Why I love volleyball and it is the best sport in the world: an essay

Suspense, drama, fun, and excitement. Volleyball has it all. When you play volleyball you will experience highs and lows, intense bonds, and discussions. It is everything that makes life great. Along the way, you will learn a lot about yourself and the world. This is the reason why so many people devote more than 4 hours per week to this sport. Volleyball is very important in the life of a lot of people. It is in the top 5 most practiced sports in the world. While it is still quite unknown in the USA, it is the national sport in a lot of countries. Let me discuss why more people should play volleyball. Let’s discuss what makes volleyball 

Why volleyball is the best sport in the world

Volleyball has evolved a lot over the years. They have implemented a lot of improvements, from adding a new player (the libero) to adjusting the scoring system and using another type of ball. Volleyball was played in a lot of countries worldwide and this has to lead to many local variations. The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and other organizations were able to adopt the best elements of these variations and add them to the official rules. This often led to discussions but overall it made the game a lot better. A lot of sports have been stagnant for a long time and some outdated rules make them less exciting. Volleyball has evolved with the times and this makes it a great sport. 

Example of a great comeback that is possible due to the scoring system in volleyball

In a lot of sports, you can switch off your brain after a while. Once you have gained an advantage, their scoring system doesn’t allow the other team to come back. This is not the case in volleyball. As the game is played in sets, it is possible to lose the match even if you dominated the first part of the game. This keeps the matches more exciting for a longer period of time. This unique scoring system was only added quite recently and it has been updated since but it is what makes this sport so exciting. A lot of teams were able to make spectacular comebacks because of this scoring system. Some say that it is unfair as the other team dominated at first but you have to be attentive during the whole match if you want to win.

Furthermore, volleyball is one of the only sports where players can retrieve the ball from almost impossible situations. As you can see in the video below, it is allowed to kick the ball in volleyball. This allows players to get the ball far outside the court and pass it back to their team members. You can never count a team out of a match in volleyball and for me, this makes it the greatest sport ever as you need to be active and aware during the whole match. Sometimes unbelievable saves can be made that you won’t see in other sports. 

There are also a lot of variations on the basic indoor volleyball game. For example, it is possible to play beach volleyball that has another team structure and other rules than indoor volleyball but the required skills are the same. This is an Olympic sport as well so you can get very successful at it. Furthermore, you also have pool volleyball. This is often played more casually and can be a lot of fun. So even when you are tired of playing indoor volleyball, you can still use your skills to add some variety to your workout. It can be a great challenge for players that got bored with indoor volleyball to take on beach volleyball and see how they perform there.

Why volleyball is so much fun

Volleyball is also a team sport and you have to work together if you want to win. It is a very difficult sport and players can make mistakes. Then you have to come together as a team and find solutions. It is at that point that you see a team breaking apart or coming together. When they decide to leave the mistake behind them and move forward, you can see the magic of volleyball. Players start to fight harder for each other and this can result in spectacular rallies during which players are determined to win a point for the team. People often make lifelong friends in a volleyball team. Having to work together so closely creates a special bond that not a lot of other sports can create. Some teams play together for several decades and players know each other very well.

Volleyball is also a very technical sport. In order to control the ball, you have to practice a lot. In a lot of other sports, you can dribble or hold the ball. That is not true in volleyball and you can touch the ball only once. This creates the need to get really great at the five basic volleyball skills. Players have to spend a lot of time, often even years mastering these. It can give a lot of satisfaction to get better at these skills and you can see progress over time. In a lot of sports, you can get a second or even third ball touch if the first one wasn’t great. This is not possible in volleyball and your team is counting on you to get it right the first time. Beginners make a lot of mistakes but professional players have great ballhandling skills. 

To conclude, we can state that volleyball has a lot of unique elements that you don’t see in other sports. This makes the sport very special. As it is being played by so many people worldwide, it must have some magic to it. In this post, we discussed why volleyball is the best sport in the world and why I am in love with it. This ranges from the scoring system, the complexity to the team work that is required to win.