses with a big viewing angle can help you if you play a beach volleyball match.

You might consider getting a string as well as there is no time during a volleyball match to find your sunglasses if they have dropped.

You still have to be careful when you wear these as they are not unbreakable. If you don’t take care of them, they are not going to last long. There is a warranty on them but you shouldn’t bend them too much or put too much pressure on them. 

To conclude, we can state that sports sunglasses are really useful when you play beach volleyball. You have to be able where the ball is going at all times. Sports sunglasses are quite affordable and have certain features (such as rubber on the nose bridge) that make them perfect to play volleyball with as they can deal with all the sweat and other elements. You can try several brands and see what works for you. Make sure that the glasses are not interfering with your match. If you have to adjust them all the time, you are going to lose concentration and might start to lose points. Also, bring a spare one if yours break during the match. You don’t have to wear them during the whole match but they can help you when the sun is changing direction. Nothing is more annoying than missing a point because you didn’t see what was going on.