What to do if you can’t afford club volleyball (answered)

Playing club volleyball can be quite expensive. It involves paying the club for access and also includes a lot of travel expenses. If you include the equipment as well, it all can up. For a student, it can be too much. In this article, we are going to discuss some ways to be able to afford all of this without having to spend too much time on it. 

1/ Discuss it with your school

In some instances, schools can arrange a plan or they can lower the fees. This makes it easier to pay for everything. Some schools also have grants for sports and they might be able to help you out with this. These are often not advertised broadly but a lot of states have special programs to encourage people to participate in sports. This can be an easy way to lower the burden. My school helped me out with this and we found a federal grant that helped me to pay for the travel-related costs. Just contact the administrative department of your school and ask what they can do for you. You will probably have to fill in some forms but it can be worth the effort. 

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

2/ Find a local sponsor

Local companies are often excited to get more exposure. You can go to a few local companies and discuss how you can advertise their brand to the local community. Volleyball results are often discussed on social media and in local newspapers. If you can display their logo there, they might be willing to sponsor your expenses as well. Especially if you become a local champion, they will get a lot of exposure. 

3/ Organize an event.

A lot of clubs organize a food festival to raise funds for the team and players. For example, you can prepare some local dishes and invite people to an event. You can showcase some volleyball moves and the trainer can give a speech. This can raise a lot of money as people are often excited to attend these events and meet new people. These events can be organized once or twice per year and be quite profitable. It can take quite some time to organize it but don’t overcomplicate things. 

You can also bake and sell cookies door to door if this works better for you. People love cookies so even if they don’t care about volleyball, they might buy them. 

4/ Offer personal training to other players

New players often want to evolve rapidly. If you can offer them some coaching, they will be able to improve their skills. Some people just want the personal attention that you can give them. Not everything can be learned when you are in a group. Therefore a lot of players might be interested in your personal coaching. You can work with packages of 10 sessions so that you can help with a specific skill. These clients can be found in your club or by posting in local Facebook groups. Make sure that you charge enough so that it is worth your time. Clients often listen better when they have to pay for advice than when it is free.

You don’t have to be a great volleyball player to be able to teach other people. Often they don’t know the basics and you can show them how to do this. A lot of people also want to pick up the sport once they are graduated and find it quite hard to get started. Personal attention can help them to figure out what skills are needed to play volleyball.

In this way you are improving your own skills and helping other people out at the same time. 

Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash

5/ Find gigs

There are a lot of apps that make it easy to find a gig. From delivering groceries, riding people around to petsitting. All of these things can be done on your own schedule and allow you to earn a pretty penny. These apps have become quite popular and are easy to use. Find something that you enjoy doing and spend a few hours on it every day. 

Don’t overcomplicate things. You can just trim the grass of someone else, help them move, or paint their garage. Just reach out to people and ask how you can help them. You will be surprised what you can do. I trimmed bushes, shoveled snow, hung Christmas decorations, and replaced air filters. All of these things were fun to do and allowed me to travel to tournaments across the USA. 

6/ Participate in local tournaments

Some beach volleyball or indoor volleyball tournaments have a prize for the winner. This can be goods but also a monetary reward. If you decide to participate with your team, you can earn money. Some tournaments can pay out quite a lot so do your research and find out what local competitions could be interesting for you. Once again, you can try to find a sponsor that helps to pay some of the costs. 

It is also possible to organize your own tournament. Just challenge some people on a beach volleyball court to play against you. Since your volleyball skills are superior, it will probably be quite easy to win and get the reward. This is how a friend of mine was able to pay for his new shoes. It is a hustle but can work if you find people that have big egos. You can give them some advantage (for example let them pass 4 times) if they are unsure if they want to play against you. 

To conclude, we can state that club volleyball can get quite expensive. We outlined some options that can help you to find a way to pay these expenses so that you can grow to the next level in your volleyball career. This ranges from government grants to completing chores and participating in tournaments. All of these things can help you to pay down all the expenses that are related to playing volleyball.