How to make cheerleader pom poms. 8 easy steps

Pom poms are a great way to make your cheerleading uniform stand out, but they can also be used in any school or community group. They are a basic part of the outfit of cheerleaders. It is possible to use a lot of colors and personalize them. The best part about them is that they’re inexpensive and easy to make! Here’s how to make your own pom poms.

What You’ll Need

To make your own pom poms, you’ll need yarn and scissors. Plastic sheets can be used as well but this gives it a cheaper look. You can also use a rubber band or string to tie off the ends. You also can get plastic handles. These make it easier to hold the pom poms so that you can swing them around. Craft glue can come in handy as well if you want to make them more sturdy. If you want to make a lot of pom poms, you can consider getting a sewing machine as well as this can speed up the process.

You can start out with small pom poms and gradually increase their size and complexity. You will learn a lot along the way and it can involve some experimentation to get the end result that you want.

How to make a Plastic or Paper Pom Pom

Making paper and plastic pom poms is quite similar. You start with a sheet of paper or plastic.

1/ You can also start out with a plastic or paper sheet and cut it into pieces without cutting until the end of the sheet.

2/ Once this has been done, you use tape to connect the plastic sheets at the top.

3/ Fold the top piece (that has not been cut) together and fold it.

4/ Add a plastic handle to this.

These are easier to make than pom-poms that are made out of fabric but they are less durable and don’t look as good. It can be easier to dance with these though and they are cheaper so a lot of cheerleaders use them. As you can see, it is quite straightforward to make them. You just need some good plastic sheets, tape and scissors.

Paper pom-poms generally don’t last that long as they can’t handle sweat or moisture. Cheerleaders tend to sweat a lot so this can damage the pom poms.

How To Make A Pom Pom with Yarn or fabric

Here’s how to make your own pom poms.

1) Tie together 6-8 strands of yarn into a tight bundle.

2) Wrap the bundle firmly around two fingers.

3) Trim the ends so it’s even.

4) Make sure the second strand of yarn goes over the first one, not under.

5) Keep wrapping until you get to the number of strands you want your pom poms to be (at least 6-8).

6) Tie off all of the strands together with a rubber band or string. You can also sew them or use a sewing machine to connect the pieces.

7) Cut off the excess string from the bottom of the bundle and pull on each individual strand to tighten it.

8) Now you have a beautiful, fluffy pom pom! You can use glue to add a plastic handle as well. This will make it looking more professional and it is easier to dance with.

These pom poms are not that often used by cheerleaders but they can look really cool as well. They can be made in different sizes and be used for decoration purposes as well.

Things to take into consideration:

When you make pom poms, you have to consider several things:

+ The length and thickness of the strands you use will determine how big and fluffy your pom poms are.

+ You can make different styles, like a bundle that’s wrapped around three fingers or four fingers.

+ You can also make swirls or fringes by wrapping yarn around your fingers in two or more different directions!

-Cheerleader pom poms are the most popular type of pom poms. You can cut them any size to suit your needs, but larger sizes work best for cheerleading.

-The newest trend in pom poms is mini versions that you can attach to anything!

The popularity of pom poms is evident when you look at the number of ways they can be used for cheerleading uniforms, but there are many other ways to use them. Pom poms are often seen on the end of winter hats to add some flair, or on top of home décor items like lights. Pom poms can also be used for clothing accessories like scarves and shawls.

Pom poms are cheap to buy but it is a lot of fun to make them yourself as you can add unique elements to them. You also can add glue to make them more sturdy. Professional cheerleaders use more expensive pom poms so that these last a long time. They have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear as they get used a lot and need to travel as well. Rain, dust, and sun can affect them as well. For this reason, you have to use sturdy fabric that won’t discolor.


Whether you’re looking for a fun craft project or want to be the most festive fan at the next game, this guide will show you how to make cheerleader pom poms. It is quite affordable to buy pom poms as well so this is an option if you don’t have a lot of time or are not happy with the end result.