What volleyball should I get? A good volleyball to buy for beginners

There are two main aspects that will determine what volleyball you should get. The first one is your budget. Volleyballs are below 100 USD in general but some are a lot cheaper than others. The cheaper ones are less durable but they can be a great way to get started or options when you don’t play volleyball often. The other aspect is where you will play. If you plan to play indoors, you will have to look at other balls than if you plan to play on a beach or in a pool. 

What kind of volleyball should I buy?

There are four main brands that offer great volleyballs: Mikasa, Molten, Wilson, and Tachikara. Wilson is the only USA-based brand, the others are from Japan. Recently cheaper brands have started to pop up but given that volleyballs are quite affordable, it is often better to pay slightly more to get one of these brands so that you know for sure that the ball will be durable. Cheaper brands often use rubber that is of lesser quality, leading to leaks and tears.

 Mikasa V200W is often seen as the gold standard as this ball is used during Olympic volleyball games. The ball is made out of a special fabric so that the sweat is drained better. This results in better ball control. They also made sure that the ball is aerodynamically designed so it is possible to use it during fast plays

In terms of construction, this ball is made out of different materials. There is an inner rubber bladder to hold the air. This is covered by a nylon material to keep the shape and make it a sturdy construction. Then a rubber layer is applied over this to make the ball softer and more enjoyable to play. The final layer is made out of microfiber to give the players more grip. Professional players can push the ball back-and-forth very fast and they need a great ball to be able to do this.

If you want a cheaper option, the Sensi-Tec ball of Tachikara is also a great option. I wouldn’t go for balls that are cheaper than this as these are often not that durable. This ball comes in several colors. It is important to note that the ball ships flat and that you will have to inflate it yourself by using a pump. 

 It is also important that you check that a volleyball follows the official guidelines in terms of weight and dimensions so that you get used to playing with these. If you don’t use these balls, it will be difficult to play with the ball of friends as you are used to other ball characteristics. 

The best soft volleyball ball for beginners 

Beginners are often afraid of the sting that a volleyball can give. It can be quite painful and something that you can avoid by buying a soft volleyball. These volleyballs have a special outer layer that ensures that the ball lands softer. It won’t completely remove the sting but will help a lot. The following ball of Mikasa is a great example of this. It can also be used in pool volleyball as the ball is waterproof as well. 

You can also consider using a smaller ball as these weigh less and this reduces the sting as well. 

It is often better to learn the right technique instead of buying a softer ball. In some instances, a softer ball can get people to get started so there is nothing wrong with getting one. Over time people will need to get used to harder balls. 

Can volleyballs be used outside:  best outdoor volleyball for beginners 

Yes, volleyballs can be used outside but you need to buy a special outdoor model. Indoor volleyballs are not able to deal with water or colder temperatures. Outdoor volleyballs are therefore more rugged so that they deal with the elements better. Some volleyballs can be used indoor and outdoor and this should be displayed on the ball itself if this is the case. 

Outdoor volleyball can be played on different terrains, from sand, grass, and mulch to concrete. Be sure to find a ball that works for your application. Concrete can be rough with a lot of small rocks on it and this could break balls that are not intended for this quite easily. 

Outdoor volleyballs are often in the same price category as indoor volleyballs so it is better to buy the outdoor version if you plan to use it there.

You might want to get a bright-colored volleyball for outdoor use as there are a lot of things that can make it harder to see the ball when you are playing outside (from the sun to other objects passing by). 

There is specific volleyball for sand that makes sure that no dust enters the ball. Mikasa also delivers the official beach volleyball for the Olympics. It is slightly more expensive than other models but the design is very sturdy and the ball will last several years. This ball can be used for pool volleyball as well as it is waterproof and floats on the water. 

Once again it is a great idea to stick with the bigger brands (Mikasa, Wilson) as these offer the best quality. They also offer a guarantee if things do go wrong with the ball so this is a nice extra.

To conclude we can state that there is no single answer to the question of which volleyball that you should buy. It depends on your budget and also on where you want to use the ball. If you are going to use an indoor ball outside, it will break quite rapidly. Therefore you have to consider these aspects before buying a volleyball. If you get the right one, you should be able to play with it for several months or even years.

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