Why is volleyball better than other sports? (Answered)

Volleyball is the best sport in the world. There, I said it. You might not agree now but let’s walk to the reasons why volleyball is such a great sport. I really believe that it is an underappreciated sport and that there should be more professional matches on TV. It will become more popular in the coming years for sure. 

Volleyball is a great team sport

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

A lot of people tell me that volleyball is their favorite team sport. This can be explained by the fact that it is a very intense sport. You are constantly defending or attacking. In other sports, you often have quite a lot of time to pass and build up an attack. In volleyball, you only have a limited amount of time to do this. Therefore you have to be able to predict how your team members will react. You have to know their weaknesses and strengths and adjust to this in real-time. In a lot of sports, some team members can rest for a minute if they are tired but this is not possible in volleyball you don’t know where the ball will go.

Everyone has to be prepared to play at all times. Even if you are very tired, your team members still count on you to dig a ball that goes your way. This creates strong bonds as you have to push through your limits as you don’t want to disappoint your team. In other sports, for example, basketball, you can decide to skip an attack or defensive play if you are really tired. This is just not possible in volleyball. 

In volleyball, everyone has different roles as you switch positions. This means that you sometimes have to play in roles that you might not like. Fortunately, your team members can help you out if you struggle with certain roles. This is also something that is quite unique in a team sport and creates further bonds. There is a reason why volleyball players cheer together. Playing volleyball together creates a very strong bond that you don’t see in a lot of other sports.

Volleyball is very intense and has a lot of action

You can see a lot of back-and-forth during a professional volleyball match. Some points are very contested and plays can last for several minutes. This makes it very exciting to watch and play as you never know what will happen next. I have seen some incredible saves that turn around a game. Some players are very dedicated to winning and they dive for every single ball. Watching a well-timed smash (a player hits the ball over the net with quite a lot of power) is also something to behold. This makes the ball fly very fast and it can be hard to defend on this. Some teams are very good at defense and can block the ball before the other team realizes what is going on. 

If you look at professionals playing or during the Olympics, you will notice that there is a lot of strategies involved in volleyball as well. There are different unique ways to surprise your opponent and score a point. Some teams focus more on offense and others more on defense. This makes it very interesting to see and every game is different. You have some star players but the whole team needs to be on point if you want to win in volleyball.

Volleyball is a great workout

You run, jump, leap and crouch. It is a full-body workout as your arms and legs get a lot of action. A lot of other sports don’t use your upper and lower body and therefore don’t train every aspect of your body. You need strength, precision, and also speed to be able to play volleyball on a high level. You will be exhausted after training or game. Next to this, you also improve your stamina as you have to run a lot. Your concentration will also improve as you need to be attentive the whole time; The ball can change directions in an instant and if you are not aware of what is happening, you will drop the ball (both figuratively and literally). 

Volleyball is a lot of fun as there is a competitive element. This makes working out less of a hassle and makes it more feel like a game. You don”t have to think about running as you just want to catch the ball. A lot of workouts, such as running on a treadmill, will feel pointless. In volleyball, you work together to achieve a common goal while you are also running and so on. It doesn’t feel like something that you have to do.

There are several types of volleyball

You can play volleyball on the beach, in the snow, in the water, outside and inside. This means that you can play it in a lot of locations. You just need a ball as you can make a makeshift net. This keeps it challenging as beach volleyball has different rules than standard volleyball. If you ever got tired of playing beach volleyball, you can move over to playing volleyball in a pool. There is a reason that a lot of volleyball players keep performing this sport for several years. 

There is quite a lot of overlap between these types of volleyball so you get the hang of it quite fast. The differences (for example field size, type of ball) make it exciting enough to become great in the different variants as well. It can be challenging to switch between the types of volleyball at first but it is a lot of fun to try to master them all. 

You can play it at several stages in life

You can start playing volleyball as a kid. At this point in time, you mainly focus on handling the ball and the different movements. After a while, you get the hang of this and can play with more confidence. As a teenager, you start to be able to play more strategically and focus on how your opponent reacts. You know how your team members will react to your passes and you can anticipate how you can break the defense of your opponents. As an adult, everything starts to come together and you can use more power in your passes and smashes. Volleyball remains to be a challenge during several stages in life as you evolve and get better at the game. For me, it is this constant challenge of learning new things, smashing through plateaus, and improving step by step that keeps it exciting to play. You would expect that you would get tired of playing volleyball after a few decades but it remains a challenge as there are always better players out there that you can learn from. Even if you get older and want to run less, you are able to play the game as you better know how to handle the ball. 

The rules are very clear in volleyball

Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash

In some sports, such as soccer people can discuss for a long period of time if it was a fault or not and they keep having arguments about this. In volleyball, the only point of discussion is if the ball was inside or outside the court. With new technology, it will be possible to determine this automatically. You have small nuances such as if a player hit the net or something like that but these things are often quite obvious for the referee.

I really like this about volleyball as it makes clear who won and you don’t have endless talks about what happened. It is also almost impossible to injure the player of another team. Some people get angry when they lose and they get too aggressive. Since both teams are on the other side of the net, you can’t touch the other players so you can’t injure them. There are also almost no fights in volleyball and this makes it more family-friendly. In basketball, players sometimes are quite aggressive towards each other. This can be a bad example for younger people. Therefore I think that volleyball is a great family event as there is less violence. 

It is also very nice to see that volleyball players celebrate a point together. They realize that everyone is involved in scoring points so they all come together to recognize each other.

The scoring system

Volleyball is played in multiple sets. You can have a terrible period during which you lose a lot of points and the set but still win the game. This makes it more exciting as it is more unpredictable. I have seen it a lot of times where a team loses the first sets but then the team rallies and they come back to win the second, third and fourth set and eventually the game. There are a lot of sports where this is not possible as the score keeps adding up. If you have one moment where you are weaker, it is almost impossible to come back. This makes volleyball a lot more fun than other sports as you can make spectacular comebacks even after struggling at first. Some teams need time to warm up and get going. The scoring system in volleyball makes this possible and for me, this keeps the game a challenge to play. Seeing a comeback in real life is something magical and you can’t experience it in a lot of sports. 

Volleyball is a sport that brings it all: action, intense workout, connection with team members, suspense, and tactics. Therefore I really believe that more people should give it a try. They will be surprised by how much they like it. Volleyball is definitely an underappreciated sport and I µ believe that it will become more popular once people realize how much fun it is to watch or play. For me, it is the best sport in the world and a lot of players seem to agree as people play it for several years on end. Volleyball has a lot of elements that are combined in an exciting and fun game. At the end of the day, you will learn a lot about yourself and the world as the game keeps challenging you to be better. There is never a point where you understand everything or master every drill so it is always a challenge.